News Digest November 12, 2022

Chronicling the unending infernal chaos of the Vatican II Church…

November 12, 2022

Mere facade: Vatican projects short film about life of St. Peter onto front of St. Peter’s Basilica

Some headlines say all you need to know: Italian Novus Ordo bishop attends inauguration ceremony for new Masonic temple.

Francis’ henchman ‘Abp.’ Rino Fisichella of the Dicastery for Evangelization thinks “the essence of the Gospel is to be close, to be near, to be in the service of all people who are weak in the world of today”. Except it’s not. It may be part of living the Gospel, but its essence is supernatural: It’s about Redemption and salvation in Jesus Christ. Remember Him?

“Pope” who teaches that God desires there to be many different religions warns: “Do not make compromises with the Gospel”! Hey, at least he’s got a sense of humor….

Francis gives shocking speech to seminarians and “priests” for the diocese of Rome. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Bad news for Catholic Answers: Francis trashes Catholic apologetics and “having all the answers”. Faith is a journey, you Pharisee!

How to get Francis to reinstitute Friday abstinence from meat? Make it about reducing carbon emissions rather than about such meaningless supernatural things as penance and salvation!

After COVID measures emptied the pews, Baltimore archdiocese to engage in some serious listening now.

So Francis appoints a pro-abortion atheist to the so-called Pontifical Academy for Life. Why? He explains: “I put her there to give a little more humanity to it.” Well, at least he demoted the presbyter who offered the Traditional Mass. Wouldn’t want to have that kind of person around! And dialogue is only for some people anyway!

Bergoglian theology in a nutshell: Heretics and apostates are part of the Mystical Body of Christ, unless they have a funeral face.

According to recognize-and-resist “theologian” Peter Kwasniewski, the miracle of the papacy is that the Popes don’t teach garbage most of the time. See, it’s a miracle!!

Bergoglio to Muslim elders in Bahrain: “These are duties incumbent upon us as religious leaders: in a world that is increasingly wounded and divided, that beneath the surface of globalization senses anxiety and fear, the great religious traditions [sic] must be the heart that unites the members of the body, the soul that gives hope and life to its highest aspirations.” Sounds like a description of the Mystical Body of the Antichrist, no?

Looking for new revelation: “The pope told Asia’s bishops they had to answer the question of what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Churches in Asia.”

That ‘poor church for the poor’ needs some cash: Rome suppresses traditional Carmelite monastery in Philadelphia, will allegedly receive its estimated $10 million assets.

Vatican prepares for Advent and Christmas, assures the world that “no trees were cut down to make the Nativity scene”. Phew! Scandal averted!

“Cardinal” Matteo Zuppi, archlayman of Bologna, is a supporter of “LGBTQ Catholics”. He claims that same-sex attraction “is not separable from the identity of the person”, and you can imagine what he may eventually say follows from that. He wrote the foreword to the Italian edition of Hellboy James Martin’s book Building a Bridge. According to Mr. Zuhlsdorf, Zuppi has “called for the building of mosques and Islamic celebrations in schools”. For one of his “Masses” at Christmas 2016 he placed a paper boat for refugees on the altar and wrapped the crib for the Infant Jesus in a rainbow flag. So why wouldn’t you attend his ‘Traditional Latin Mass’? He likes building bridges!

Speaking of Hellboy, he just got a 45-minute private audience with the Frankster. Meanwhile, a Vatican tourist broke 2000-year-old sculptures in the Vatican Museums when he was told his request for a “papal” audience had been denied. Just think of what he might have done if he’d found out Francis isn’t even the Pope!

Nothing to see here, move along — it’s just Philadelphia’s “Catholic archbishop” participating in the solemn worship of the false Eastern Orthodox religion.

Do you have trouble falling asleep? The Novus Ordo bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean can help! Here are 130 pages of “Toward a Synodal Church Going Forth into the Periphery” — no prescription required!

Shopping, food, art, culture, and more: Vatican Mall opens next to St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

Matt Gaspers of Catholic Family News believes the sins of men can thwart the divine protection of an ecumenical council. But if Paul VI was Pope, then it was protected by the Holy Ghost. Yet clearly it wasn’t. What follows?

But of course: Francis welcomes opening of Jewish-‘Catholic’ center at Polish university.

At COP27 in Egypt, United Nations Secretary General says the world is on a “highway to climate hell with our foot on the accelerator”. Now that is the kind of hell Francis can actually believe in! Keep in mind he’s one of the 100 Latinos most committed to climate action! (It’s Catholic action he’s not that into…)

The ‘New Evangelization’ in Portugal: Meet DJ Presbyter Guilherme Peixoto. (Caution! Immodest images)

“New Springtime” update: Ireland discovers it’s now post-Christian. Hey, now it’s got something in common with the Vatican!

