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Vatican Sources:
What Viganò says is True, except it’s Worse!

Mere days after the release of a bombshell report against “Pope” Francis by the prominent German leftist political magazine Der Spiegel, the Novus Ordo theological journal Herder Korrespondenz in its October 2018 issue is dropping another bomb into the battlefield of the sex abuse cover-up allegations against the papal pretender Jorge Bergoglio.

In an article entitled “Pontifical Secret”, author Benjamin Leven presents a well-written summary of what has transpired for Francis so far this year in terms of sexual abuse and cover-up allegations, beginning with his fateful trip to Chile in January. After giving an account of everything up until and including the Vigano Testimony, the author pens these explosive lines:

What Viganò says is essentially true, Vatican sources claim behind closed doors, but in reality things are even worse. At this point, people still feel bound by the “Pontifical Secret”, but the number of those disgruntled and gagged in the Curia is high. If someone from this group were to “tell all”, it may be supposed that there would not remain one stone upon another in the Vatican.

[Original text in German:]
Was Viganò sagt, treffe im Prinzip zu, behaupten Stimmen aus dem Vatikan hinter vorgehaltener Hand, es sei aber in Wirklichkeit noch schlimmer. Noch fühlt man sich an das “Päpstliche Geheimnis” gebunden, aber die Zahl der Unzufriedenen und Kaltgestellten in der Kurie ist groß. Entschiede sich jemand aus dieser Fraktion dazu, “auszupacken”, bliebe im Vatikan wohl kein Stein auf dem anderen.

(Benjamin Leven, “Päpstliches Geheimnis”, Herder Korrespondenz, vol. 72 [Oct. 2018], pp. 23-24; our translation.)

Will someone from Francis’ inner circle eventually break the silence? What more has to happen before someone does?

By threatening “Archbishop” Carlo Maria Vigano with canonical penalties for breaking the so-called “Pontifical Secret”, it seems that the Vatican has shot itself in the foot because it has admitted thereby that the accusations are true, has it not? It stands to reason, one would think, that Vigano could only be accused of breaking the “Pontifical Secret” if what he has revealed is in fact the truth; otherwise one could only accuse him of lying and, perhaps, of simulating the violation of the secret.

Leven’s article continues with a summary of cases in which Francis showed favor or leniency towards such people as “Cardinal” Godfried Danneels, accused of sex abuse cover-up in the case of “Bp.” Roger Vangheluwe; “Mgr.” Luigi Capozzi, whom Francis had reportedly been warned about (to no avail) and who was eventually arrested during a cocaine-fueled sodomite orgy in a Vatican apartment Francis had helped him obtain; and “Fr.” Mauro Inzoli, who in 2012 had been defrocked by Benedict XVI for abusing boys but was later reinstated by Francis himself (a decision he reversed in 2017). So much for “zero tolerance.”

Wrapping up his informative piece, Leven writes:

Thus an ambivalent picture emerges: The Pope faces the problem, is also capable of acting, and meets regularly with the victims of abuse. At the same time he looks away in individual cases and shows himself resistant to taking advice.

[Original text in German:]
So ergibt sich ein ambivalentes Bild: Der Papst stellt sich dem Problem, ist auch imstande, durchzugreifen, trifft sich regelmäßig mit Missbrauchsopfern. Gleichzeitig schaut er in Einzelfällen weg und zeigt sich “beratungsresistent.”

(Leven, “Päpstliches Geheimnis”, p. 24; our translation.)

And that’s a nice way of putting it.

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