News Digest November 4, 2020

November 4, 2020

Vatican II has consequences: Irish Novus Ordo priest allows Muslim to lead prayer in church…

As always, Vatican News knows to ask the really crucial questions: “How will the US election impact climate change?”

Breaking silence: “Abp.” Carlo Vigano reveals details – including names – about Vatican gay lobby.

Meanwhile: Francis puts McCarrick roommate “Cardinal” Kevin Farrell in charge of “scrutinizing Vatican financial decisions not governed by ordinary Vatican oversight norms.”

By the way: Financial and operational questions surround Bergoglio’ favorite Scholas Occurrentes foundation….

Lefebvrists celebrate: Fifty Years of the Society of Saint Pius X. With a letter from the Superior General here. Progressive Novus Ordos are a little less enthusiastic.

Gloria TV bans sedevacantists. Heaven forbid you should say the Vatican’s blasphemous apostate-in-chief isn’t actually the Vicar of Christ….

More like the Vicar of Antichrist: “A gay couple favored by a phone call from Pope Francis and featured in the documentary Francesco are not only ‘married’ but also hired a lesbian surrogate to have three children….”

Franciscan superior cracks down on two Australian friars for criticizing depraved sex ed curriculum.

Caution! The Vatican has given a preview of its upcoming Nativity Scene display for Christmas….

So much for equality: New Bible translation of Italian Novus Ordo bishops reduces Jesus Christ to merely being “like” God, not equal to Him.

Mayday! Mayday! Vatican heroically intervenes with United Nations to prevent satellite collisions in outer space!

Brace yourselves… Here comes the Jersualema Dance Challenge!

After decades of Novus Ordo catechesis and that “New Evangelization”, a Canadian “cardinal” calls a time-out in order to “reflect” on why it’s not working

Novus Ordo masquerade: Chicago’s Archlayman Blase Cupich knows that “we grow in holiness” simply by wearing a face diaper! No wonder a presbyter from Atlanta has composed a “prayer as I put on my mask” — after all, it’s basically a “sacrament”!

Speaking of Atlanta: How come nothing is being done about “Fr.” Joseph Morris?

Francis the Naturalist hijacks Our Blessed Lord’s words “I will make all things new” (Apoc 21:5) to encourage people “not [to] be afraid to dream big, seeking the ideals of justice and social love that are born of hope” for the making of a better world. Reality Check: Our Lord’s words refer to the regeneration of fallen nature through sanctifying grace (see 2 Cor 5:17) and also to the New Jerusalem that is Heaven, described in the 21st chapter of the Apocalypse.

Oops! Italy’s top Muslim leader embarrasses interfaith dialogue by insisting that his religion is true, all others false. Now that is something Novus Ordos can actually learn from Muslims!

The state of Novus Ordo education in 2020: “The Baltimore archdiocese is demanding a Catholic school use male pronouns for a third-grade girl who says she is a boy.” In Montana, a Novus Ordo college “is inviting in three drag queens for a college-wide panel discussion on drag queen culture.” Lest your children miss out on this boon for our culture and society!

Arts and crafts to save the world: For Creation Day in the diocese of Eichstätt, Germany, an ecumenical service was followed by Novus Ordo and Lutheran clergy constructing paper cranes together as a sign of peace with creation. (You’ve got to see the photo!)

Is Francis more of a hypocrite or more of an idiot? He denounces the “perverse logic that links personal and national security to the possession of weaponry” as he surrounds himself with bodyguards that carry weapons for his personal security….

Liberty, equality, fraternity: Francis dreams of a Europe of solidarity and respect for all peoples. A real Pope would dream of a Catholic Europe, unto the glory of God and the salvation of souls!

Migrants, the poor, and Coronavirus: As always, Francis has the answers.

When the Christ Child and His Holy Mother won’t do: Francis uses photo of grandmother with grandchild as prayer card.

For someone who doesn’t mind idolatry in his own back yard, Francis sure does love to condemn “idolatry”.

