That’s what the five foolish virgins thought, too (see Mt 25:11)…

Francis claims Gates of Heaven “are always Open to all Peoples”

The Argentinian apostate Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) has a difficult job. He constantly has to read his Naturalist-Masonic ideology into the New Testament and hope people won’t notice that the “Gospel of Man” he preaches is in fact a counterfeit and not the genuine supernatural Gospel of Jesus Christ (cf. Gal 1:8-9).

One way to accomplish that is to lie so brazenly and out in the open that no decent person would suspect him of not telling the truth.… READ MORE

You shop, Amazon donates…

How to support Novus Ordo Watch this Christmas
— without spending a dime (extra)

Dear Friends and Supporters of Novus Ordo Watch:

The Year of Our Lord 2020 is quickly drawing to a close, and the pre-Christmas shopping season is about to begin.

Novus Ordo Watch holds fundraisers only when there is genuine need, as we do not wish to burden people any more than is truly necessary. Thankfully, this year has seen sufficient monthly support and also sporadic individual contributions so as to render a special donations drive unnecessary. A big thank-you to all who have been supporting us financially and spiritually!READ MORE