As long as it’s ugly, he approves: Francis unveils new sculpture in St. Peter’s Square.

In full communion with Bergoglio: “A German bishop has declared that sexual diversity is ‘willed by God and does not violate the Creator’s will,’ and that ‘homosexual lovemaking’ is not an aberration but a ‘variant of human sexuality.'” Can you imagine how quickly Francis would be stepping in to silence this guy if instead he claimed that racism is a not an aberration but grounded in God’s Will? In any case, that traditional moral teaching on sexuality is just way “too simple”, isn’t it? So brace yourself for the “complex” kind!

There’s another one: German Novus Ordo bishop says “sexuality has several dimensions and homosexuality is not a sin.” But then, not all Novus Ordo bishops are German or even European.

Put on your surprise face: According to a new report, an American Novus Ordo bishops’ agency funds radical Marxist, pro-abortion, and pro-LGBT groups.

An interesting new video documentary shows how Novus Ordo parish life is changing in the United States.

Selective application of Vos Estis? Say it ain’t so: “Pope Francis’s 2019 Motu proprio on addressing and handling abuse allegations apparently has some invisible appendix explaining that the law does not apply to bishops or cardinals who are powerful or notable.”

It’s too common now to be shocked, but here we go: Yet another “LGBTQ Mass” by a “gay priest” in the United States. Come on, Francis wants that Church of Everyone!

Another Modernist is dead: Fr. John P. Meier called to judgment at age 80.

At Life Site, Maike Hickson argues: “The SSPX is not in a schism since it recognizes all the dogmas regarding papal primacy while also recognizing the currently reigning pope. Furthermore, in the Canon of the Mass, the SSPX mentions both the name of the currently reigning pope and the name of the local bishop of the diocese where the Mass is being celebrated. The SSPX also occasionally prays publicly and solemnly for the reigning pope, chanting the ‘Oremus pro Pontifice nostro…’ prayer, as an example. Additionally, the SSPX clearly rejects sedevacantism.” The problem is just that none of these things prove an absence of schism, which is the refusal of submission to the Roman Pontiff, not the refusal to pray for him, or the refusal to put his name in the Canon of the Mass, or the denial of Catholic teaching on the Papacy. Nor is it holding that a public apostate who imposes heresy and sacrilege on the whole Church cannot be the Roman Pontiff.

Vatican unveils new documentary on climate change: The Letter. (Official web site here.) Imagine if only they cared just half as much about eternal climate change after death….

The New Age apostate Franciscan ‘Fr.’ Richard Rohr, who enjoys Bergoglio’s endorsement, is withdrawing from public ministry on account of a cancer diagnosis. May it bring him to repentance before it’s too late!

Meanwhile, a courageous Irish Novus Ordo priest gets suspended after preaching the obvious truth about sexual sin. Thankfully, he stands by his remarks, saying he “could[n’t] care less” about his punishment. More on that here and here.

Francis says inclusive growth begins with a gaze that is not turned in on itself. Perhaps next time he could just keep his infinite wisdom to himself?

“Fr.” Daniel Horan — let’s call him “Hellboy Jr.” — is convinced that the “Church’s anti-LGBTQ policies drive people away — and the policies are sinful, too.” And of course we wouldn’t want to tolerate sin now, would we? It would be a “moral scandal”!

New study of U.S. Novus Ordo priests shows a distrust of bishops, fears of false sex abuse allegations and widespread burnout.

The apostate Second Vatican Council opened 60 years ago. Here’s a timeline of key events. The long-term repercussions of the council can be gleaned from the present news digest.

Novus Ordo TV/radio network founder: ‘All the baptised must be prophets’. It would be a pretty good start already if they could just all be Catholics for the time being.

Another one of those “prophets”: Pro-LGBT, pro-abortion Amazon founder Jeff Bezos receives Vatican-backed “Galileo Prophets of Philanthropy Award”.

Guess what: A record number of Swiss “Catholics” don’t see the point of being a part of the Novus Ordo Church any longer. And who can blame them? Meanwhile, a Swiss Novus Ordo bishop resigns at 59 due to “inner fatigue”, and another fails to correct a (female) sex abuse prevention officer who endorsed legal pornography.

What, you didn’t know that Francis has instituted a new “papal” tradition — that of receiving transvestites every Wednesday after the general audience in St. Peter’s Square? No, not to lead them to repentance but, effectively, to confirm them in their vices.

Forget the living waters of salvation (cf. Is 12:3; Jn 4:13-14) — to Muslims in Bahrain, Francis brings the waters of fraternity! (His own sheeple, on the other hand, he tells “to be bold in proclaiming the Gospel”.)

Are you sick and tired of hearing about parish mergers? No worries, in Ohio they’re now merging dioceses!

Two Novus Ordo bishops who don’t shepherd any flock have an opinion about Francis’ decree Traditonis Custodes. Only those who already agree with them will actually care.