The Francis Effect: Majority of U.S. Novus Ordos weak on opposition to abortion.

What do you mean, you didn’t hear about this? An Argentine man has accused Pope Francis of covering up allegations of rape and sexual abuse at the hands of a priest.”

Uncovered by the Lepanto Institute: American Novus Ordo bishops fund network endorsing Joe Biden, abortion, exotic dancers

Rock-ing Poland: New statue of “Saint” John Paul II causes controversy in his homeland

Addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations, Francis has plenty to say about the Gospel of Jesus Christ “the consolidation of multilateralism as the expression of a renewed sense of global co-responsibility”, about “an integral ecological sensitivity”, and about “a frank and coherent dialogue”!

Par for the course in Novus Ordo Land: Canadian politician with key role in legalizing abortion gets “Catholic” state funeral in cathedral.

I can’t believe it’s not Catholic: Introducing the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity! Guess who’s got a video message for that!

After two years of back-stabbing, now front-stabbing: Unholy See and Chicoms renew provisional agreement for another two years.

“Nature never forgives”: Francis continues his global warming alarmism during audience. Look who else agrees that ‘Mother Earth is angry’!

Finding Viganò: Robert Moynihan publishes interview book with the elusive former Vatican nuncio to the United States.

Three steps forward, two steps back: Francis and the German wing of the Novus Ordo Sect. Same train headed towards hell, just disagreement on speed.

Body language speaks more eloquently than words: Francis receives falsely-accused and now-exonerated “Cardinal” George Pell. A little bit of background here, here, here, and here, including a mystery woman. Bye bye, Mr. Becciu!

Never at a loss for silly metaphors, Francis says: “Indifference … is a quarantine that I choose for myself, to protect myself from the virus of reality.” He speaks in metaphors to camouflage his lack of serious theology.

Green Church rising: Will your burial at least be environmentally friendly? Never mind dying in the state of grace – that won’t save a single tree!

Impressive: Head of German Novus Ordo bishops carries “dental pick” crosier. But is it as spiffy and splendid as the one Francis carried in 2014? If not, there’s always “Cardinal” Barbarin’s!

There’s so much Mafia influence in popular Italian piety, the Vatican has to intervene!

Spiritual mafioso: Why Francis’ tinkering with the Gloria and the Our Father is very serious.

“Catholic” apologist Mark Shea, who claims St. John the Baptist doubted whether Christ was the Messias, publishes book on Novus Ordo social teaching.

In case you were wondering what they are smoking in the Vatican II Church, this Brazilian Novus Ordo priest will tell you.

In the United Kingdom, one of the greatest threats to children’s purity is Novus Ordo bishops. But then, they’re just following their boss…. No wonder their presbyters can now replace the Creed with an LGBT-friendly “statement of faith.”

When the starting point of your theology isn’t God’s supernatural revelation but the lived experience of man: Maltese “Bp.” Mario Grech discovers “new ecclesiology”, possibly even “new theology” in COVID experience…. No wonder Francis just promoted him!

Timothy S. Flanders wonders: “Are Catholics Obliged to Read Every Papal Document?” Wrong question! No one is claiming that Catholics are obliged to read papal documents. But they are obliged to assent to what the Pope teaches and not contradict or resist it. Generally, the Pope teaches the bishops, the bishops teach their pastors, and the pastors teach their flock.

When Ecology Supplants Theology: Bergoglio’s “Time of Creation”.

Francis has figured it out: His Vatican II Sect needs more women in leadership! (Look at your local Novus Ordo parish and see who’s running things there…) In Germany they’re two steps ahead, as always…

Trio Infernale: A Muslim, a Jew, and a Novus Ordo join voices for Masonic fraternity.

You read about it first at Vatican NewsUnited Nations backs new eco-label to help consumers choose sustainable rice.

Bob Mickens blows a gasket: Francis isn’t masking up!

The Novus Ordo Sect is finding out the hard way that words do matter in the administration of sacraments. They should have paid attention in the 1960s!

