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March 7, 2018

Vibrant and joyful: A Novus Ordo Hootenanny!

Bet you didn’t know! “In the bread and in the wine, there is Jesus”, Francis teaches his hapless audience in his latest catechesis on the Mass Novus Ordo worship service. Louie Verrecchio dismantles the entire thing.

The “New Evangelization” in all its glory: At synagogue, “Cardinal” Blase Cupich apologizes to Jews if they have been evangelized. (What’s Mr. Cupich doing at a Jewish synagogue? Find out!)

Beware of Novus Ordo bloggers with “mystical experiences”: Taylor Marshall says he had a vision which made clear to him that the Vatican II Sect’s dogma, doctrine, and morality were still pure, still — no pun intended — “unadulterated”.

So Francis tells people to “vote your conscience”, and when they do, the Vatican is outraged.

We’ve heard about the Gospel of Life, the Gospel of the Family, the Gospel of the Poor, and now it’s time for… the Cheek-to-Cheek Gospel! With a Foreword by His Phonyness, of course.

The Vatican’s Saint Factory announces two additions for the near future: Formaldehyde Paul and Oscar Romero are going to be raised to the altars tables.

The backwards theology of The Remnant on display: Michael Matt doesn’t know yet exactly what will allow him to reject Paul VI’s fake canonization later this year, but somehow he does know that it won’t be the fact that the one to perform it isn’t actually a true Pope!

Hellboy in action: “Fr.” James Martin shares some of his LGBT quasi-parables

Finally discovering the real purpose of Lent: Novus Ordo Sect in India and Germany team up to fight “climate change”

The Congregation for the Destruction of the Faith has released a letter against Pelagianism and Gnosticism. Louie Verrecchio detects a Jewish nihil obstat.

Sedevacantism in the mainstream: Ecumenical The Godcast program interviews a sedevacantist layman.

Are you Marxist and pro-abortion? Not a problem for Francis!

The Vatican has released its Easter stamp for this year. The German Novus Ordo bishops have bawdily commented that it will make women’s hearts beat faster, but Phil Lawler suspects it will also be appealing to a few men in Vatican City (beginning at 36:44 here).

St. Giles must be turning in the grave: The apostate Sant’Egidio movement turns 50. Whoop dee do.

Francis has threatened to release an exhortation on holiness, to be signed on March 19. (The last exhortation to be signed on a 19th of March was Amoris Laetitia. Just saying.)

You’ve got mail: The diocese of Naples has sent a 1,200-page dossier to the Vatican with allegations about sodomite “priests” and seminarians in Italy. But who is Francis to judge?!

Speaking of judging: San Diego’s “Bp.” McElroy blasts those with “corrosive and repugnant” attitudes towards perverts.

Imagine the “Pope” shows up in St. Peter’s Square and no one cares: It looks like the Francis Show is approaching the end of its shelf life.

That “vibrant church” strikes again: Novus Ordo bishop in Jamaica makes a fool of himself trying to be hip. Reality check: As bishop of Mantua, St. Pius X did not allow his priests to ride bicycles because he thought it made them look silly.

Valentine’s blessing of same-sex couples in Austrian “Catholic” church. Hey, at this point, it’s a Novus Ordo tradition in Austria!

World-famous Protestant preacher Billy Graham has died at the age of 99. Tributes are pouring in from the Novus Ordo Sect: “Fr.” Dwight Longenecker praises his “hero”; the American Novus Ordo bishops claim he was a “preacher of God’s Word”. Sedevacantist Tom Droleskey has a different take.

“Cardinal” Kasper is right: People do understand Francis’ message in Amoris Laetitia. But that doesn’t make it not heresy!

On Euthanasia, Gender Theory, Homosexuality, and Marriage: Interview with “Cardinal” Eijk.

The “Judas Pope” to Romanian youngsters: ‘We can’t say Judas went to hell…’ Reality check: “…none of them is lost, but the son of perdition…” (Jn 17:12; cf. Mt 26:24; Acts 1:25).

Conundrum for the SSPX: If your local Modernist “bishop” visits your Lefebvrist parish, is that good or bad?

Trying to appear Marian, “Pope” Francis has ordered a memorial for “Mary Mother of the Church” to be added to the Novus Ordo liturgical calendar, to be observed every year on the Monday after Pentecost.

The big problem is clerical celibacy, right?! Married Novus Ordo priest accused of kidnapping, confinement and domestic battery of wife.

How people speak tells us something about who they are: Sandro Magister on the “Dys-Lexicon” of Francis.

For French speakers: A new “refutation” of Sedevacantism — and the sedevacantist response.

In the diocese of Rennes, France, they spent $4,000,000 to build a “Catholic” church. This is the result.

High-ranking Manx Novus Ordo cleric defends legalization of abortion. Perhaps he was encouraged by recent signals from the Vatican?

Get used to it. You’re going to see many more headlines like this in the future: Irish “bishops” feature lesbian, LGBT activist in World Meeting of Families video.

EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo is doing something right: Francis’ right-hand man “Fr.” Antonio Spadaro wants to see Arroyo fired because his The World Over program continues to expose some of Francis’ errors.

“The so-called pontificate of Francis”: Louie Verrecchio proves that by 2015, “Fr.” Nicholas Gruner rejected Francis’ claim to the papacy. Care to comment, Mr. Ferrara?

Perfect for Lent: A Jesuit yoga retreat in your church’s sanctuary!

Hint: By the time your “Pope” gets his very own heresy named after him, you may want to consider that just perhaps he might not actually be the Vicar of Christ.

Just what the world needed: A bust of a shirtless Benedict XVI in Rome. So edifying.