Strange religion: New Jersey diocese wants to help influence the weather by using solar panels.

Mystery man ‘Abp.’ Carlo Maria Vigano: Christ would not recognize His Church in “the sect” that’s eclipsing the See of Peter. And yet, when he thought it expedient, he promoted clear heresy and even participated in an ecumenical prayer rally two years ago. And last year, he offered some bizarre theology to “confused priests”.

What religion is Canadian “Cardinal” Thomas Collins? “The Mass began with a smudging ceremony before the altar.” Don’t believe it? See picture and watch video here.

When you accept a public anti-Catholic as Pope, don’t be surprised if he does anti-Catholic things.

Lefebvrists expel one of their priests on account of credible sex abuse allegations: “The Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), U.S. District, is grieved to confirm that one of its (now) former priestly members, Fr. Matthew Stafki, has been accused in a criminal court of grave crimes against chastity regarding a minor.” Alas, there are also accusations of SSPX sex abuse and cover-up in Africa.

After Somalia bombing, Francis prays that the violent will be converted — he just doesn’t say to what.

Italian Novus Ordo priest, now suspended, demonstrates his theological brilliance: “If I can’t bless same-sex couples, then I don’t bless palm trees and olive branches either.”

Dear Jorge Bergoglio, for heaven’s sake, please leave at least the entrepreneurs alone!

Hey, who needs supernatural Divine Revelation when there’s the theological “school of the existential peripheries”?

Adding insult to injury, Francis tells French Novus Ordo bishops to practice “the greatest solicitude and paternity” for those in their flock “who are disoriented by the motu proprio Traditionis custodes….” That’s because such folks are “often wounded sheep who need to be accompanied, listened to, and given time.” Maybe like this? Or like that? Nope, not looking any better in Australia either.

The reason Bergoglio keeps railing against “clericalism” is because he himself is an anti-clericalist.

What? You believe only one religion can be true? You must be some kind of Nazi or something!

What could possibly go wrong when a bunch of Modernists invite Orthodox and Protestant theologians to “dialogue” about the Papacy?

Benedict XVI’s biographer says the ‘Pope Emeritus’ is “suffering very much because of the situation of the Church”. But in truth, few people bear more individual responsibility for the mess that is the Vatican II Church than Joseph Ratzinger. Here are some recent pictures of the 95-year-old Modernist. Pray for his repentance before he dies. We don’t want him to go to hell for eternity.

Nothing secret that will not be made known: Novus Ordo priest clandestinely confers quasi-liturgical “blessings” on sodomitical unions in France.

The Novus Ordo Church is currently being run by “Team Francis” — all Bergoglian Jesuits. And that’s pretty “unsettling”.

Why the Synod on Synodality presents a falsified church, is explained here. Moderate Modernist “Cardinal” Gerhard Müller says the synod is a “hostile takeover of the Church”. Its latest working document “radically overturns Christian teaching”, but that’s OK because it’s the “genuine voice of the people of God”!

So you’ve been wanting to escape all the madness by moving to New Zealand? BAD IDEA!

By the way: Not everyone is thrilled with that “Listening Church”, which is also a “Learning Church”, at least when it comes to the “paschal dynamic” of the poor.

“Cardinal” Jean-Pierre Ricard shocks the Novus Ordo world, admits to abusing 14-year-old girl 35 years ago. Just as people are beginning to digest this, another scandal hits in France. Oh yeah, and this prior scandal doesn’t help either.

Retired ‘Abp.’ Charles Chaput says Joe Biden “is not in communion with the Catholic faith”. But his boss says otherwise. Of course the truth is: Francis isn’t in communion with the Catholic Faith either.

“Archbishop” Vincenzo Paglia brags: Either Francis or his successor will “develop” teaching on contraception (wink, wink!).

Condemnation so faint, it’s almost praise: Francis warns that consuming pornography “weakens the soul”. Actually, it practically destroys the soul because it snuffs out all sanctifying grace from it, and even a single fall can lead to a lifetime of vice. But then, Bergoglio believes that the sins of the flesh are “the least serious sins”, so he’s much more worried about other things: “One of the most serious temptations that the Church faces today … is when they come to you with rigid formation schemes … Religious congregations have arisen that are a disaster, which had to be closed little by little, congregations of rigid ‘no, no, no, no…’. And that in the background, behind that rigidity, there is real rottenness hidden.” See, Francis is determined to clean up the rot in his church after all!

Caution! The United States’ Novus Ordo bishops are launching a “new approach to teaching the faith”.

Culture of encounter? “Father Heinz Angehrn, a retired priest of the Swiss diocese of St. Gallen, claimed in an interview that bishops in Switzerland knowingly consecrated and tolerated homosexual men in the clergy.”

