“Chaos Frank” on shared “Communion” with Lutherans:

“I leave that Question to the Theologians and those who understand… Life is Bigger than Explanations”

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Someone call Jimmy Akin and the rest of the Novus Ordo cleanup crew: Chaos Frank has made a mess again! With him visiting an Evangelical Lutheran Church in Rome on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015, we knew to expect anything but Catholicism from the Modernist lips of Jorge Bergoglio. And sure enough, he did not fail to deliver.

Not surprisingly, a Lutheran woman married to a “Catholic” asked the “Roman Pontiff” if Lutherans and “Catholics” would not finally be allowed to share each other’s “Communion”. As a reminder, Lutherans have no valid priesthood and no valid sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. They deny the dogma of Transubstantiation and adhere to the heresy of Consubstantiation, also known as “impanation”, which holds that Christ is somehow present alongside the bread, which remains bread, after the “consecration”:

The following transcript of “Pope” Francis’ words has been made available by Rocco Palmo of Whispers in the Loggia. What Francis says is such a perfect blend of heresy and idiocy that it’s best we just post it in its entirety and leave it largely uncommented. We are marking in blue font some of the more outrageous and ridiculous parts:

The question on sharing the Lord’s Supper isn’t easy for me to respond to, above all in front of a theologian like Cardinal Kasper – I’m scared! 

I think of how the Lord told us when he gave us this mandatum to “do this in memory of me,” and when we share the Lord’s Supper, we recall and we imitate the same as the Lord. And there will be the Lord’s Supper in the final banquet in the new Jerusalem – it’ll be there! But that will be the last one… in the meantime, I ask myself and don’t know how to respond – what you’re asking me, I ask myself the question. To share the Lord’s banquet: is it the goal of the path or is it the viaticum [etym. “to accompany you on the journey”] for walking together? I leave that question to the theologians and those who understand. 

It’s true that in a certain sense, to share means that there aren’t differences between us, that we have the same doctrine – underscoring that word, a difficult word to understand. But I ask myself: but don’t we have the same Baptism? If we have the same Baptism, shouldn’t we be walking together? And you’re a witness of a likewise profound journey, a journey of marriage: itself a journey of family and human love and of a shared faith, no? We have the same Baptism.

When you feel yourself a sinner – and I’m much more of a sinner – when your husband feels he’s sinned, you go forward to the Lord and ask forgiveness; your husband does the same and also goes to the priest and asks absolution, [thus] I’m healed and kept alive in my Baptism. When you pray together, that Baptism grows, becomes stronger. When you teach your kids who is Jesus? Why did Jesus come? What did Jesus do for us?, you’re doing the same thing, whether in the Lutheran language or the Catholic one, but it’s the same. 

The question [Pope draws question mark with his finger]…. The supper? There are questions that only if one is sincere with oneself and the little theological light one has, must be responded to on one’s own. See for yourself. This is my body. This is my blood. Do it in remembrance of me – this is a viaticum that helps us to journey on.

I once had a great friendship with a bishop who went a little wrong – 48 years old, he married [then had] two children. This made for great discomfort in him – a Catholic wife, Catholic children, him a bishop. He accompanied them on Sunday, his wife and children, to Mass, and then went to worship with his community…. It was a step toward his participation in the Lord’s Supper. Then he went forward, then the Lord called him [to realize] “I’m not right.”

I can only respond to your question with a question: what can I do with my husband that the Lord’s Supper might accompany me on my path? It’s a problem that each must answer [for themselves], but a pastor-friend once told me that “We believe that the Lord is present, he is present” – you believe that the Lord is present. There are explanations, interpretations, but life is bigger than explanations and interpretations. Always refer back to your baptism – one faith, one baptism, one Lord: this Paul tells us; the consequences come later. 

I would never dare to give permission to do this, because it’s not my competence. One baptism, one Lord, one faith. Talk to the Lord and go forward. [Pauses] And I wouldn’t dare – I don’t dare say anything more.

If you actually need us to comment on this tidal wave of Modernism and indifferentism, you haven’t been reading our web site long enough. This was nothing short of absolute theological chaos. Francis doesn’t give a hoot about God, about Truth, about the true Faith, about dogma, about Transubstantiation, about sanctifying grace, or about anything that really matters in one’s spiritual life. God to him is nothing but an emotional bandaid whose job is to forgive your sins, make you feel good, and solve your problems. For Francis, it’s all a matter of soup kitchens, caressing the peripheries, making the world a better place, and not judging. What an absolute disgrace!

A video of Francis’ disaster of a response, which can be summarized simply as “Whatever!”, is also available:

So, life is bigger than explanations, huh? Sure, why not — time is also greater than space, as he once assured us (see Evangelii Gaudium, nn. 222-225), and outside it’s always colder than at night. You can’t make this stuff up!

But then again, let’s not forget: According to the 1983 Code of Canon Law promulgated by “Pope Saint” John Paul II, Protestants are already permitted to share some of the Novus Ordo sacraments, under certain conditions, as we prove in our post here. And, sure enough, Jimmy Akin can be seen in a video here explaining exactly that.

So, don’t be surprised — it’s chaos all around, and Francis is only too happy to join in!

Image source: AP Photo (Gregorio Borgia)
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