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Explosive: Major TV Network to air Documentary on Vatican’s “Sister Lucy” Imposture

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very exciting development: Peter Chojnowski of the Sister Lucy Truth project has announced on his personal blog that an (as of yet unidentified) major mainstream media network is planning on producing and broadcasting a 2-3 hour professional documentary on the true vs. fake Sister Lucy of Fatima controversy. The program is to be aired on Aug. 11 of this year, in connection with the official release of the new movie Fatima (watch trailer here), which will begin showing in theaters on Aug. 14.

To quote from Chojnowski’s blog:

Today marked a major turning point for Sister Lucy Truth. I received a call today stating that a major TV network (for obvious reasons I will not yet release the name) is “extremely enthusiastic” about telling the story of the Fake Sister Lucy and the investigation into the imposture and the substitution. They are planning for a 2-3 hour documentary/movie to be aired on August 11, 2020. Significance of the date — other than being the Feast of St. Philomena — is that they are “hot” to have it come out 3 days before the big Fatima movie that is scheduled to be released (held back due to the coronavirus) on August 14, 2020.

With this documentary/movie, the cover-up of the disappearance of Sister Lucy dos Santos of Fatima and the, subsequent, distortion of the entire Fatima message, would no longer [be] possible. The case would be before the entire world and the Vatican would be pressured to come up with answers. Also, the documentary will included [sic] new investigatory work that will be done during the filming of the documentary/movie itself. This will include professional investigators interviewing and questioning major figures related to this case and scientific/medical experts that have looked at and evaluated all of the relevant evidence.

(Peter Chojnowski, “Major Breakthrough: Major TV Network Plans to Produce a 2-3 Hour Documentary on the Imposter Sister Lucy Investigation”, RadTrad Thomist, Apr. 24, 2020)

This is absolutely fantastic news!

A mainstream media documentary will make the general public aware of the fact that there now exists scientific proof that the woman paraded around by the Vatican II Church as “Sister Lucy” was not in fact the true Sister Lucy to whom Our Lady of Fatima had appeared in the first half of the 20th century. In other words, the true Sister Lucy was permanently replaced by an impostor beginning around 1960. What happened to the real Sr. Lucy? Did she die? Was she murdered? What about the impostor? What is the true identity of that woman? Who is she? Most of all: What was the motive for the substitution? These questions, and many more, will surely be asked, and perhaps answered to an extent, in the mainstream media documentary.

This will put tremendous pressure on the Vatican, which is already under an enormous public cloud of suspicion for all kinds of scandals, including sexual misconduct and shady financial dealings.

It’s important to understand that the Sister Lucy imposter thesis is not a mere hypothesis, theory, or speculation. Rather, it is supported by overwhelming scientific evidence, attested to by numerous independent experts who have no dog in this fight. The evidence is properly documented and comes with sworn testimony. The scientists are willing to stand behind it with their names and credentials, which have been published and can be verified. In other words, we are not talking about a bunch of laymen sitting behind their computer screens comparing earlobes, pontificating on facial features, or speculating about dental work.

Chojnowski did this right. He did exactly what one would have to do for an investigation to yield serious, credible, and verifiable results: He commissioned experts in their respective fields to give their professional and objective assessments of the data available. All the evidence is made available on the Sister Lucy Truth web site:

Every single professional consulted to give an objective evaluation of the data reached the same conclusion: Sr. Lucy before 1960 and Sr. Lucy after 1960 are two different people. The scientists’ verdict is unanimous! As explained on the Sister Lucy Truth site:

The scientists and experts commissioned also have public, professional reputations on the line. Further, they are not personally invested in the results. All of them were given this material for analysis without any explanation of the desired results. They were simply asked to analyze and deliver the conclusions based on their own expertise or technological equipment. They all independently came to the same conclusion: there are two individuals.

The most critical response, however, is that we received results that we did not expect or want, such as in the iPRoBe Lab or the handwriting analysis of the Third Secret. If we had simply paid off these experts [as some critics have cynically claimed], then all the results should be in our favor. The fact that not everything lines up as we had hoped or expected is a further proof of their objectivity.

(“Objections and Responses”, n. 7)

The evidence collected, then, is as certain as empirical evidence of its kind is going to get. Has a DNA test been done? Not yet, due to the costs involved, but this too is in the works, and there is no doubt that it will confirm what all the other evidence has already shown conclusively.

