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Full Text Leaked:
New Encyclical Fratelli Tutti in Spanish

Today, Oct. 3, 2020, “Pope” Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) needlessly polluted the environment by traveling to Assisi, Italy, with his entourage in order to sign on the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) his new encyclical letter, Fratelli Tutti (English: Brothers All; Latin: Omnes Fratres). The topic of the encyclical is “human fraternity”.

The text was signed in Assisi because the encyclical claims to build upon the concept of fraternity promoted by St. Francis, which, however, we can be sure will definitely not be the case — instead, we will see a Naturalist-Masonic version of fraternity promoted, as in: equality, liberty, fraternity (motto of the French Revolution of 1789). The official publication date of the encyclical is tomorrow, Oct. 4 — St. Francis’ feast day. It will be released online at 7:00 am Eastern time (1:00 pm Central European time) and officially introduced at a Vatican press conference scheduled at the same time.

The Spanish-language blog Info Vaticana, which is Novus Ordo but highly critical of Club Bergoglio, has leaked the Spanish original text of the encyclical in full. It can be accessed here:

In terms of its length, the encyclical fails to surprise: At 123 pages for the Spanish original and 287 numbered paragraphs, Francis continues the ominous tradition of using a whole lot of words to say very little — certainly very little of actual value. In fact, at 123 pages, he has probably set a record. We suspect it is the longest Novus Ordo encyclical ever penned, exceeding even his mammoth Laudato Si’, which contains roughly 42,000 words (in Spanish). Fratelli Tutti, by contrast, has 45,000 words (also in Spanish).

Vaticanist Marco Tosatti has penned an initial commentary on the new encyclical, in Italian.

To counter whatever Masonic nonsense the new Bergoglian document may contain, we recommend the following real papal texts:

Here is a brief recap of Francis’ trip to Assisi, his celebration of the Novus Ordo worship service, and the signing ceremony:

Fratelli Tutti is Francis’ third encyclical in seven-and-a-half years, after Lumen Fidei and Laudato Si’. Most of the other long texts he’s written are so-called “Apostolic exhortations”, including Evangelii Gaudium, Amoris Laetitia, and Querida Amazonia.

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