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August 6, 2020

In case you were wondering why God is punishing the world…

Vatican drops God to reach wider audience. Only focusing on the essentials now, eh? At least they haven’t abandoned Mother Earth yet!

Cancel Church: London “Catholic” school fires teacher for saying Mohammed was a “False Prophet”. What do you expect from a Modernist sect that is itself guided by a false prophet? “For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect” (Mt 24:24).

Speaking of false prophets: Francis sends message to Medjugorje adherents.

Germophobic church warns: Kneeling can cause Coronavirus!

Excluding and marginalizing others: “Bishop” Robert Barron hosts invite-only meeting to discuss “radical traditionalists.”

With all this free time during the summer, Francis naturally sits down once again with his favorite journalist, Eugenio Scalfari. That’s the man who always “misquotes the Pope”, you know! 😉

Marxist is as Marxist does: Francis names Communist to Latin American Pontifical Commission.

Vaticanist Ed Pentin predicts Francis’ successor will probably be “more conservative.” OK now, but that’s not exactly saying a whole lot…

Since it’s been working out so well, the Vatican is set to renew its deal with the Chinese Communists. And never mind the recent rumors. That upcoming October Conference is much too important.

Vatican II ad nauseam: Another theologian weighs in on the current debate about the Modernist robber synod. And another one! Meanwhile, “Cardinal” Walter Brandmüller rebukes “Abp.” Carlo Maria Viganò on Vatican II.

Moving forward 2.0: Look at how far forward the Swiss have moved already! Or, how about the French! But then, the Vatican isn’t that far behind

Everything you hate about Novus Ordo architecture in one building: They can’t figure out why this Scottish Novus Ordo seminary never had enough seminarians. Opened in 1966, it closed in 1980. And now the diocese has finally been able to get rid of the ruins.

Formerly the darling of conservative Novus Ordos, “Cardinal” Angelo Scola has now given a ringing endorsement to Jorge Bergoglio.

Marco Tosatti conducts massive interview with “Abp.” Carlo Viganò: “The Pope and the Sodomites.” And since we haven’t seen an interview with “Cardinal” Gerhard Müller lately, there’s a new one with him as well.

“Cardinal” Zen shocks semi-trads, says Catholics hear “real voice of the Holy Spirit” in Vatican II.

Austin Ruse takes a look at the “Catholic” victims of gender ideology.

No! Not another one! Novus Ordo bishop calls for “New Springtime” in Richmond diocese. Come on now, everyone is still reeling from the last one!

Off to judgment: “A New York priest implicated in embezzlement and homosexual, drug-fueled orgies has been found dead….”

“Archbishop” of Dublin, Mr. Diarmuid Martin, gives address at Muslim feast of sacrifice (Eid al-Adha): “We join in your celebration and we know that together we can become a powerful force in the Ireland of tomorrow for spiritual growth, for sharing with the poor and building friendship.” He didn’t, however, have much to say when confronted by Irish nationalists afterwards. Good luck getting the guy excommunicated — by Francis?!

Want to have your sins forgiven? Let’s see… how much have you given lately?

Francis and Mark Shea won’t be thrilled: EWTN News Nightly interviews President Donald Trump.

As Argentina battles a possible legalization of abortion, did you hear of “Pope” Francis’ passionate intervention to help keep his home country from allowing this Satanic practice? – Don’t worry: No one else did either. He’s been too busy sending hugs.

Don’t you hate it when you read in a periodical that your conservative former Novus Ordo vicar general poses on a pervert site?

That figures: Novus Ordo bishops want illegal immigrants included in population count for determining congressional representation. Because dignity!

Sexual abuse in the Vatican? An accusation published in a German newspaper and a response by the man at the center of the controversy.

Turkish president Recep Erdoğan converts Hagia Sophia, originally a Catholic cathedral, into an Islamic mosque again and invites Francis to the inauguration. A Jesuit consultor for the Vatican “suggested Christians ‘should actually be happy’ that Hagia Sophia will once again be used for prayers after 85 years as a secular museum.” The outreach director of Aid to the Church in Need (USA) mourns the “loss of that privileged place of inter-religious encounter”. And Francis? He’s busy being “very saddened” about it. Not surprisingly, the first Islamic prayer service there has explicitly rejected Christianity. Can you say “triumphalism”?!

