020 TRADCAST (31 DEC 2017)


  • Segment 1: The scandalous Vatican Nativity scene; news highlights of 2017 in review; Sedevacantism and evidence; how to respond to the argument that God gave us Francis as Pope because we deserve someone like him; “Saint” Paul VI and the infallibility of canonizations, with a response to Christopher Ferrara
  • Segment 2: “Pope” Francis on why we have to go to Mass; critical comments on Louie Verrecchio’s interview on Catholic Kulchur‘s “Saturday Night Trad” podcast on trusting the Church and the Popes; critical comments on John Joy’s essay “Authentic Magisterium and Religious Submission” at One Peter Five on the binding nature of the non-infallible papal Magisterium
  • Total run time: 1 hr 1 min

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6 Responses to “TRADCAST 020 (December 31, 2017)”

  1. Siobhan

    Listen to learn who scarfed down a sandwich & espresso during—————–. Compelling points made right from the beginning–thank you, NOW !

  2. Not That Guy

    As with Skojec, I’ve come to view Verrecchio as a blowhard and an unserious man. I cannot understand how someone who considers it their daily job to write and speak on these matters continues to make the same mistakes and never addresses the views which are most threatening to their position.

    • anna mack

      He isn’t making any mistakes – he knows exactly what he’s doing, unfortunately. I do not believe him to be a man of good will.

  3. Gresu

    Are there any writings in regards to the “Breach of Oza”, his ‘self-opionated zeal’ as explained in “Devotion to the Church” by Fr. Faber with the modernists take over at the Vatican II 1962-65 Council and its current regime in the Vatican continually imposing novelties stealing souls from Eternal Beatitude?

  4. Sonia

    Another crucial antidote against the Novus Ordo church of poison/satan (Christ or belial – no neutral ground). Sadly Mr Verrecchio appears to have lost the Catholic plot. Maybe he’s channeling the ghost of Luther, but he presents as one who has quit bothering to conform his conscience to the Bride of Christ – perhaps it isn’t lucrative enough. Listening to him he sounds like a shill for the Enemy. That said, God gives grace where He will. In this anti-Catholic utterly anti-Apostolic age ruled by satan through Freemasonry (using tools such as islam and ‘judaism’, paganism, basically VII ecumenism), to align oneself with satan is the default. To align oneself with Christ means suffering, exile, any number of little crosses, but Our Lady and Our Lord lift us up and carry us through affording astonishing resiliance if we watch, pray, and especially pray, ‘Thy Will be done.’

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