Joseph Ratzinger buried in Vatican City

The Funeral of ‘Pope Emeritus’ Benedict XVI

UPDATED 05-JAN-2022 15:51 UTC

At approximately 8:50 am local Rome time today, pallbearers processed into St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City, carrying a coffin containing the body of Joseph Ratzinger, the man known from 2005 to 2013 as ‘Pope Benedict XVI’.

The five sorrowful decades of the Rosary were then prayed publicly in the square for the deceased, and subsequently the solemn funeral liturgy began, presided over in part by Jorge Bergoglio (‘Pope Francis’) and ‘Cardinal’ Giovanni Battista Re, the Dean of the College of Novus Ordo Cardinals. A prominent concelebrant was 90-year-old ‘Cardinal’ Francis Arinze, one of the last remaining valid bishops in the Latin rite of the Vatican II Church (consecrated in 1965, three years before ‘Pope’ Paul VI‘s changes to the ordination rite rendered it invalid).

The following video contains the entire ceremony:

The Vatican has posted sundry photos of the funeral liturgy and the burial in the crypt under St. Peter’s Basilica. They have also released a booklet for the liturgical service:

There are also photos of the post-funeral burial ritual, which the Vatican did not include in its official televised broadcast:

Some background on this rather unique funeral — the first for a “Pope emeritus” — can be found here:

Here are some screenshots of the funeral ceremony which we grabbed from the Vatican video feed:

Francis in full presider mode, looking at the casket

‘Cardinal’ Re took the part of celebrant of the ‘Liturgy of the Eucharist’ behind the altar

‘Cardinal’ Arinze stood next to Re, concelebrating

Invalid under both species: Novus Ordo communion for countless concelebrants

Francis seated on his usurped throne

Not quite filled: There was still room in St. Peter’s Square

Just two days before the burial, a mini controversy had broken out over the planned use of ‘Eucharistic Prayer III’ for the funeral liturgy, rather than the more traditional ‘Eucharistic Prayer I’ (similar to the Roman Canon of the Traditional Mass):

The body of Joseph Ratzinger is now buried under St. Peter’s Basilica. It shouldn’t take too long before the process of ‘canonization’ will start also for him, since we know that every ‘Pope’ since Vatican II has been a saint.

Irony off.

Image source: YouTube (screenshots)
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