Another Milestone in the Modernist Sewer…


Antipope Francis
Encyclical Letter Lumen Fidei
on Faith
June 29, 2013

A product of “four hands”, this first “encyclical letter” of Mr. Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope” Francis, was co-written by Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, the “Pope Emeritus” Benedict XVI, and it shows.

The text is available in sundry languages, of which we make the following two available via links:

Other Links pertaining to the encyclical:

Francis’ reference to “Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta” as an example of a woman “of faith” (par. 57) only serves to underscore his own cluelessness about what Faith is, as Mother Teresa was an apostate from the Catholic Faith.

What is curious – but not surprising – is that in this “encyclical”, Francis uses the word “experience” 24 times and the word “encounter” 22 times – a favorite theme of the Modernists, especially Mr. Bergoglio (see here). The phrase “true Faith” is not found in the text of the encyclical at all, and only one time in a footnote (n. 6).

The footnotes of Lumen Fidei are downright hysterical at times and typically Ratzingerian: Besides the usual compulsory mentions of Vatican II documents, they also include references to Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Buber, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Dante – not exactly what you would typically see in a papal encyclical. But hey – Ratzinger/Bergoglio managed even to mention St. Thomas Aquinas once in the text and in two footnotes!

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