That there should have been an impostor Sister Lucy is not difficult to fathom if we look at what the Modernists and Masons have done to the Catholic Church since the death of Pope Pius XII. It is most likely that the real Third Secret of Fatima (perhaps this text?) that Our Lady revealed to the children in 1917 announces in some fashion the impending subversion of the Church, the calling of a false ecumenical council, the destruction of the Catholic Mass, and with it all the emergence of the strange new counterfeit church we call the Novus Ordo Sect or Vatican II Church. “The Church will bleed from all her wounds” sounds like an apt description of what we have been witnessing.

For this reason alone, it would have been of the greatest importance for the anti-Catholic infiltrators in the Catholic hierarchy to find a way to “deal with” Sr. Lucia, for with Pius XII out of the way, she and Fatima were still major obstacles to the success of the Modernist revolution. (It is important to keep in mind that the world was waiting for the Third Secret to be revealed in 1960, as per the deadline given by Our Lady, which the impostor pope John XXIII arrogantly flouted.)

People not familiar with the Fatima message or the importance of devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, can find information in this post.

People not familiar with the Sr. Lucy impostor controversy can find a compelling introduction to it in this post we published last year and in the following two video clips:

What’s bizarre, and perhaps quite telling, about this whole matter is how little coverage this extremely important investigation has gotten from all the self-proclaimed promoters of the truth about Fatima. In fact, none of the “big names” out there have shown any interest whatsoever in supporting the Sister Lucy Truth project or in publicizing the scientific proof garnered: not the American Fatima Center, not the Canadian Fatima Center, not America Needs Fatima, not The Remnant, not Church Militant, not Catholic Family News, not the Society of St. Pius X, not Tradition in Action (although at least TIA was among the first, years ago, to publish circumstantial evidence that there may have been an impostor Lucy).

And yet, this is really not a theological matter at all, obviously. If there is unmistakable scientific proof that the woman known as Sister Lucia of Fatima was not the real Sister Lucia after about 1960, what does that have to do with theology? Anyone who has a love for the truth should care about this. St. Paul the Apostle warned that those who “receive not the love of the truth” would be punished by God in a most fitting way: “Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying” (2 Thess 2:10).

The fruits of the Sister Lucy Truth project show what a single person can accomplish in the fight against the false Vatican II Church if only he makes a genuine effort: With prayer for divine assistance, generous alms from like-minded individuals, a small internet presence, and a lot of courage and persistence, Peter Chojnowski went ahead and collected as much data as he could and then hired credentialed professionals to determine with scientific accuracy whether the real Sr. Lucy was replaced by an impostor around 1960. Now we know for certain: The Vatican lied to the world about the Fatima seer!

On his web site, Chojnowski makes a plea for financial support at this critical time, and for good reason. He explains:

Now, I need the help of financial donors more now than at any point in the Sister Lucy Truth investigation. I am going to need serious money going forward, tax-deductible, so that as much of the investigatory material and data can be available to be shown on the documentary. Professionals need to be paid their fees and traveling and investigations cost money. The more I can acquire from donors the more material we can put forward to the public and the further the investigation can go.

I need to speak with these people by Monday again. Again, if you have ever supported our cause to bring the light of truth to this issue and achieve some type of justice in this case, please financially support us now by donating to Sister Lucy Truth at: [click]

We would like to encourage people to support this effort because it can help bring the Modernist Sect further to its knees and can open the eyes of many good-willed Novus Ordo souls who might otherwise be beyond reach. This issue can be a powerful tool to introduce people to the deceptions perpetrated by the Vatican II Sect, which has been misleading souls, as we document on this web site, in much worse ways.

With the public eye thus turned to the Vatican’s decades-long lies about Sr. Lucy of Fatima — and the implications this has for the impostor’s testimonies, her endorsements of the false popes and the Vatican II revolution, her assistance at the New Mass, etc. — the false hierarchs in Vatican City will have a lot to sweat about once this mainstream documentary is released on Aug. 11, the feast of St. Philomena. Let’s all help make it as effective and compelling as possible!

Like Novus Ordo Watch, Sister Lucy Truth is a tax-exempt non-profit organization, and thus all donations made to it are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law in the United States.

St. Philomena, assist us!
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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