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Francis Doubles Down:
13 New “Cardinals” for October 5

What a day it was in Vatican City today!

Francis showed up seven minutes late to his weekly Angelus address, explaining that “there was an incident: I was locked in the elevator for 25 minutes!” (source). We can only hope that he wasn’t accompanied by “Mgr.” Battista Ricca, who is in charge of the Casa Santa Marta, where Francis lives. By way of explanation, the false pope added: “There was a drop in voltage and the elevator stopped.” Whether that incident is related to the fact that the Vatican is running on “green” energy, we have not been told.

Although amusing, this wasn’t the biggest news. Nor was the fact that Francis released a message today for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, which is observed in the Vatican II Sect annually on Sep. 1. As though written by a prophet of the pagan earth goddess Gaia, the “papal” message calls on people “to repent, to be converted and to return to our roots” and to “abandon our dependence on fossil fuels and move, quickly and decisively, towards forms of clean energy and a sustainable and circular economy.” To that end, he encourages his sheeple “to listen to indigenous peoples, whose age-old wisdom can teach us how to live in a better relationship with the environment.” His latest “Pope Video” joins the chorus cheering the environmentalist pseudo-religion: In it he asks people to join in the prayer intention “that politicians, scientists and economists work together to protect the world’s seas and oceans.”

No, the biggest news of the day was the surprise announcement of a new consistory to be held on Oct. 5, the eve of the dreaded Amazon Synod, for the creation of 13 new “cardinals”. The Vatican has released the names of the candidates and provided some brief biographical details on each one. Of course Bergoglio is abiding by his shtick of the “peripheries” — although those have long moved to the center of Novus Ordo attention.

Ten of the 13 are under the age of 80 and therefore eligible to vote in the next conclave. A report by Gloria TV claims that all ten of the under-80 candidates “are pro-mass-immigration and pro-gay advocates”, though the Novus Ordo news site Crux identifies only “several” of the new “cardinals”-elect as “key allies” of the Bergoglian pseudo-pontificate. The list includes three Jesuits, including “Father Michael Czerny who has acted as Francis’s right-hand man on matters regarding migrants and refugees”, Crux reports.

Here is the full list of names with their present positions, plus their current age:

(Source: catholic-hierarchy.org)

The well-informed semi-trad blog Rorate Caeli remarks that these “are, without a doubt, the most liberal group of Cardinal-Electors ever assembled.”

We will focus only on who are perhaps the two most colorful individuals: José de Mendonça and Matteo Zuppi.

Will get a red hat: The scandal-ridden “Abp.” José Tolentino Mendonça

Regarding Mendonça: At 53 years of age, he is Francis’ youngest pick among the thirteen. Considering that a little more than a year ago, the man was a mere “priest” — albeit an academic (professor and vice rector) who had become consultor for the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture in 2011 –, there must have been something about him that caught Bergoglio’s attention in a most positive way.

In fact, in 2018 Francis had Mendonca preach his Lenten retreat, although (because?) he is, according to a report by Life Site, “an open promoter of the ‘critical theology’ of a Spanish nun who defends the legalization of abortion and government recognition of homosexual ‘marriage’ and adoptions.” Life Site elaborates:

Father José Tolentino Calaça de Mendonça, vice rector of the Catholic University of Lisbon, wrote the introduction to the Portuguese translation of “Feminist Theology in History,” by Teresa Forcades, whom the BBC calls “Europe’s most radical nun.”

In the introduction to Forcades’ work, Tolentino de Mendonça tells the reader that Jesus didn’t leave any rules or laws to mankind, an idea that he approvingly applies to Forcades’ “critical theology.”

“Teresa Forcades i Vila reminds of that which is essential: that Jesus of Nazareth did not codify, nor did he establish rules,” writes Tolentino de Mendonça. “Jesus lived. That is, he constructed an ethos of relation, somatized the poetry of his message in the visibility of his flesh, expressed his own body as a premise.”

When the Portuguese translation of the book was published in 2013 with Tolentino de Mendonça’s introduction, Forcades had well-established herself as an advocate for legalized abortion and the creation of homosexual “marriage.” In the same year she issued a video tribute to the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, who was then dying of cancer.

