Ugly “road churches” in Germany

Introducing… Autobahn Church!

German Autobahn churches have the ignoble distinction of being typically among the ugliest possible buildings the human race can build, even for Novus Ordo standards.

In this post we will take a close look at just one example, the Autobahn church located in Wilnsdorf, off the A45 interstate expressway in the Siegerland region in southern Westphalia. It is a doozy of an architectural monstrosity. It looks like this:

The infernal building is open 24/7 and has been in operation since 2013. It has its own web site here. Wait till you see the inside (further below)!

The official explanation for the bizarre design is that the architects wanted to build a church that looks just like the church icon that is displayed on the official road sign for Autobahn churches:

Perhaps it never occurred to the architects that the icon itself but mimics the typical look of a traditional church building, like this:

image: Wikimedia Commons (Rudolf Stricker)

Thus, had they really wished to make a building that closely resembles the Autobahn church sign, they should have constructed a traditional church building — one most people would still have quickly recognized as a church. Oh well.

In 2016, the Autobahn “church” Siegerland was featured in a video made by, which is the official web site of the German Conference of Novus Ordo Bishops. They call it a “rest stop for the soul”.

A video in the English language was made by Deutsche Welle, which explains some of the architectural background:

The following clip, made in Spanish, shows images of the construction of the monstrosity:

Some more images of the inside and outside of this “church” can be found in this video:

A number of Germany’s 40+ Autobahn Churches are run by the Novus Ordo Sect. The Siegerland monstrosity is not — it is run by an independent association and seeks to be an “interconfessional”, i.e. “ecumenical”, building. The Vatican II Sect does, however, use the building on occasion to conduct its Modernist worship service.

The idea of a interconfessional “worship space” shared by “Catholics” and heretics alike is not at all foreign to the mind of the Vatican II Sect. In its scandalous 1993 Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism, promulgated by “Pope” John Paul II, the Modernist Church expressly established the permissibility of non-Catholic worship even inside a Catholic church:

Catholic churches are consecrated or blessed buildings which have an important theological and liturgical significance for the Catholic community. They are therefore generally [!] reserved for Catholic worship. However, if priests, ministers or communities not in full communion with the Catholic Church do not have a place or the liturgical objects necessary for celebrating worthily their religious ceremonies, the diocesan Bishop may allow them the use of a church or a Catholic building and also lend them what may be necessary for their services. Under similar circumstances, permission may be given to them for interment or for the celebration of services at Catholic cemeteries.

(John Paul II, Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms of Ecumenism, March 25, 1993, n. 137)

So, what we see in Germany’s Autobahn churches is par for the course for Novus Ordos. And of course we all remember that Anglican vespers liturgy that was celebrated inside the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica.

Words fail: the inside of the Autobahn church Siegerland

Keep in mind that church architecture is always a reflection of theology. When the Novus Ordo religion was instituted in the 1960s, it found its expression not merely in words written down in lengthy documents which most people would never read, but especially in the liturgy — hence the need for a “New Mass” — and in sacred architecture. It is the new liturgical rites and the new church buildings that are most directly responsible for introducing the new religion into people’s minds and souls. It is for this reason that the Vatican II Sect never builds traditional church buildings and has kept a close lid on the Traditional Latin Mass. Even Benedict XVI’s and John Paul II’s concessions in that regard were only granted in order to control and contain the inner-ecclesial opposition to their new religion — and they appear to have been quite successful in that.

It is beyond dispute that the churches built and used by the Novus Ordo Sect are typically incredibly ugly. It is a fitting reflection of their new religion.

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28 Responses to “Introducing… Autobahn Church!”

  1. Pascendi

    It doesn’t take a whole lot of squinting to see devil horns in the design. They give themselves away even when they don’t try.
    Notice the Burger King sign right next door? Perfect! After they leave their “Have it your way” worship service they can walk over to the “Have it your way” restaurant.

  2. jay

    The two horns rising above this Freemason’s temple tells it all. How long will Our lady be able to hold back Her Son’s righteous anger on those who have attacked His bride, only Heaven knows..

  3. James Christopher Silverberg

    Boring. This is just more disaster porn, perhaps shocking a decade ago, but no longer of the shocking variety since it is by far superseded by the antics of Francis. Could you write about something more newsworthy like how come the SV factions have not managed to hold a conference between the different groups like the Catholic Identity Conference of the R&R crowd. Say whaht you will about them and they deserve a ton of criticism but atleast they are doing something and not sitting at home playing house hoping an undeserved miracle will save them.

    • Lee

      The R&R crowd are as hopeless as this disaster porn of a church in Germany. What good is it to do something when everything you are doing is going in the wrong direction? How about watch and pray so that way you will not enter into temptation as Jesus said in the garden.