People, prepare for something really, really bad coming from Francis very soon. Why? Because he’s granting the Fraternity of St. Peter permission to use the pre-1955 Holy Week liturgy. That’s the Holy Week liturgy in use before Pope Pius XII reformed it in 1955. That huge of a gift to the indult community does not come for free. He obviously needs them placated and distracted for a good while. At the same time: Of course they’re not allowed to use the traditional Good Friday prayer for the conversion of the Jews. That tells you who’s really running the show.

There has been a new sighting of “Pope Emeritus” Benedict XVI.

Because his church is full of threatening confessors: Francis says that confessors must not threaten penitents. The reality is that you’re lucky if you can get them to hear your confession in the first place!

It started with altar girls. Now the Novus Ordo diocese of Buffalo gets its first female pastoral administrator. Next step: deaconesses?

A member of the Vatican’s so-called Pontifical Academy for Life claims that the Bible calls for abortion in some cases! He is a Jewish rabbi. There are two questions to be asked: Why is a blaspheming pro-abort part of the Vatican’s Academy for Life? And why is a non-Catholic a part of anything of consequence in the Vatican?

Cut from the same biodegradable cloth: Francis promotes German Benedictine apostate “Fr.” Anselm Grün.

After years of trying to get out of it, Francis has finally met with the family of Asia Bibi. Her case is a thorn in Francis’ side because it conflicts with his cheery endorsements of the “religion of peace”.

Time for “Eucharistic” Adoration: Everybody kneels, except His Humbleness, of course. Does anyone really believe he would have been “unable” to kneel if it had been time for the annual politically-correct foot washing circus?

“Bless me, Father, for I have failed to welcome…”: In immigration debate, prelate calls failure to welcome “greatest sin I could commit”

Brilliant Francis teaches that “corrupt people can never be saints.” OK, fair enough — but then neither can any other sinner without abandoning his sins. So either he is saying that some sins cannot be overcome or that sainthood doesn’t consist in holiness — and both ideas are heresy.

That would be “Cardinal” Dolan’s territory: Mardi Gras celebration at New York parish hosted by perverted drag performer.

Francis’ Lenten retreat master wants to “free” the Church from her dogma. Let’s start with Vatican II, shall we?

The Novus Ordo Sect burying its own: Florida cathedral offers Memorial “Mass” for 33rd-degree Freemason.

They’re all Protestants now: Five centuries after the so-called Reformation, the “Catholic”-Protestant divide in Western Europe has faded.

You know things are getting a bit rough when the “Archdiocese” of Los Angeles allows a Novus Ordo priest to give a talk entitled: “Is Pope Francis a Heretic?”

And the latest place to “encounter God” is… why, the Olypmics, of course!

Down under, a Nigerian Novus Ordo priest has been excommunicated for breaking the seal of confession.

For sexual molestation and possession of child pornography: Vatican judge of the Roman Rota accepts plea bargain in Italian criminal court. He should have been given a death sentence.

Have they learned from the Modernists? SSPX again publishes article that gives the impression they’re endorsing Francis’ charity Peter’s Pence, yet without actually ever doing so. (Meanwhile, “Superpope” is coming to the rescue as well.)

One cannot help but get the impression that “Fr.” Hunwicke writes his blog posts against Sedevacantism to convince himself more than anyone else that he is right to reject it. No doubt he considers himself extremely brilliant, but we have yet to see a serious argument from him on that.

Remember the SSPX-like diocesan resistance at Campos, Brazil, once led by Bp. Antonio de Castro Mayer? Here’s what’s left of it: Bp. Fernando Rifan is all smiles upon meeting the Vatican’s chief apostate. What happened? Simple: They ignored all warnings and made a deal with Rome to be received into “full communion”.

Nigerian Novus Ordos of the Ahiara diocese vs. “Pope” Francis: The Nigerians win.

“It’s a miracle!!” At this point, folks, we’re basically on the level of all your traffic lights turning green just in time: The Novus Ordo Sect is in desperate search of a miracle from John Paul I… Reality check: “For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect. Behold I have told it to you, beforehand” (Mt 24:24-25).

Going forward, and all that: Rome’s clergy treated to tedious Francis blather.

And yet another interview with “Bishop” Athanasius Schneider. That’s the man who promotes an absurd understanding of schism and spreads falsehoods about Pope Liberius.

Novus Ordos can’t figure out why no girl wants to be a nun anymore.

Francis’ Lenten preacher claims Christ offers us “unconditional love”. Really? Not the way in which most people will understand this term: “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity” (Mt 7:23); “If we deny him, he will also deny us” (2 Tim 2:12).

“Do as I say, not as I do”: The Vatican gap between theory and practice.

The problem is, at this point there was no way to tell it was a hoax: Security flaw in Vatican web site leads to “Pope Francis: The Lord is an Onion” spoof headline. Are they sure it was a joke, though? Someone might just have put up Francis’ latest homily from the Casa Santa Marta

It is a den of iniquity in Rome: Vatican science academy tweets New York Times story supporting population control.

More and more people are beginning to figure it out, even if they’re still confused theologically: Oakes Spalding and Jason A. Brown conclude Francis isn’t a true Pope.

Say no to contraception and the Theology of the Body: The Catholic teaching on Holy Matrimony, its primary purpose, and the use of the so-called “rhythm method”.

Shameless Nonsense: A sedevacantist response to Shameless Popery‘s pitiful attempt at a refutation.

In case you’re wondering where Francis gets all his power, you might be surprised at the answer

Last Rites compared: The Catholic sacrament of Extreme Unction vs. the Novus Ordo Anointing of the Sick.

Bp. Donald Sanborn comments on Vatican prelate’s absurd claim that ‘the Chinese are the ones implementing Catholic social teaching best.’

And Steve Speray explains how altar girls prove Sedevacantism.

And one for the road…

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