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There He Stands:

Francis’ Stiff Knees return for Corpus Christi

We knew it was going to be bad, we just didn’t know exactly how bad: the feast of Corpus Christi in Rome today, presided over by the world’s most notorious apostate, “Pope” Francis.

Now we know.

The Corpus Christi festivities were celebrated in Rome on a Sunday this year, a first for the Eternal City. In May, Francis had moved the observance from the traditional Thursday to Sunday because “a Sunday procession would be easier for people to attend and would also cause less inconvenience in Rome” (“Pope Francis moves Corpus Christi procession to Sunday”, Catholic Herald, May 18, 2017).

From the beginning of his “pontificate”, Francis has had a difficult relationship with Corpus Christi, the feast the commemorates the institution of the Most Holy Eucharist, where participants adore with special solemnity the physical Body and Blood of Christ truly and substantially present under the sacramental veils, that is, under the appearances of bread and wine.

Over the last few years, Francis has asked people to kneel before the poor and has claimed that by touching them physically we touch “the flesh of Christ”. He is on record endorsing “theology while kneeling”. He has no problem kneeling for man when the opportunity arises, especially as part of his Lenten foot-washing circus. For his annual “watch me go to confession” show, too, he kneels quickly without needing help from anyone. Likewise, when venerating the Anglican pseudo-martyrs of Uganda, kneeling is quite possible, and of course the Bergoglian knees bend without a problem to receive a Protestant “blessing” (see 40:53 mark here).

However, when it comes to the sacramental flesh of Christ, namely, the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, Francis’ knees suddenly give out, making him not only unable to kneel but also unable to genuflect. (We already covered this curious phenomenon a year ago in our post “Stiff-Kneed on Demand”). Not that the “Eucharist” Francis confects is valid, but that’s beside the point now — the official position of the Novus Ordo Sect is that it is valid, and Francis verbally affirms his adherence to that belief on occasion.

Before we take a closer look at how Francis celebrated Corpus Christi in Rome today, a quick note about his sermon, the full text of which was translated into English and posted by Vatican Radio:

Francis turned the Sacrament of the Altar into a “sacrament of memory”. In a homily that no Lutheran would have found objectionable, the “Pope” taught: “In the Bread of Life, the Lord comes to us, making himself a humble meal that lovingly heals our memory, wounded by life’s frantic pace of life. The Eucharist is the memorial of God’s love”. He went on to maintain that the Blessed Sacrament gives us a memory that is grateful, free, and patient. The words “grace” and “Transubstantiation” did not occur in the sermon at all, and the word “body” was only mentioned in reference to people constituting the Body of Christ.

But now to the outdoor liturgy Francis presided over today.

After his usual refusals to genuflect at the “consecration”, when at the end of the “Mass” the “Blessed Sacrament” was exposed on the altar, Francis stood — and remained standing — like a marble statue before the kneeler that had been prepared for him:

“Here I stand, and I can do no other”?

The procession that followed was gladly outsourced by Francis to his underlings, who carried and followed the monstrance through the streets while the “Pope” stayed behind and removed himself from the ceremonies:

After the procession arrived at St. Mary Major, Francis, presumably having been driven there in his Laudato Si-friendly Ford Focus, rejoined the liturgy. The monstrance was placed on the altar, and everybody knelt… everybody except Francis, that is!

Francis then forced himself through the motions of Benediction. At least this time he didn’t use the ugly ventilator monstrance he had used at Fatima:

At the conclusion of the liturgy, Francis processed out using his new “whatever” crozier, a perfect visual representation of what the man actually believes in:

Here is a better view of the sacrilegious crozier, taken from the same liturgy:

Embed from Getty Images

This latest travesty of a pastoral staff follows a very typical Novus Ordo pattern: Make it as ugly, abstract, and meaningless as possible. The great model in this regard has always been “Pope” Paul VI, although Francis is trying his darndest to outdo him, as we already saw in the past:

This latest crozier reminds one of The Flintstones perhaps, but certainly not of Jesus Christ. In his 1947 encyclical letter on the Sacred Liturgy, Pope Pius XII warned that “one would be straying from the straight path … were he to order the crucifix so designed that the divine Redeemer’s body shows no trace of His cruel sufferings” (Mediator Dei, n. 62).

We must remember always that things like this do not happen by accident. Ugliness like this does not happen because someone made a mistake. This is deliberate, a fully deliberate sacrilege. From the past 4+ years, it is evident beyond all doubt that Francis hates Jesus Christ, and this is no exaggeration.

Most of the images above are screenshots taken from the video feed provided by the Vatican. The full video of Francis’ Corpus Christi travesty can be watched here:

It’s a curious thing that despite the fact that Francis (almost) never kneels before the “Blessed Sacrament”, nevertheless the master of ceremonies always puts a kneeler there for him anyway. Is it meant to be a provocation? This is unlikely because Francis does not put up with people crossing or embarrassing him. The more likely scenario, in the opinion of the present writer, is that Francis requests the kneeler to be there so that he can demonstrate in unequivocal terms his mockery of our Eucharistic Lord. He can only ignore the kneeler when there is a kneeler to ignore, after all. This way, his refusal to bend his knee before Jesus Christ is all the more blatant.

In the end, however, this strategy isn’t going to work out for Mr. Bergoglio. For “God is not mocked” (Gal 6:7); and “it is written: As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me…” (Rom 14:11; cf. Is 45:24).

That would include the knees of “Pope” Francis.

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16 Responses to “There He Stands: Francis’ Stiff Knees return for Corpus Christi”

  1. Geremia16

    a perfect visual representation of what the man actually believes in:

    Yes, that crosier looks like it’s Darwinistically evolving into HRC’s egalitarian, anti-patriarchy “=” symbol.

  2. Junior Ribeiro

    The clear and simple sign of realizing that the Conciliar Sect is not Catholic is ugliness. Modern art would never be embraced by a real Catholic hierarchy!

  3. Gisèle A. Demers

    if only it was just the stiff knee…it wouldn’t be so bad…but it’s also the stiff neck! He doesn’t hold the faith and he’s stubborn about it.

  4. Dum Spiro Spero

    In the Middle Ages the demon was painted without knees.

    P.S.: A good article from a technical point of view. I suggest that you combine the images with the represented text. In this way the treated content is further highlighted.

  5. Sarah Hodgins

    Thanks also for the links to Francis’ creepy croziers; I had not seen these before. Whoever is doing his design work is….odd

  6. Sonia

    Given that the Novus Ordo service is invalid, Our Lord is not present. Still, the scandal continues in that many folks believe a New Order service, ‘confected’ by an invalid New Order ‘priesthood’, under the ‘authority’ of a lay New Order heresiarch ‘pope’, is in any way Catholic and valid. It is invalid and non-Catholic; it is the antichrist mockery promulgated by a counterfeit ‘church’.


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