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Memorial Service for a Glacier:
Swiss Novus Ordos Mourn Melting Ice

In Switzerland, Novus Ordo believers (incorrectly named “Catholics”) are getting ready to attend a memorial for a good friend: their beloved Pizol glacier in the canton of St. Gallen.

A report at the official news and media web site of the Swiss branch of the Vatican II religion explains:

There will be a memorial service on September 22 for the Pizol glacier. Participants are asked to come dressed in mourning. The event is organized by the Fastenopfer Catholic relief agency, among others.

The memorial will consist of three parts: …Eric Petrini, parochial counselor in Mels, will accompany the ceremony “from a spiritual angle”.

(“In Trauerkleidung an die Gedenkfeier für den Pizolgletscher”,, Aug. 21, 2019; our translation.)

The report also mentions that a certain Stefan Salzmann, whose responsibility includes working for “climate justice” at Fastenopfer, says that it is too late now to save the glacier, that it’s already dead, scientifically speaking. He did not comment on whether rain and snow might allow the glacier to re-appear in the future, as it would have done in the past.

To publicize the event, a dedicated web site was set up at For the offline world, the following flyer was created (source), deliberately in the design of an obituary (click image for larger version):

The web site of the Fastenopfer agency also advertises this “requiem”, instructing its visitors: “Many little glaciers, such as the Pizol glacier, will disappear in the coming years. The main reason for it is man-made climate change. …[P]rotecting Swiss glaciers is a matter of global justice” (our translation). That the activity of the sun might perhaps also have something to do with it — more so than air conditioners in Zurich — has apparently been ruled out.

It looks like there will have to be a few more memorial services in the near future then! Whether the same people or organizations who are now inviting people to contemplate this glacier “tragedy” have ever held a memorial for the countless victims of abortion, on the other hand, is not known.

Comparing this farce to the quasi-funeral for a dog held in a Novus Ordo church in France a few years ago, it is difficult to say whether this is a step up or down. The ceremony itself is expected to last approximately 45 minutes, while hiking to and from the glacier will take a total of roughly four hours.

The Swiss and others faced with deceased glaciers may want to consider applying for climate asylum in the United States, where a national park in Montana has recently “begun quietly removing and altering signs and government literature which told visitors that the Park’s glaciers were all expected to disappear by either 2020 or 2030” — after finding out that the glaciers “appear to have been growing—not shrinking—since about 2010” (source). Oops!

As for “Pope” Francis, it is clear he will have no objection to the memorial service. Recall that he is the author of the Laudato Si’ environmentalist manifesto, and he recently commented on a very similar event as follows: “…[L]ast year during summer, when I saw that photo of the ship navigating the North Pole like nothing, I felt anguish, and just a little while ago all of us saw the photograph symbolizing a funeral for the glacier in Greenland that no longer exists. …All of this is happening quickly, we must become aware beginning with the little things.”

Having disposed of the supernatural character of religion, what is left for these “Catholics” but to turn to the natural? “They are of the world: therefore of the world they speak, and the world heareth them” (1 Jn 4:5).

It’s unforuntate that, although so many now profess their desire to protect creation, so few ever bother to listen to the Creator: “But the day of the Lord shall come as a thief, in which the heavens shall pass away with great violence, and the elements shall be melted with heat, and the earth and the works which are in it, shall be burnt up” (2 Pet 3:10).

So yes, it will get hotter.

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons (cropped) / (screenshot)
License: CC BY-SA 3.0 / fair use

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