Only Francis could make Martini look good…

Italian Novus Ordo Priest slams Francis, says not even “Cardinal” Martini would have voted for Bergoglio in Conclave

The long-time Vatican reporter Marco Tosatti has published on his blog a letter that he received from a conservative Italian Novus Ordo priest, one “Fr.” Ariel Levi di Gualdo, in response to his July 20 post, “Martini did not want Bergoglio as Pope”. Tosatti publishes di Gualdo’s letter without commentary, which, indeed, would be superfluous since the contents of the letter speak for themselves.

The main thrust of di Gualdo’s missive is that not even the notorious über-liberal “Cardinal” Carlo Martini (1927-2012) — an advocate of women’s ordination and homosexual civil unions, for example — would have liked to see Jorge Bergoglio as Pope (which is saying quite a lot, considering the theological overlap between Martini and Bergoglio). In contrast to Bergoglio, Martini at least had class and style, something entirely lacking in the “boorish” Bergoglio, di Gualdo argues.

At this point, we do not have a full English translation of the Italian Novus Ordo priest’s letter available, although a full translation into German can be found here. However, we are able to share with you the more explosive portions right now:

…Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini had a very low opinion of the then-Archbishop of Buenos Aires [Jorge Bergoglio], something he showed clearly again and again with all the class and elegance that characterised him. There is no shortage of ear or eye witnesses concerning this. As several older Argentinian Jesuits did not neglect to point out regarding their brother priest Jorge Mario Bergoglio: “At the end of his term as provincial, it took us 20 years to repair [even just] a little all the damage he had done.”

First as a Jesuit, then as a bishop and consequently as a cardinal, Carlo Maria Martini was the perfect antithesis to the (then) metropolitan Archbishop of Buenos Aires, on whom one could only look with consternation, both because of his objective roughness in manners and even more so because of his theological boorishness, if one can even call it theology.

If a man like Carlo Maria Martini had been present as an elector at the conclave of 2013, he probably would not have hesitated to leave the Sistine Chapel. Which is surely what a group of cardinals, however small, will do in the future in case there will be attempted another such operation in a conclave to come. In such a case we will see a small group of cardinal fathers break the seal of the conclave and leave, without making a lot of noise, simply making a silent statement  — without giving any sort of explanation.

(“Fr.” Ariel Levi di Gualdo, quoted in Marco Tosatti, “Ariel Levi Di Gualdo: Martini Sarebbe Uscito Dal Conclave Per Non Votare Per Bergoglio Papa”, Stilum Curiae, July 22, 2017; our translation.)

Francis won’t be happy to hear that opposition to his person and his “pontificate” is growing. You can expect that he will adapt the content of his daily homilies — which he is scheduled to resume in September — accordingly.

Brace yourselves.

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9 Responses to “Italian Novus Ordo Priest: ‘Not even Cardinal Martini would have voted for Bergoglio in Conclave’”

    • Faith of Our Fathers

      Well that’s one Priest who won’t be going far under Bergoglio Reign in fact ad go as far as to say that George–May Judge Him —

  1. João Crisóstomo

    It is a strong sign that the Vatican II Sect is demonic: we see Belial spitting into Satan’s face, even though they both want the same, the destruction of the Catholic faith.

  2. Dum Spiro Spero

    However, Bergoglio is the true face of the Second Vatican Council.
    It seems that their difficulty in certain sectors lies in the fact of being Bergoglio too sincere.

  3. Conspirador

    The way Francis “the humble” has appointed the new cardinals able to vote in the next conclave expect the same and even worse….

  4. Geremia16

    You see, the great Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini in the 2005 conclave (when Ratzinger was elected) would have dissuaded his colleagues from electing such a Jesuit cardinal explaining that if he were elected pope, the prestige of the Society of Jesus would be compromised for another hundred years, and in a more painful way than with Pope Clement XIV, who in 1773 dissolved the Society of Jesus?


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