“Operation Transparency”: Roman Catholic Faithful returns to go after corrupt Novus Ordo bishops.

Yes, Dr. Kwasniewski, if Francis is Pope, then you must call Paul VI a saint. You’re welcome!

Remember the Novus Ordo nun Francis congratulated on her work with “transgenders”? Turns out she endorses “trans children” too! Maybe she was educated at this Jesuit high school?!

The post-conciliar epoch meets the post-pandemic epoch: Ireland could see massive drop in “Mass” attendees… But not to worry, it’s really a “Pentecost moment”!

Mark 9:41 alert: Vienna Archdiocese promotes House of Diversity perverted sex ed and gender ideology for kids.

Why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore, reason no. 12339: Parish Youth Ministry. And here’s reason no. 12340: The Arkansas Ninja Priest.

The Art of Speaking Without Saying Anything: Interview With a Future “Cardinal”.

The Art of Saying Everything and its Opposite: Mixed Messages from the Vatican and its Novus Ordo bishops.

In Amoris Laetitia, Francis simply caught up with his prophetic “people of God”: Majority of Novus Ordos believes fornication is ‘sometimes or always’ acceptable.

Vatican priorities: Francis gets an eco-friendly Popemobile, and the Swiss Guards get a new, eco-friendly home!

At least he didn’t question Vatican II: “A California bishop has quietly reinstated a priest with a decades-long track record of active homosexuality, which includes embezzling parish funds.”

The End of Novus Ordoism? A “New Springtime” Update from Holland.

The Antichurch Cookbook: The Vatican’s new Directory for Catechesis (Part III).

Looking to attend your local Jesuit yoga class? See you in the church sanctuary tonight!

Not interested in yoga? Jesuits are also hosting a pro-LGBT retreat with a Lesbian Episcopal priestess….

No surprise there: Novus Ordo teens in U.S. mirror their peers on religious trends.

So “Cardinal” Joseph Zen was allowed to leave Hong Kong for 120 hours to meet with Francis. Too bad the “Pope” was too busy! Perhaps he was writing the foreword to this new book, or maybe he was sending a message to this newspaper about “media ecology”!

Complete shocker, huh? New evidence emerges regarding “Abp.” Annibale Bugnini, chief architect of the “New Mass”, having been a Freemason.

From Pope Pius XII to Vatican II: Inside the Vatican interviews biographer of Pius XII’s personal assistant on a crucial epoch of history.

Who’s sorry now? Why Catholics ought not to apologize for the Inquisition.

Marxism at church: New York Novus Ordo parish feeds racist class struggle.

So you attend a “reverent Novus Ordo Mass” and think that takes care of things…

“Abp.” Carlo Maria Viganò wonders whether Vatican II is “untouchable”… And he gives an interview to Marco Tosatti here.

Lexington’s woke “Bishop” John Stowe mourns the passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Novus Ordo Watch gets a mention in the international press over the Vatican’s photoshopped Pietà controversy.

Back in print! Fr. Francis Connell’s outstanding Outlines of Moral Theology (1953) provide a fantastic and readable overview of the highly complex discipline of Catholic morality.

Also back in print: The Mass: Up-Close in Pictures is a handy guide for learning about the Holy Catholic Mass, originally published in 1944.

The ultimate evidence: Sister Lucy Truth is offering $1,000 to any relative of Lucia dos Santos who is willing to provide a DNA sample to settle the Two Sister Lucys controversy. And Dr. Peter Chojnowski responds to objections by John Salza.

Requiescat in pace: A video recording of Fr. Anthony Cekada’s Pontifical Requiem Mass is available here. You may view his obituary here, read Bp. Sanborn’s eulogy here, and peruse Stephen Heiner’s recollections here.

A sedevacantist YouTuber refutes the flawed Dimond thesis denying baptism of desire.

And the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen has made available a video recording of some of this year’s Fatima Conference lectures.

And one for the road…

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