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Great news, everyone: Every single episode of the popular Francis Watch program produced by the traditional Catholic media apostolate True Restoration is now free for you to listen to online or download to your computer or mobile device.

Frequent readers of this blog may recall that in the past Novus Ordo Watch had sponsored only some select seasons of Francis Watch, the remainder requiring a subscription to True Restoration. Well, we are happy to announce that the past is now past, as we have now sponsored the remaining “missing” episodes — all 13 from the 2016 and 2017 seasons — as well. This means that every Francis Watch ever recorded is now yours to listen to free of charge, simply for the pressing of a button.

To access all episodes, please choose from the desired season below:

Topics covered in the newly unlocked installments from 2016 and ’17 include:

  • Francis’ climate change light show projected onto the face of St. Peter’s Basilica;
  • the “sainthood” of Mother Teresa;
  • Francis and the Society of St. Pius X;
  • Francis’ new and improved annulment factory;
  • Benedict XVI’s “transubstantiation of the world”;
  • the Vatican’s endorsement of Martin Luther as a “witness to the Gospel”;
  • Francis’ message to Muslims for Ramadan;
  • Amoris Laetitia, the Dubia, and the Filial Correction;
  • and much, much more!

The regular guests on the program are Bp. Donald Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada, both of whom expertly identify and refute the heresies, errors, blasphemies, and impieties the man otherwise known as Jorge Bergoglio commits day in and day out while claiming to be the Pope of the Catholic Church.

The next new episode of Francis Watch — the first one in 2019 — will be published later this month. Expect a total of four episodes this season (recorded and released on a quarterly basis).

By the way: You do not need to be a sedevacantist to enjoy listening to and benefitting from this highly informative and entertaining podcast program, but you may just end up becoming one.

If you like Francis Watch, don’t keep it a secret but share it with friends, family members, and potential converts.

For more incredible facts about Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”, please see our topical page:

It is our pleasure to be able to sponsor Francis Watch for the good of souls and for the greater glory of God. In this manner we try to fulfill in part our stated goal of helping to educate people in the true Roman Catholic religion and making people aware of how true Catholicism differs essentially from the fake Novus Ordo/Vatican II counterpart that is currently occupying the Catholic structures.

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