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Francis: “Paul VI will become a Saint this year – Benedict and I are on the Waiting List”

Modernists say the darndest things, and when the Modernist in question is Jorge Bergoglio, anything is possible. Bergoglio, also known by his stage name “Pope Francis”, is infamous for speaking off the cuff, and it is then that he is at his most candid.

This past Thursday, Feb. 15, chatting with a group of “priests” from the diocese of Rome, Francis confirmed recent rumors that “Pope” Paul VI (1963-78) would be declared a “saint” before the end of the year. Vatican journalist Ed Pentin reports:

At the end of a closed-door question and answer session with priests of Rome on Thursday, the Pope said it will be a “holy year” for Paul VI. “There are two Bishops of Rome who have recently become saints: John XXIII and John Paul II,” the Pope said. “Paul VI will become one this year. Benedict and I are on the waiting list. Pray for us.”

(Edward Pentin, “Pope Francis: Blessed Paul VI to Be Canonized This Year”, National Catholic Register, Feb. 17, 2018)

This report is confirmed by Vatican Media.

Francis’ candid remark is a telling testimony to what an obvious farce the whole “sainthood” thing is in the Novus Ordo Sect: The Modernists want you to believe that every “Pope” since Vatican II is a saint! This idea is so absurd that even the openly liberal Commonweal just published an article in which author Mollie Wilson O’Reilly pleads, “Just stop making every pope a saint”!

On Nov. 12, 2017, we had made the following observation/prediction:

The only reason why Benedict XVI (2005-2013) has not yet had his canonization proceedings opened is the fact that he is still alive, and not even the Novus Ordo Sect is going to declare to be saints people who are still alive — at least not yet. And of course we all know that as soon as Francis is called to judgment, half the globe will demand his instant canonization.

(“The Immense ‘Holiness’ of the Novus Ordo ‘Popes'”, Novus Ordo Wire, Nov. 12, 2017)

Francis’ comment about Benedict XVI and himself being on the “waiting list” confirms just how spot-on our assessment was. The message from the Vatican is clear: If you want a sure-fire way of becoming a “saint”, become “Pope”!

After Paul VI, the only deceased Novus Ordo Antipope left to be declared a fake saint is Albino Luciani, John Paul I. But, not to worry — Francis recently declared him “venerable”, and if he hurries up, maybe he can squeeze him in together with Paul VI later this year. What does it matter at this point?

Meanwhile, The Remnant is hard at work again to find some way out of this pesky conundrum of obvious non-saint “saints”. And while they will no doubt be willing to consider just about any theory that gets them to their desired conclusion, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is one position they will absolutely refuse to concede as even a possibility: the position that the man doing all these fake canonizations can only do so because he isn’t actually the Pope but only an impostor devoid of the protection of the Holy Ghost. That is the one position The Remnant will not countenance, as they have amply demonstrated in the past.

In the Catholic Church, the canonization of saints is one area in which the Roman Pontiff exercises the gift of infallibility. Of course, this applies only to true Popes and not to fake ones. For this reason, whenever Francis or some other papal pretender “canonizes” someone who definitely couldn’t have been a saint, it is conclusive proof that he does not enjoy the protection of the Holy Ghost, which in turn means he cannot be a true Pope.

This was particularly evident in the case of Karol Wojtyla, John Paul II, who was declared a “saint” by the same Francis in 2014. It will be helpful to review some of the posts we published on this back then:

By “canonizing” Paul VI, Francis will demonstrate once more, with infallible certitude, that he is not the head of the Roman Catholic Church. For this reason alone, true Catholics should look forward to the day Francis once again proves himself to be a charlatan!

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