Francis and the Pharisees

Bergoglio’s Boss?
The Man whom the “Dictator Pope” obeys

In his recent blockbuster The Dictator Pope, pseudonymous author Marcantonio Colonna argues convincingly that behind the mask of the gentle, merciful, humble, and always-smiling “Pope” Francis, there is in fact a ruthless dictator who rules by fear, a man who is a “manipulative politician and a skilful self-presenter”, as the official book description puts it.

As he has demonstrated time and again, the oh-so-humble “Bishop of Rome” knows very well that he wields full power and authority over the entire Vatican II Sect, being answerable to no one. And yet, could it be that even Jorge Bergoglio will take marching orders from a higher human authority, as it were?

On Jan. 21, 2018, the Italian paper Corriere della Sera published an interview with the Chief Rabbi of Rome, Riccardo Di Segni. This is the man to whom Francis sent a letter immediately upon his election as “Pope” in 2013, telling him he hopes to “contribute to the progress that relations between Jews and Catholics” have had since Vatican II (source).

At one point in his conversation, interviewer Aldo Cazzullo asks the rabbi what he thinks of “Pope” Francis. This is the response the Jewish leader gives:

He is a Pope who knows how to listen. I asked him to avoid mentioning the Pharisees as a negative example, since rabbinic Judaism derives from them; and he did. I asked him not to fall into Marcionism, and I think he is careful.

(Aldo Cazzullo, “Riccardo Di Segni: ‘Migrazione fuori controllo. Vittorio Emanuele III? Era meglio dove stava prima'”, Corriere della Sera, Jan. 21, 2018; our translation.)

Translation: Di Segni likes Francis because he does as he’s told. At the same time, it is not quite clear when Di Segni and Francis had their conversation about this because at least as of Jan. 9 of this year, the “Pope” was still talking negatively about Pharisees — always, of course, with a view to shaming Catholics by suggesting they are just like them.

In any case, Francis has a history of going out of his way to accommodate and honor the declared enemies of Jesus Christ, both before and since his “papal” election. We need but recall his apostate affirmation that today’s Jews are still the Chosen People of God; his hosting of a “Day of Judaism” at the Vatican; his happy joining in the lighting of the Hanukkah menorah in Buenos Aires; his endorsement of Talmudic Judaism in a letter to Rabbi Abraham Skorka; his humiliation of Jesus Christ by using His holy Crucifixion as the punch line of a joke; his praise of Marc Chagall’s blasphemous White Crucifixion as his favorite painting; etc. Bergoglio’s admiration for those who pride themselves on rejecting Jesus Christ is mind-boggling. Francis even has a soft spot for the man our Lord called the “son of perdition”, Judas Iscariot.

Where are all those “conservative” Novus Ordos speaking out against all that, by the way? No open letters, no petitions, no public protests, no dubia, no conferences… No, apparently such things are reserved only for the more “exciting” issues involving the Sixth and Ninth Commandments… When it comes to the First Commandment, when it comes to sins of blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy, most of these people are curiously silent. What a shame!

By the way, in 1985, Di Segni had published the horrendously blasphemous text of the Toledot Yeshu in his book Il Vangelo del Ghetto (“The Gospel of the Ghetto”). In 2001 he was elected Chief Rabbi of Rome, and naturally both “Popes” John Paul II and Benedict XVI paid their obeisance to the man and his false religion. That Francis should do no less stands to reason.

So, ladies and gentlemen, this is where they’re at now: The “Pope” routinely denounces Catholics as “Pharisees”, and he doesn’t stop, reportedly, until a member of the real Pharisees complains that it makes them look bad.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons (MRECIC ARG)
License: CC BY-SA 2.0

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13 Responses to “Bergoglio’s Boss? The Man whom the “Dictator Pope” obeys”

  1. BurningEagle

    The paragraph starting with “Where are all those “conservative” Novus Ordos speaking out…” is the best part of the whole piece in my opinion. R&R’s and “converatives” are consistently inconsistent.

  2. Geremia16

    At least Di Segni admits that “rabbinic Judaism derives from them” (from “the Pharisees”). I’ve never seen them make such a clear admission.

    And it’s quite ironic that a modern-day Pharisee is making sure Francis does “not to fall into Marcionism” (of course Di Segni et al. do not worship the God of Abraham; cf. Jn. 8:42)! Maybe Di Segni will tell him to not to keep falling into other heresies!

    • Timotheos

      But is Di Segni telling the truth about refusing to discuss theology? I don’t believe a word of it. I believe that what we’re seeing here is just the tip of the synagogal iceberg, and that Francis’ theology is essentially manufactured by the Synagogue. I have no doubt that he’s in regular contact with the Synagogue to ensure his utterances are sufficiently kosher.

  3. jay

    It seems the “Rabbi” is the one that embraces a partial belief in Marcionism since he isn’t following the God of the old testament, if he was he would be a Catholic.

    • bartmaeus

      To reject the universal scope of the 6th Commandment, which relativises all of the others, as he has done, makes Francis something of a Marcionist.

      In any event, the Talmudist Jews are essentially Gnostics, and have rejected the Old Testament and its God, in favour of a pseudo-mystical, neo-apocalyptic load of rubbish, as found in the Zohar and Hekhalot texts.

  4. Lee

    “But Peter and the apostles answering, said: We ought to obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29 Jorge Bergoglio obeys man rather than God and wants to be portrayed as humble for doing so. Many of his own flock (R&R) repudiate him and obey themselves rather than his “holiness” and portray themselves as credible modern day doctors of the church, as if they have any authority. What a way to follow their pope’s example of humility.

  5. Timotheos

    This is the distinguishing mark of the antipopes of the Last Times. They are all willing agents of the Synagogue of Satan, the only exception being Albino Luciani (John Paul I), whom I believe was chosen as a sacrificial victim to fulfil Paul VI’s fake Third Secret.

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