It’s so bad, even atheists notice…

Atheist Philosopher slams Francis: “Bergoglio is Not Concerned with the Salvation of Souls”

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in the Twilight Zone: At this point, the apostasy of Francis is so obvious that even atheists are taking notice.

We are talking about Marcello Pera, an Italian atheist philosopher and politician who served in his nation’s Senate in the 1990s and 2000s. Twelve years ago, Pera co-authored a book with his friend Joseph Ratzinger, entitled Senza Radici: Relativismo, Cristianesimo, Islam (Mondadori). It was published in English as Without Roots: The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam in the United States in 2007.

On July 9, 2017, the Italian newspaper Il Mattino published an interview with the godless statesman in which he lashes out at Francis in no uncertain terms and with unprecedented severity. The pseudo-traditionalist blog Rorate Caeli has posted a full English translation:

The interview with Pera contains fireworks not a few, the best of which we are reproducing below. It was published on the heels of Francis’ Message to the G20 Summit in Hamburg, and it concerns, chiefly, Francis’ repeated calls for Europe to welcome and embrace the neverending stream of “migrants” from Africa and the Middle East.

Here, then, are Pera’s thoughts on “Pope” Francis:

Frankly, I do not get this pope, whatever he says is beyond any rational understanding. It’s evident to all that an indiscriminate welcoming is not possible: there is a critical point that cannot be reached. If the Pope does not make reference to this critical point, if he insists in a massive and total welcoming, I ask myself: why does he say it? What is the true end of his words? Why does he lack a minimum of realism, that very little that is requested of anyone? The answer I can give myself is only one: the Pope does it because he hates the West, he aspires to destroy it, and he does all he can to reach this end. As he aspires to destroy the Christian tradition, Christianity as it has realized itself historically.

…this is a Pope who, from the very day of his election, just does politics. He looks for easy applause playing the part, at times, of Secretary-General of the UN, at times of Head of Government, at times as a union leader when he intervenes in the contract arrangements of a corporation such as Mediaset. And his vision is the South American one of the Peronist Justicialismo, that has nothing to do with the Western tradition of political liberty with its Christian origin. The Pope’s Christianity is of a different nature. And it is a political Christianity, integrally.

…Bergoglio is little or not at all interested in Christianity as doctrine, in the theological aspect. And this is a novelty, without a doubt. This Pope has taken hold of Christianity and has turned it into politics. His affirmations are apparently based in Scripture, but in reality are strongly Secularist. Bergoglio is not concerned with the salvation of souls, but only with social welfare and security. And this is a preliminary fact. If we then move on to the merit of the things that he says, we cannot but see with concern that his affirmations risk unleashing a political crisis and a religious crisis in an uncontrollable way. From the first [political] point of view, he suggests our States commit suicide, he invites Europe to not be herself anymore. From the second [religious] point of view, I cannot but observe that a hidden schism is underway in the Catholic world, and that this is pursued by Bergoglio, with obstinacy and determination, and by his allies, even with wickedness.

…I would even say that the Vatican II Council has finally exploded in all its revolutionary and subversive radicalness. They are ideas that lead to the suicide of the Catholic Church, but they are ideas that were already supported and justified at that time and in that occasion. It is forgotten that the Council preceded in time the student revolution, the sexual [revolution], that of mores and of modes of living. It anticipated them and, in some way, it provoked them. The aggiornamento of Christianity secularized the Church strongly then, it triggered a change that was very deep, even if it, which risked leading to a schism, was controlled and kept at bay in the following years. …[S]ociety, and not salvation, the Augustinian earthly city, and not that divine one, seem to be the reference point of the ruling ecclesiastical hierarchy. The rights of man, all and without exclusions, have become the ideal and the compass for the Church, while there is almost no room left for the rights of God and of Tradition. At least apparently. Bergoglio feels himself to be and lives completely liberated regarding the latter.

(Marcello Pera in Il Mattino, July 9, 2017; translation from “The Ultimate Interview to Understand all About Pope Francis: Marcello Pera, Italian politician and close Ratzinger friend”, Rorate Caeli, July 14, 2017)

Wow! It took an atheist philosopher to do what no Vatican II “pope” has ever done, namely, repeat in essence the lamentation of Pope Leo XIII on Nov. 1, 1900: “The world has heard enough of the so-called ‘rights of man.’ Let it hear something of the rights of God” (Encyclical Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus, n. 13). That was 117 years ago. Can you imagine what Pope Leo would say today?!

Reading the interview in its entirety, one can see that Pera holds the mistaken belief, as many people do, that John Paul II and Benedict XVI were conservatives who tried to ensure orthodoxy in the Church. But Pera’s conviction in this regard is of little concern. The point of this post is not to evaluate or criticize the thought of Marcello Pera — the man is an atheist, for heaven’s sake! –, but rather to demonstrate that one need not hold the Catholic Faith or believe in God at all to be able to see that Jorge Bergoglio is attempting to destroy Christianity, that he preaches what we have dubbed the “Gospel of Man”, and that he does not genuinely care about the salvation of souls, the majesty of God, or any other eternal or supernatural matter at all.

