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Diocese: “Cardinal” Karl Lehmann Near Death

[UPDATE 11-MAR-2018: “Cardinal” Lehmann has died at 81]

Few people have done more to harm souls and destroy Catholicism in Germany than “Cardinal” Karl Lehmann. Now he is close to death, according to the Modernist diocese of Mainz, of which Lehmann was the head from 1983-2016. The following message was posted on the official diocesan web site today:

The bishop of Mainz, Peter Kohlgraf, has asked the faithful of the diocese of Mainz to pray for Cardinal Karl Lehmann.

In a letter sent to parishes and coworkers on Monday, March 5, Bp. Kohlgraf writes: “Unfortunately I must write to you concerning a serious matter. Since September of last year our Cardinal Karl Lehmann has been dealing with the consequences of a stroke and a cerebral hemorrhage. For months his condition was stable but it has not really improved. Now his strength is noticeably failing him, so that we have to fear for his life in the near future. The cardinal is calm and relaxed. Religious sisters and nurses are taking very good care of him. But he himself has indicated that he is preparing to set out for the last stretch of his earthly pilgrimage.”

Furthermore, Bp. Peter Kohlgraf is asking the faithful for intercessory prayer for Cardinal Lehmann: “Let us accompany him with our prayers so that he will receive solace and confidence for this [final] part of the way.” Bp. Kohlgraf thanks everyone “in these days when we, as a great community of prayer, accompany and support our cardinal in the diocese.”

(“Kohlgraf ruft Gläubige zum Gebet für Kardinal Lehmann auf”, Bistum Mainz, Mar. 5, 2018; our translation.)

Ordained a priest in 1963 (see a photo of his first Mass here), Lehmann was a student of the notorious Modernist Karl Rahner, one of the chief movers and shakers at the Second Vatican Council. Lehmann has had enormous influence in the shaping of the Modernist Sect in Germany, not only in his diocese of Mainz but also for the country as a whole, for he was the president of the National Conference of German Novus Ordo Bishops from 1987 to 2008. In 2001, “Pope” John Paul II raised him to the status of “cardinal”, thus enabling him to cause even greater damage.

Lehmann is considered a theological heavyweight in the sorry post-conciliar period. He is the mentor of “Cardinal” Gerhard Ludwig Muller, so the latter’s heresies are not at all surprising. In his capacity as head of German Novus Ordo bishops, Lehmann infamously defied John Paul II for years by refusing to comply with the “Pope’s” order to cease issuing crisis pregnancy counseling certificates. Under German law, a woman could only obtain an abortion with impunity after producing such a certificate showing she had received counseling. The certificates thus effectively became a “permit” to abort. Lehmann eventually relented, saying: “We have tried as long as possible to resist, but now we have lost” (source).

Lehmann is the quintessential post-Vatican II Modernist. He is on record relativizing the Council of Trent, pooh-poohing Eucharistic adoration, questioning papal primacy, and favoring admission to the sacraments for unrepentant public adulterers, long before the world learned how to spell “Bergoglio”. In 2016, Lehmann became the first “Catholic” to be awarded the Martin Luther Medal by the German Lutheran Church, and it wasn’t for his staunch defense of Catholicism.

The “Catholic Church” in Germany is what it is to a large extent because of Karl Lehmann.

Pray for the conversion of this sorry Modernist so that, while he still has time, he will repent of all his wicked works and receive from God the mercy without which an eternity in hell will most certainly be his.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons (ToKo)
License: CC BY-SA 3.0

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