When you worship man instead of God, you understand how the Jesuit rag America can write about the “Crucifixion of George Floyd.”

Imagine Francis makes a video and nobody cares.

Lutheran minister says Francis told him Protestants and Catholics are ‘very close’ in how they worship. Well, he’s right with regard to Novus Ordos…

Obviously, they’re running out of money: Vatican publishes book containing Francis’ “lockdown” homilies. Yeah, those were super-inspiring and edifying…

COVID-19 makes it possible: Please walk up to the “communion” box here.

Scary scare quotes: Apparently the Frankster isn’t quite sure if Saints Joachim and Anne are really Christ’s grandparents.

While everyone is waiting for the Vatican’s McCarrick Report, The Washington Times reports: Ex-“cardinal” McCarrick accused of running child sex ring out of beach house. How did he get his frequent abuse covered, anyway?

More Amazon, less “Ecocide, ethnocide and terricide” are “worse than the virus”, because they carry “a colonial and capitalist system which does not understand life care”. No wonder the Amazon region has now gotten its own ecclesial conference. For Francis, it’s a “testing ground”!

“Freak of a building”: A monstrous 1960s Novus Ordo church wins major architecture award down under.

Your Faith, Your Life, Your Annulments: Minneapolis archdiocese lists “annulments” offering right after marriage. Everything else comes after, including sacraments, education, life, etc. (scroll down to “Your Faith, Your Life”).

Francis has appointed “Cardinal” Luis Tagle and many others to his interreligious blather council. Those are the guys that wish Buddhists a happy Vesak every year and congratulate Hindus on their festival of [false] lights, if they’re not too busy visiting pagan temples in person. The diocese of Kansas City isn’t far behind, encourages attending other religions’ virtual worship services.

Church of Accompaniment: Novus Ordo priest officiates civil union ceremony of two lesbos.

Coronavirus cancels Irish perverts’ pride parade, so this Novus Ordo chaplain had no choice but to attend virtually. Had he been at the Catholic “Pontifical” University of Peru, at least he could have attended “gay pride day” in person.

At the Fatima Center, for some reason they still want everyone to understand that the Lefebvrist Society of St. Pius X is in communion with the apostate Novus Ordo Church.

When you think faithful, zealous Roman Catholic, armed with Rosary in hand and virtues adorning the soul, you think… Joe Biden, right?

At this point, Vatican News is basically the communications arm of the United Nations….

Since Francis has been canonizing people who are clearly not saints, semi-trads are still trying to make canonizations fallible so that they can continue to believe the lie that Francis is the Pope. They would rather sacrifice the truth about canonizations and the Papacy than sacrifice recognition of false popes as true ones.

So… how is your “climate faith” doing? Asking for a friend….

The debate about Resignationism isn’t going to let up any time soon: Dr. Mazza’s “daring hypothesis” fails miserably.

Can’t let things get out of, er, hand: Argentinian Novus Ordo bishop shuts down seminary for refusing to give communion only in the hand. Guess what the Vatican is doing about it. Of course ‘Abp.’ Viganò also weighed in on it.

Did you know? Francis has the uncanny “ability to transmit closeness.” In times of COVID-19, it had better not be too close! 😉

George Neumayr opines on how the “Deep Church” is helping “Roman Catholic” presidential candidate Joe Biden. In another article, he rakes Francis over the coals for sitting out the culture war.

After over five decades of trying to be “relevant” to the modern world, a German Novus Ordo bishop has now admitted the Vatican II Sect is becoming irrelevant. Will his “power centers” be able to keep the next 30% from leaving? Meanwhile, Freiburg’s archlayman wants to close 96% of his parishes and make the remainder into “mega parishes”. Hang in there, folks: A few more years and the problem of the existence of the Vatican II Sect will have resolved itself.