Francis’ chief concern is ensuring that man’s temporal needs are met while starving him spiritually. It is a false humanitarianism worthy of the Antichrist. He makes reference to God, Jesus Christ, the Catholic Faith, etc. only insofar as this serves to promote his false “Gospel of Man”, as we have been saying on this web site for years, and most recently in our post blasting Francis for his message to Angela Merkel and the G20 Summit:

In Bergoglio’s religion, God is merely a bandaid to be applied as needed, usually to solve people’s problems, forgive their sins, and make them feel good. Other than that, Bergoglio has no use for God. He believes in man and the religion of man, just as St. Pius X warned over 100 years ago when he denounced that “enormous and detestable wickedness, so characteristic of our time — the substitution of man for God” (Pope Pius X, Apostolic Letter Notre Charge Apostolique, n. 9).

(Evangelii Gaudium Reloaded: Francis’ Message to G20 Summit”, Novus Ordo Wire, July 11, 2017)

What we are living through in these times makes the 1959 mystery television series The Twilight Zone look like reality TV by comparison: We have now reached the point where even atheists complain that the “Pope” isn’t a Catholic!

Come on, people, figure it out already: Francis is not a true Pope. Divine law makes it impossible.

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12 Responses to “Atheist Philosopher slams Francis: “Bergoglio is Not Concerned with the Salvation of Souls””

    • Ace bluenote

      Yes, but it could possibly be that the atheist was made an atheist because of John XXIII (ultra-modernist), Paul VI (modernist, Architect of a bastard mass, and pope of unnatural vice), JPII (ultra-hyper-Modernist & actor), Benedict XVI (Modernist, Architect brother of those mentioned, with the addition of subverting Faith through a “new” and different theology, perverting, therefore, the notion of Faith), AND NOW FRANCIS, WHOSE ENTIRE AGGENDA IS TO USHER IN (HE ALREADY “BLESSED” THE PREPARATIONS AND “HIGH PRIEST” ON 9/23/16) THE THIRD TEMPLE….all of which may result in the atheist’s conversion.
      Pray well, and live! Voca Maria, Regina Pacis.

    • Emmet Sweeney

      This is a silly comment. The whole point of the article was that EVEN an atheist is more of a traditionalist than Bergoglio. Truly a terrifying idea.

  1. João Crisóstomo

    If even an atheist discovered the obvious, what is lacking from the false trads leaves romanticism aside and convince themselves that Jorge Bergoglio is not a Catholic, he is not a pope?

  2. 2c3n1 .

    We all need to use the phrase, “Francis doesn’t have a Catholic bone in his body!” We need to use it often when talking to our N.O family and friends until is clicks in their heads.

  3. Pascendi

    Stunning! His comments sound like they could have come from Ratzinger. Did Ratzinger plant the ideas in Mr. Pera’s head?

  4. Geoff Poole

    Exciting huh.Though not a Catholic have met many that have much faith.Others not so Much.All religions are being muzzled by Human Rights Commision as satans counterfeit plan of salvation(for the world,Not Gods Elect)is being set into motion.One People in “The World”.Muslim,Hindu,Budha,Atheist,Christian,LGBT

    • Angelo Lopes

      I don`t quite get your comment Pope Francis is of Italian descent and a cradle Catholic who seems to embrace South American Liberationist Theology .He even accepted at one point a hammer and sickle crucifix from Chavez the communist dictator of Venezuela .If he is JOOZish it must be a long way back in his ancestry.

      • Sarah Hodgins

        He may or may not be. But enough of the Novus Ordo are, or have been made, pro-Judiaism, even though the Jews tortured Christ to death and have been proven over and over false teachers and deliberate infiltrators of the RCC (and even other religions!). The traditional RCC teaches we must pray for the conversion and salvation of the Jews, but it does NOT exonerate them for killing Jesus and for constantly attacking the RCC and Christian civilization for the past 2000 years.

        Everyone needs to read the book “THE PLOT AGAINST THE CHURCH” by Maurice Pinay. Your mind will be blown.

        You will see how it was the Jews themselves who have created, financed and sustained every revolution since at least the French Revolution, and more recently, Communism. Marx was a Jew. His real name was Hirshel Mordecai (Levy). So was Engels. So were almost all of the leaders of the Russian Revolution and its subsequent government including Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin. 60 million + Russians, Chinese and others were annihilated by these men. Nobody hears about it.

        Freemasonry, Communism were both created by them for the same purpose: to destroy the RCC and western civilization.

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