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Dear Friends of Novus Ordo Watch:

In case you’re not aware already, you can receive free and convenient notifications by email when Novus Ordo Watch releases new content, either on the Novus Ordo Wire blog (that’s this blog you’re reading) or from our podcast feed.

Signing up for that is quick and painless — just use these links and follow the instructions:

The blog and the podcast run on two different notification systems. This may seem odd but it’s actually a good thing to keep them apart — it keeps things compartmentalized. Besides, some people care for the one but not the other. So if you want both, you must sign up separately for both. But either way, it’s no hassle.

Just remember you may need to check your spam folder in case a notification email gets sent there by accident. It comes from an automated email system, so there is a slight possibility it may wrongly be identified as spam.

If you are familiar with what RSS is all about and would like direct access to our RSS feeds, here are the links:

And don’t worry: We don’t do spam you, we don’t pester you, and we don’t sell or give away your email address. We just want you to have the convenient service of being notified when there’s something new at the blog or with the podcast. That’s it.

And if you decide you no longer want it, that’s totally cool: There’s a quick and easy UNSUBSCRIBE link in every email.

In times of “Cancel Culture”, it’s not a bad idea to have an additional way of staying in touch. Of course we’re also (so far) still available on Facebook, Twitter, Gab, YouTube, and Parler.

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