So, is this how it works? Abuse an altar boy, get transferred elsewhere. Criticize Black Lives Matter, get suspended?

Speaking of abuse: Bombshell Letter Alleges Culture of Sexual Misconduct at Pontifical North American College.

Boston diocesan spokesman claims: “The incomprehensible suffering of so many caused by this heinous crime should appropriately be met with a sentence of imprisonment for life with no possibility of parole.” He’s obviously not been listening to the Frankster lately: “A sentence of life (without parole) is a hidden death penalty”! There, get your human dignity straight! Doctrine develops so fast in the Vatican II Sect, it’s hard to keep up. And by “develop”, they simply mean Francis says something new.

Interview with Ratzinger conversation partner Peter Seewald on release of his massive new biography. We have shared a most interesting excerpt from the book, not yet released in English, here.

A Novus Ordo news and commentary site seriously asks: “Is a Re-Catholicization of Britain underway?” Uh… yeah, no….

Not exactly surprising: More and more Germans don’t see the point of staying in the Novus Ordo Sect and head for the exit. It saves taxes, too!

Not looking much better in Austria: After decades of homo blessings, church desecrations, outrageous blasphemy, and liturgical chaos, the Satanic “Cardinal” Christoph Schönborn cries crocodile tears over a massive exodus….

There’s nothing like a 13,000-word instruction from the Vatican “to help parishes evangelize”.

The theologically inept former SSPX Bp. Richard Williamson promotes the unapproved and clearly false private revelations of Fr. Albert Drexel over Catholic doctrine because they confirm him in his illusory belief that Paul VI was a true Pope.

Young, liberal, Jesuit: “Fr.” David Inczauskis says liturgy “should be ugly & scandalous.” He hasn’t understood that the idea isn’t to replicate every detail of the Last Supper and the Passion (such as the “stinky feet” of the Apostles Christ washed or the sweat and Blood of the Agony in the Garden), but to show forth the internal beauty and majestic grandeur of the Sacrifice of Calvary.

Hellboy James Martin identifies the “cornerstone” of the Vatican II Church. Can you guess whom he’s referring to? No matter the question, for him the answer is always a four-letter acronym.

The web site of the Vatican Library has made its digital collections more accessible to the public.

Did you know that Pope Pius XII did consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1952?

The Archlayman of Baltimore has hired a “diversity and inclusion” consultant. What could possibly go wrong?

Put on your surprise face: Jesuit America writer receives perverts’ award.

The Popes against the Revolution: Dr. Ed Feser quotes important Catholic principles for our times.

A sedevacantist writer refutes the “tongue twisters” of the charismatics.

Can Dr. Taylor Marshall write anything without goofing up? Even the blog post he put up for recruiting his Infiltration “launch team” contains hilarious howlers!

“Everything is footnoted”, eh? Novus Ordo writer accuses Taylor Marshall of “minor” plagiarism.

Louie Verrecchio and John Lane discuss Pope Liberius, St. Athanasius, and a boatload of lies. In another video, they respond to “Fr.” Philip Wolfe, FSSP, who claimed that Pope St. Marcellinus fell into apostasy and remained Pope. Really?

“God’s Career Women”: A beautiful video from around 1950 showcases the life of real Roman Catholic nuns. Note well: No nuns in pants or plain clothes, no yoga classes, no eco-fasting, no New Age doctrines, no promotion of perversion, no women priest movement.

The Modesty Lectures: Mrs. Rita Davidson offers a 6-week online course on mastering modesty.

Sedevacantist bishop Donald Sanborn exhorts us to be like Abraham and practice the Obedience of Faith.

Imagine that: The Novus Ordo diocese of Allentown isn’t too excited about the prospect of a sedevacantist seminary being established within its boundaries.

On True Restoration, Stephen Heiner and Bp. Daniel Dolan discuss the Fatima-Industrial Complex.

Sede blogger Steve Speray relates what happened when he had breakfast with a Novus Ordo priest.

And a Thomist explains what is wrong with John Paul II’s Personalism and the Theology of the Body.

And one for the road…

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