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Francis: “It’s not Christian to walk looking down, as Pigs do”

Today it was time for another General Audience, and Francis, pleased to be in the limelight once again, happily used the opportunity to instruct the world once more about what “isn’t Christian”. While in the past we had heard him clarify that it is “not Christian” to exclude, to take an either/or approach to anything, or to attempt to convert non-Catholics, today his hapless listeners were being warned not to have their eyes on the ground like pigs:

It’s not Christian to walk looking down — as pigs do: they always go like this — without raising our eyes to the horizon, as if all our journey ended here, in the span of a few meters of travel; as if there were no aim in our life and no landing, and we were constrained to an eternal wandering, without any reason for our many toils. This isn’t Christian.

(“General Audience: ‘We are People of Spring more than Autumn'”, Zenit, Aug. 23, 2017)

If Francis is trying to send the message that Catholics ought not to dwell upon the things of earth but those of Heaven (cf. Col 3:1-2), then this is certainly laudable, although it contradicts virtually his entire sham pontificate, which has been characterized precisely by what we have called the false gospel of man. Francis is almost exclusively concerned with the things of this world, with man’s temporal happiness, and usually at the expense of eternal considerations. That today he should finally point out that we were created to be happy with God forever in Heaven, is highly unusual for him — and he couldn’t manage to say it without adding an animal metaphor into the mix.

Other gems found in the “catechesis on Christian hope” of today’s audience include:

  • “…God, who always creates novelties in man’s life, He creates novelties in history and He creates novelties in the cosmos. Our God is the God that creates novelties, because He is the God of surprises”
  • “And what will God do, when we are finally with Him? He will use an infinite tenderness towards us….”
  • “…the God of novelty!”
  • “We are people of spring more than autumn”
  • a soul “of autumn … is always with a face looking down, embittered and, as I’ve said sometimes, with the face of vinegar peppers”
  • “Yes, our Father is the God of novelties and surprises”

Francis loves to use metaphors in his speeches because they are sure to attract attention, require no theology, and are sufficiently vague or ambiguous so as to allow him to deflect any challenge by saying, “That’s not what I meant”.

From the last 4+ years and especially today’s general audience, it is clear that the Argentinian Antipope loves novelty. However, the novelties Francis proposes and lauds have nothing whatsoever to do with genuine divine “surprises” nor with Our Lord’s New Creation through His Redemption: “Behold, I make all things new” (Apoc 21:5; cf. 2 Cor 5:17). Rather, the Bergoglian novelties are those of the Liberals and Modernists condemned by Popes such as Gregory XVI and St. Pius X:

…[T]hey are seen to be under the sway of a blind and unchecked passion for novelty, thinking not at all of finding some solid foundation of truth, but despising the holy and apostolic traditions, they embrace other and vain, futile, uncertain doctrines, unapproved by the Church, on which, in the height of their vanity, they think they can base and maintain truth itself.

A lamentable spectacle is that presented by the aberrations of human reason when it yields to the spirit of novelty, when against the warning of the Apostle it seeks to know beyond what it is meant to know, and when relying too much on itself it thinks it can find the truth outside the Catholic Church wherein truth is found without the slightest shadow of error.

Against scholastic philosophy and theology they use the weapons of ridicule and contempt. Whether it is ignorance or fear, or both, that inspires this conduct in them, certain it is that the passion for novelty is always united in them with hatred of scholasticism, and there is no surer sign that a man is tending to Modernism than when he begins to show his dislike for the scholastic method.

Far, far from the clergy be the love of novelty!

(Pope St. Pius X, Encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis, nn. 13, 40, 42, 49)

So much for Bergoglian surpriseology.

Francis has a history of complaining about, slamming, shaming, and insulting those he perceives as Catholics or at least as not sufficiently Novus Ordo. We remember when he denounced the Catholic teaching on reproduction as “breeding like rabbits”; when he accused those striving to be moral as “rigid”; when he railed against the “self-absorbed promethean neopelagianism of those who ultimately trust only in their own powers and feel superior to others because they observe certain rules or remain intransigently faithful to a particular Catholic style from the past” (Evangelii Gaudium, n. 94); and so forth, ad nauseam. An entire collection of Francis’ affronts has been published in Pope Francis’ Little Book of Insults.

What puts the icing on the cake is the fact that Francis has also, of course, condemned insulting speech: “No insults! Insulting is not Christian!”, he said during his Angelus address of Sep. 7, 2014.

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30 Responses to “Francis: “It’s not Christian to walk looking down, as Pigs do””

  1. Timotheos

    I see that the fake shepherd asks his delusional swine to first rub their snouts in the fake news channelled through television and ‘newspapers’ before reading their anodyne filtered version of the Scriptures and lifting their pigs’ brains to an imaginary heaven open to all – atheists, jews, adulterers, sodomites, suicides, etc.

