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Five Novus Ordo Prelates release “Declaration of Truths” in tacit Rebuke to Francis

“Cardinals” Burke and Pujats, “Archbishops” Peta and Lenga, “Bishop” Schneider

If it seems like you’ve seen this before, it’s because you have:

On Pentecost Monday, June 10, 2019, five high-ranking prelates of the Vatican II Church have released two documents obviously meant to challenge “Pope” Francis and be an orthodox counterpart to the latter’s persistent efforts to destroy any remnants of Catholicism in souls. The two documents are the following:

Although both documents are dated May 31, they were not released to the public until today, June 10. The signatories of the Declaration and the accompanying Explanatory Note are:

Needless to say, Life Site has made available an online petition for people to sign in support of the Declaration:

Such a petition is completely useless, but at least it keeps people busy and gives the impression that something is being done, lest, perhaps, they be tempted to look into Sedevacantism.

Not a whole lot of Novus Ordo news organizations have picked up on this latest development yet:

The first reactions by bloggers and journalists have also begun appearing, both in favor and against:

There is no need to provide much commentary on the Declaration of Truths itself. It consists of 40 doctrinal theses that use as documentation mostly the pseudo-magisterium of the Second Vatican Council and other Novus Ordo junk, such as documents by “Saint” Paul VI and “Saint” John Paul II. This alone shows that the signatories, regardless of whatever good intentions they may have, have not begun to understand where the real problem lies. Francis, as bad as he is, is simply the ripened fruit of the Novus Ordo apostasy begun with the usurpation of the Papal Throne by Angelo Roncalli in 1958 (“Pope” John XXIII).

The Explanatory Note is an exercise is thinly disguised disingenuousness. It diagnoses and laments “an almost universal doctrinal confusion and disorientation” in the church (p. 1), yet refuses to speak candidly about the main causes of it. It’s like people complaining of the bad odor in the living room, all the while refusing to point to the elephant that’s made itself comfortable in it for years. Bringing in air fresheners isn’t going to fix the problem — it will, however, certainly mask it for a while. Ask yourself who ultimately benefits from this endless charade.

Adding insult to injury, the five authors state further on in their Explanatory Note:

A common voice of the Shepherds and the faithful through a precise declaration of the truths will be without any doubt an efficient means of a fraternal and filial aid for the Supreme Pontiff in the current extraordinary situation of a general doctrinal confusion and disorientation in the life of the Church.

(p. 2; underlining added)

While on the first page of the Note the signatories were simply beating around the bush, in the above paragraph, quoted from page 2, they are positively insulting the intelligence of their readers. The Declaration is described as a “fraternal and filial aid” for Francis? Whom do they think they’re kidding? Everyone knows that the document is written precisely because Francis has made such a big mess and is personally responsible for disseminating most — if not all — of the errors condemned in it. Some of the errors condemned are taken practically verbatim from Francis’ words (for example, see n. 9, concerning God “willing” the diversity of religions), while others are quite obviously related to Bergoglio’s infernal exhortation Amoris Laetitia. Therefore, to speak of an “aid for the Supreme Pontiff” is ludicrous — but such is the absurdity to which accepting a public apostate like Jorge Bergoglio as Vicar of Christ leads.

Quite simply, Burke and his fellow-signatories are fighting a losing battle. They may produce a document saying one thing; but other “cardinals” and “bishops” may produce another document saying something different. For as long as they recognize Francis as Pope, they cannot win because no matter what they declare, doubt, challenge, or condemn, it will always be subject to the final judgment of Francis — at least it will be in their world, for they insist he is the Roman Pontiff, who judges all and is himself judged by no one. That is the purpose of a Pope. He is the ultimate shepherd, the “father and teacher of all Christians” (Pope Pius IX, Encyclical Nostis et Nobiscum, n. 16). As Pope Leo XIII said, “it is an absolute necessity for the simple faithful to submit in mind and heart to their own pastors, and for the latter to submit with them to the Head and Supreme Pastor” (Apostolic Letter Epistola Tua; underlining added). Welcome to Catholicism.

And so we have reached the latest installment in an endless war of documents, declarations, corrections, and requests for audiences and clarification that will ultimately accomplish absolutely nothing except, perhaps, to keep more people from abandoning the abominable Modernist sect in Rome, which masquerades as, but isn’t, the Roman Catholic Church. (If you’re wondering, “Okay, so now what?”, click here.) Meanwhile, “Archbishop” Carlo Maria Vigano has given an interview to The Washington Post from his undisclosed location.

By the way, did you notice something? Did you notice what the Declaration of Truths does not address at all? It’s the Catholic teaching on the Papacy. Apparently those doctrines are not in need of clarification and defending in our day. How interesting.

As for Francis, he should be happy. This is yet another opportunity for the conservatives in his sect to remain attached to him, if not in terms of doctrine, at least in terms of acknowledging him as the Vicar of Jesus Christ.

And that is ultimately all he cares about, because it alone suffices to give him all the de facto power he needs for the widespread destruction of souls.

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