Regarding Pope Francis “welcoming” attitude towards those who are stubbornly living in gravely sinful situations of homosexuality and adultery, Tolentino de Mendonça told the interviewer, “No one can be excluded from the love and mercy of Christ. And that experience of mercy has to be taken to everyone, whether they be Christians who are remarried, wounded by disastrous matrimonial experiences, whether it be the reality of new families, whether it be homosexual persons, who in the Church must find a space to be heard, a place of welcome and mercy.”

(Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, “Pope Francis chooses priest to guide Lent retreat who holds Jesus didn’t ‘establish rules’”, Life Site, Feb. 5, 2018)

Just the kind of guy you’d want to preach your “papal” retreat for Lent, and for that reason Francis gave him a nice job at the Vatican Library and Secret Archives a few months later — a position which just so happened to come with a promotion to “Archbishop”, of course.

After his invalid ordination as bishop, Life Site published additional details on Mendonça’s accomplishments:

In the earlier part of the 2010s, Mendonça worked in an LGBT “Catholic” ministry that served homosexuals who embrace the “gay” identity but were left to their own spiritual guidance. Regarding the ministry, Mendonça told the Portuguese publication Publico in 2010 that “the Church isn’t a place of fullness, it’s a place of searching. Our condition is thirst and desire. It isn’t here and now that we realize our dreams. The Church is this common road, not exempt from imperfections, open to a kind of progressivity.” He added that the Church had to welcome people in a way that is “unconditional.” The Publico article implied that members of the group were continuing to engage in homosexual acts.

Following the retreat Francis thanked Mendonça for having “shown how [the Holy Spirit] works in non-believers, in ‘pagans,’ in people of other religious confessions” and that the Holy Spirit “is universal, it is the Spirit of God, which is for everyone. . . Thank you for this call to open ourselves, without fear, without rigidity, to be pliable to the Spirit and not mummified in our structures that enclose us.”

(Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, “Pope names new Vatican bishop who claims Jesus didn’t ‘establish rules’”, Life Site, Aug. 16, 2018; italics added.)

Resignationist blogger Ann Barnhardt writes that “Mendonça is an open, active, highly promiscuous sodomite and HUGE ‘LGBT’ activist.  Mendonça’s wretched life of open, sacriligious sodomy was so bad that the people in his hometown of Madeira, Portugal drove him out of town on a rail.” Being only 53, the Portuguese blasphemer and heretic will presumably have decades to complete his work of destruction in the most influential ways.

With regard to Matteo Zuppi, the Archlayman of Bologna, little needs to be said about him when we consider that Hellboy James Martin, LGBTSJ, has not been able to contain his enthusiasm regarding the appointment:

Crux notes that Zuppi is “a member of the Community of Sant’Egidio” and “considered an ally of Francis in the powerful Italian bishops’ conference.” The semi-trad blogger Mr. Zuhlsdorf (“Fr. Z”) notes that he has “called for the building of mosques and Islamic celebrations in schools.” Yep, with that kind of a background, it’s no wonder he’s getting a red hat. That’s how the apostate from Buenos Aires must be keeping the gates of hell from prevailing.

Needless to say, the Vatican is advertising the selection of these characters as being “for the missionary Church”. That they are indeed on a mission cannot be denied — but it is a mission from hell, for the mission of Christ to “preach the gospel to every creature” so that “he that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned” (Mk 16:15-16), it most certainly is not.

Francis likes to appoint clerics who have a cloud of immorality or suspicion hanging over them, presumably because he is able to exercise control over such people more easily. There is simply no “innocent” explanation for why he keeps appointing scandal-ridden individuals to high positions in and outside of the Vatican. Remember Victor Manuel Fernandez, the man Francis quickly named “Archbishop” after his election in 2013, whose claim to fame is being the author of the book, Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing and also, it appears, the ghostwriter of Amoris Laetitia?

By the way: One of Francis’ earliest scandalous appointments was the aforementioned Battista Ricca. It was he to whom the “Vicar of Christ” was referring when he quipped in 2013: “If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge that person?”

These latest appointments go into effect on Oct. 5 and will put the voting members of the college at a total of 128, a full 67 of whom will have been chosen by Francis, at which point Francis appointees will begin to hold the absolute majority in conclave. By Oct. 15, three more “cardinals” appointed by John Paul II or Benedict XVI will have turned 80. [Note: This last paragraph has been updated to correct a mathematical error.]

One thing is for sure: The next “papal” election is going to be absolute madness!

Image sources: shutterstock.com / Wikimedia Commons (ANTÓNIO0196; cropped)
Licenses: paid / CC BY-SA 4.0

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