  2. BurningEagle

    Of course, this goes against the constant teaching of the great ascetics, hermits, and monastics. Catholics have always been taught to practice custody of the eyes. But, just about anything that gurgles out of Jorge’s sewer pipe of a mouth is antithetical to the Catholic Faith, as practiced and defined by Catholics since Pope St. Peter through Pope Pius XII.
    If people cannot see that this new post-1958 religion is 180 degrees out of phase with the Catholic religion of the ages, I do not know what will convince them. The Novus Ordo hierarchy is so devoid of any vestiges of Catholicism, they cannot even pretend to be Catholics. At least they put on a good “show” during Roncalli’s occupation of the Vatican.

    I wonder what kind of reception will be given to this latest rant from Jorge on the various “conservative” Novus Ordo sites, which have dealt with the custody of the eyes, such as:
    The point is: There is nothing Jorge can say or do, officially or privately, that will convince the Novus Ordites that he is a non-Catholic, and no pope. The bulk of society is brain dead.

  3. Fr. Gregory

    Pigs are almost totally concerned with themselves. This is how Bergoglio views Traditional Catholics: pigs who have no concern with anyone or anything except their own “self absorbed promethean neopelagianism.”

  4. Mary McMahon

    All things bright and beautiful,all creatures great and small .all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.

    • Sonia

      heheheh. Are we celebrating the porcine kind here? Hopefully not the bergoglioan-breed, the creed of which, is only worthy of porcine patronage.

  5. Peter San Paolo

    I guarantee you that he would not regard those who work to oppose “racism”, inwardly or outwardly, as “rigid”! The moral dogmata of the Left (Francis’ “spiritual home”) are to be defended “rigidly” and regarded as absolutely certain. It’s only the immemorial moral doctrines of the Catholic Church that are transitional, culturally bound, and flexible. It is amazing to me that even the “worked over” conciliar catholics can’t perceive this man’s depth of self-loathing. . In his intransigent hatred for Catholic history and Tradition, he reminds me of a man who so despises his ancestors, he tries to conceal his origins and pass for something other than he truly is. Or should be! Despicable.

  6. Sonia

    I wonder to what extent Bergoglio’s god is the god of novelties? After all, mixing human and animal DNA is a novelty. And the results are always a surprise. Hitler was a novelty – a neo-pagan demi-god rising out of the ashes of the freemasonic first World War. Again, surprising results.

  7. bartmaeus

    How long before the Liberation Theology morality police will be sent out to arrest those who walk with downcast eyes?

    By the way, it would appear that by the Marxist’s reasoning, neither the Apostles nor their leader were anything but pigs at times:

    John 4:35 Do you not say, There are yet four months, and then the harvest cometh? Behold, I say to you, LIFT up your eyes, and see the countries; for they are white already to harvest.

    They were obviously in the posture of pigs, with eyes on the ground,

    John 6:5 When Jesus therefore had LIFTED up his eyes, and seen that a very great multitude cometh to him, he said to Philip: Whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat?

    Obviously Jesus was acting the pig, looking down. How unchristian of our Lord, looking down at the ground, which he created!

    The Publican, who was vindicated before the Lord, was really nothing but an unchristian pig, not daring to raise his eyes up like any 21st century Christian man of the world:

    Luke 18:13 And the publican, standing afar off, would not so much as LIFT up his eyes towards heaven; but struck his breast, saying: O God, be merciful to me a sinner.

    And what of those Christians who await their redemption in the end-time tribulation, when apostasy and iniquity are the norm? Nothing but a herd of pigs, looking down!:

    Luke 21:28 But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, and LIFT up your heads, because your redemption is at hand.

  8. Nicholas

    According to Francis, we wear a cross to serve as “the memory of the man who made Himself sin, who made Himself the devil, the serpent, for us; he debased Himself up to the point of totally annihilating Himself.”

  9. Fr. Gregory

    Yes, but unless the Lord intervenes, another antipope will be chosen. I only hope he’s not in the tradition of Benedict XVI who only fosters the “operation of error” and the deception of those who “love not the truth.” Francis strength is that he makes no attempt to hide his apostasy.

    • Sonia

      God’s Mercy upon all is that Jorge makes no attempt to hide his apostasy. The wretched part being that 0.000000000000000whatever are aware, and even less care. The wonderful part being that, for God, a remnant (the even less) is enough.

        • Sonia


          PS. When I see Fr… on comments, I want to know if it is an authentic representation. My first reaction is that it is a layman’s ‘handle’.

          • Fr. Gregory

            Unless a person is under my care pastorally, I do not discuss the pedigree of my orders or similar considerations on social media. My comments should be taken on face value, and responded to accordingly.

    • Sonia

      The King of France was Catholic and I have a suspicion he was supposed to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart.

      Bergoglio is another species. Say, a disciple of Jim Morrison of the Doors, promulgating the doorman’s new religion, which was founded upon the Crock of Timothy Leary.

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