    • Pascendi

      A conference would likely accomplish so little that it would be a waste of time and resources.
      Many good Sede priests and bishops are providing for their flocks not only for the present but the future. They have websites with valuable information and they travel to many different missions constantly looking for converts.
      But the pickings are slim. It’s one thing to preach to someone who’s never heard the truth. It’s quite another when nearly all the world has heard and rejected it, having now an ingrained open hostility. Such are all but lost as Sacred Scripture tells us.

        • Pascendi

          I hope I didn’t give the impression that I think trying to win converts is a wasted effort. On the contrary I was saying that many Sede clergy are doing just that. So are religious and lay apostolates like NOW.
          Since resources are limited we should use them wisely. I don’t think a conference accomplishes that.

          • Sonia

            Hello. The biggest enemy of the real mission of the Church is the ‘una cum’ crowd. The Novus Ordo are not ‘church’, they are a false flag. The Traditionalists who lend themselves to falsehood, dragging with them souls and resources et al. – that’s the biggest poison. Frankie and his VII papas are for those who haven’t a clue – yet. Hopefully someday they will.

    • BurningEagle

      Doing something is OK if it is according to sound principles and does not imply any denieal or distortion of the Faith, or even right reason.
      The R&R crowd is pursuing whatever means to deny the obvious fact that the catholic Church cannot do harm to souls, the Catholic Church is infallible in her ordinary Magisterium and her Extraordinary Magisterium, the catholic Church is infallible in her disciplines and her liturgy.
      The Vatican II church is and churchmen are NOT CATHOLIC. Heretics (those outside the church) cannot hold office in the Church. That is the problem that they will not address.

      If the Vat II church and Churchmen are somehow Catholic, all these R&R folks should shut their mouths, quit their complaining, and become docile, loving, and pious followers of their “pope” and hierarchy.

    • Novus Ordo Watch

      Sir, the purpose of this web site is not to produce ever more shocking content or focus only on the ‘latest and greatest’ — which your comment above seems to imply — but to give evidence for the anti-Catholic nature of the Novus Ordo Sect. This we do in this post and in all our other posts.

      Sometimes posts are shorter, sometimes they are longer, sometimes they focus on aesthetics and architecture, sometimes on theology, sometimes on particular individuals, sometimes on canon law, etc. All of these are legitimate pieces of the puzzle. What we put up, how long it is, how frequent the posts are, etc., depends on a lot of things, most of which happen behind the scenes. People need to keep in mind that content doesn’t just get produced on its own. Articles don’t just write themselves as the need arises. They take research, they take preparation, they take time and energy, and sometimes events happen in people’s lives, personal circumstances interfere, etc., so that not everything can get done as desired.

      This web site does not typically engage in intra-sedevacantist disputes because that’s not the purpose of the site. The purpose of the site is to show how the Vatican II religion is essentially different from the Catholic religion, not to resolve all matters related to what has happened since 1958. Discussions among sedevacantists are important, and they can/ought to be engaged in, just not on this web site.

      Lastly, for those who are scandalized that there should be many disagreements among sedevacantists, the following article that appeared in “The Reign of Mary” provides a consoling reality check:

  4. anna mack

    That is actually obscene. Everything they do evidences their worship of Satan – and still the R&Rers cling to the ridiculous belief that they are part of the Roman Catholic Church.

  5. John D. Horton

    Church architecture, paintings and statutes were designed, in part, to teach the Catholic faith to the 99% of the population that were illiterate (prior to 20th Century mass literacy) which is one of the fallacies of Protestantism: “Salvation by reading the Bible only works if you can read.”

  6. lauermar

    There is a place like that here in America. I spotted it while traveling through a remote area of NE. It’s in Gretna, off highway 80 on a hill overlooking the major highway. It’s called Holy Family shrine, and it identifies as “Catholic.” It’s a barren work of glass art. It isn’t supported by any archdiocese, just donors. No sacraments are permitted there. Mass is permitted only at times that do not overlap with the Sunday obligation. The mission and vision: “The story of the Holy Family Shrine begins with the intervention of the Holy Spirit within a few people. These people are of diverse backgrounds with little chance to meet until the Holy Spirit united them spiritually with an idea of the Holy Family Shrine. Through a unique and divine series of events, these people discovered they had been enlightened to the same idea. This idea was to create a place off of Interstate 80 for travelers to pray and discover the Catholic faith. These travelers would not only be of the road, but of a spiritual voyage on earth. After two years of searching for a perfect site for the Holy Family Shrine, a site was secured. The site is located off of at the Gretna exit, in the bluffs over looking the Platte Valley.” Check it out:

  7. bartmaeus

    Significant design. Lots of out so-called leaders give that sort of salute nowadays.
    And I’m particularly impressed by the way the inside looks like the intestine of a great beast.
    Very progressive. Are the architects from Bavaria, I wonder?

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