Cover-up, corruption and unjust practices at the highest levels of the Roman Curia? Former Vatican Auditors sue Vatican for Damages.

Nothing to see here: Spanish Novus Ordo bishop appoints controversial former Communist leader as head of campus ministry.

“Cardinal” Cupich: Francis’ Latin Mass reforms are necessary to secure Vatican II’s legacy. No doubt about it! We call it the Vatican II Church for a reason.

Modernist Jesuit Thomas Reese reminisces about the time when he was a Catholic. But then came Vatican II.

“The Synodal Way offers nothing more than ‘quasi-Marxist content in a spiritual comfort blanket’”, writes Gavin Ashenden. Dutch auxiliary Robert Mutsaerts expresses it a little differently: “God is out of the picture in this damned synodal process. The Holy Spirit has absolutely nothing to do with it.” And retired Swiss auxiliary Marian Eleganti calls the synodal circus a “marketing campaign” for heresy. In any case, it’s a synod for sin and against repentance. Its woke artwork alone speaks volumes.

Come on, synodality is great! Unless, of course, the results aren’t what Francis wants, then his inner clericalist comes out!

Pop quiz: What is the most precious ‘book’ God has given us? The Holy Bible, you say? Not according to Francis!

Vatican Secretary of State “Cardinal” Pietro Parolin, of Bilderberg fame, tells EWTN that truth is an “encounter, woven by love for the other, that creates that unity which holds all things together” — and don’t you ever forget it!

The Novus Ordo madness is reaching new heights: In Italy, there is now liturgical absurdity on stilts.

For decades the true Popes warned us about secret societies and Masonic sects plotting the destruction of the Church through infiltration. And now the results: “The widespread heresy, scandal, corruption, and apostasy of the shepherds whom Christ aptly condemned as ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ is too systematic, and now overt, to have come about by mere chance or human weakness.”

Eric Sammons should get an award for reddest herring ever, suggesting that the problem with Francis is that he’s not that good at his job.

The latest odd developments in the ongoing “Pope Emeritus” saga: First, a letter from ‘Abp.’ Georg Gänswein says Benedict XVI names Francis, not himself, in the ‘Eucharistic Prayer’ of the Novus Ordo worship service. But not so fast! Asked about it, Gänswein says this letter is fake, he never wrote or sent it! Is this whole thing perhaps a deliberate charade to keep people guessing about Francis vs. Benedict? For as long as they’re busy wondering which of the two Modernists is the ‘real’ false pope, they won’t be tempted to look into Sedevacantism….

While we’re on the topic: New book tries to decipher “Ratzinger Code”. But intriguing though the thesis may be, not everyone is impressed.

Now that he’s abandoned his SSPX recognize-and-resist position (in favor, alas, of the Vatican II religion), while still featuring recognize-and-resist endorsements on his web site, John Salza shows up on Church Militant with Michael Voris. Next stop… Michael Lofton? And then… Michael Lewis of Where Peter Is? Just thinking ahead… logically.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just a few Lesbians speaking from the altar in Italy.

Novus Ordo philosophy professor Ed Feser still tries to use the Pope Honorius controversy as some kind of historical precedent validating the recognize-and-resist position that acknowledges Francis as valid while rejecting his magisterium. He gets straightened out by The WM Review: Reply to Prof. Edward Feser, Part I and Reply to Prof. Edward Feser, Part II.

Dr. Peter Chojnowski asks Michael Matt which church he will never leave.

A new YouTube channel, Defending Sedevacantism, cranks out short video clips with objections and answers on the most important issue of our time: Part 1: Latin Mass nostalgia? | Part 2: What about Perpetual Successors? | Part 3: Keeping you away from the sacraments? | Part 4: Peaceful universal acceptance of the ‘Pope’? | Part 5: Only material heretics?

A sede blogger explains the Index of Forbidden Books and provides sound Catholic information regarding the (im)possibility of aliens and UFOs.

You can now take a walking tour of historic Mount Saint Michael’s in Spokane, Washington, a bastion of Sedevacantism.

A sedevacantist from Poland relates the story of the rise and fall of the prideful Fr. Robert Lamennais, and a sedevacantist from the U.S. refutes the Eastern Orthodox position on the Filioque dogma.

How about that: A Catholic article from 1897 explains the infallible safety of papal teaching just as Sedevacantists do, not as the recognize-and-resist crowd does. Dr. Kwasniewski, please call your office.

The WM Review explains what public profession of the Faith means, showing that the mere claim to believe in Catholicism is not sufficient.

Louie Verrecchio tells the other half of the story about the Kingship of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

And Steven Speray puts the final nail in the Feeneyite coffin.

Oh, and one for the road…

See, the Novus Ordo Church, first headed by Angelo Roncalli, really is a circus.
(image: Wikimedia Commons [Immanuel Giel] / CC BY-SA 3.0)

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