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TRADCAST 020 Now Available

In this episode we review some of the craziest stories of 2017 and refute various errors of “Pope” Francis, John Joy, Louie Verrecchio, and Christopher Ferrara

TRADCAST — The Traditional Catholic Podcast


In case you missed our initial announcement on December 31: Our popular TRADCAST podcast program is back with a new, full-length episode! As always, it is loaded with real traditional Catholicism, hard-hitting refutations of various errors, razor-sharp analysis, and a touch of humor.

TRADCAST 020 covers a number of different topics, including a very quick year-in-review of the worst and craziest stories of 2017. We also expose some anti-Catholic howlers presented by Louie Verrecchio in an interview that appeared on the “Saturday Night Trad” podcast show of Catholic Kulchur, and we slam “Pope” Francis for rejecting the truth that we must go to Mass in order to give God what we owe Him. In addition, we look at the infallibility of the canonization of saints and refute Chris Ferrara’s latest attempt to spin his way out of the obvious conclusion that Francis cannot be Pope if he declares Paul VI a saint. A response to Dr. John Joy’s article on the Authentic Magisterium at One Peter Five is also part of TRADCAST 020. Various objections to Sedevacantism are addressed as well. As always, the podcast is interlaced with important insights, quotes from solid Catholic sources, and some much-needed humor!

The total run time of TRADCAST 020 is just over 1 hour.

Here’s an idea: Why not host a TRADCAST party at your home and invite family, friends, or neighbors over to discuss the show? You can also listen to older shows using our complete episodes list; or listen to a sermon or an apologetics/catechism class with your friends and family as well. This makes for great conversation — much more important than football or politics! — and will open people’s eyes about Francis and the Novus Ordo Sect! It’s one way you can do evangelization the easy way. In any case, don’t miss this TRADCAST and spread the word!

You can listen free of charge by playing the YouTube video above, or you can go to our TRADCAST 020 page, where you will find all the information you need for this show, including links to all the articles, books, blog posts, etc., mentioned in the podcast, and where you will also find ways to download this episode to your computer and sign up to be notified of new episodes by email.

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