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Great content needs great support…

A Candid Plea: If you Benefit from this Web Site, please Help Support It

This post will have to be a bit candid because the matter is serious and there is no time to waste.

It is June 23 today and unfortunately we are not going to make ends meet for the month if the current decline in donations continues.

Our apologies, first of all, to all those among you who are current donors or have made donations in the past. You have sacrificed so much, and your continued support is so appreciated and needed. The following words are not addressed to you, they are addressed to those who have been sitting idly by and not contributed at all, figuring they’ll simply let you all carry the burden for them:

Folks, compared to the other “Catholics” out there, we sedevacantists are not many. There are very few sedevacantist web sites. We have to stick together if we are serious about our Faith. For some reason it seems nearly impossible to get sufficient support for even one single full-time sedevacantist web site.

Let’s be clear: It takes effort, time, and money to produce a web site that has a certain quality to it. Our visitor statistics indicate that there is plenty of interest in the web site. But the site can’t be placed on autopilot. Posts don’t write themselves; research doesn’t just happen; keeping up with the Novus Ordo Sect is a full-time job all by itself. There is plenty that goes on behind the scenes that you never see or hear about because it is administrative work (Novus Ordo Watch is an official non-profit organization), or because it involves direct private correspondence with souls who are struggling to figure things out and need one-on-one help.

Please have a good look around this web site. There is a lot of information on here; much of it is content you won’t find anywhere else. It took thousands of hours to put it there. Is it really worth so little to you? Then why are you constantly visiting the site?

Our annual budget is not large, compared to other, similar web sites that are not sedevacantist. We only need to raise $50,000 for the entire year. We only employ one full-time person and have a number of volunteers that assist with translations, research, graphics/video/audio, etc.

As a reminder, to reach our yearly goal of $50,000, it takes:

  • 500 people to give $8.33 a month (=$100 a year), OR
  • 250 people to give $16.67 a month (=$200 a year), OR
  • 100 people to give $41.67 a month (=$500 a year), OR
  • 50 people to give $83.33 a month (=$1,000 a year), OR
  • 25 people to give $166.67 a month (=$2,000 a year), OR
  • 10 people to give $416.67 a month (=$5,000 a year)

We have gone out of our way to make contributing to Novus Ordo Watch really worth your while. In the United States, your contribution is tax-deductible according to the full extent permitted by law. We have put together incentive gifts for donors to reward those who donate over a certain amount to also receive a tangible Catholic product in the mail. We constantly produce podcasts, articles with sharp analysis and insightful commentary, breaking news posts, tweets, and Facebook posts.

If all this still isn’t enough to merit your (at least small!) financial support, what more does it take? What do we need to do that we are not doing? Do you really want to log on to this site one day and get a “This page cannot be displayed” error?

To make a donation — either one-time or recurring — please click the button below to be led to our donations page:

Some might object, “I can’t contribute to you because although I am a sedevacantist, I disagree with you on [this or that detail].” Folks, if you make your financial support dependent upon agreement with your personal position on every single detail that sedevacantists can legitimately disagree on, then we will never get anywhere. We live in extremely wicked times, and the situation in the Catholic Church is such that no one before the death of Pope Pius XII could possibly have conceived of it in all its horror. There is no doubt that even the greatest of pre-Vatican II theologians would surely have disagreed with one another on at least some points of what is to be done during such a prolonged period of sede vacante. Examine yourself and see if perhaps your objection isn’t just an excuse to avoid making even a small tax-deductible donation.

One of our supporters told us: “Trads are cheap. You won’t get them to support you financially unless you make them pay for the content.” We want to prove him wrong! Novus Ordo Watch will never be a for-pay web site. It would defeat our purpose. We don’t want to deliver content only to those who first buy a subscription. More than anyone, we need to reach those very people who would never buy a subscription in the first place.

Cynics may object: “But if you need donors who contribute financially, then it is a for-pay web site.” Yes and no. It is not a for-pay web site in the sense that all the content is freely accessible for anyone at any time. But of course it costs money to produce this content and to maintain the site. That’s just a law of nature, and “the labourer is worthy of his hire” (Lk 10:7). How would people who object to this react if they were required to work for free? Truth be told, if we could work for free, we would. But alas, who can afford that?

Considering how much interest there is in this web site, raising the necessary funds to keep it going is not difficult. We simply need more people to chip in and do their part and not simply benefit on the backs of those who do contribute. Of course there are some people who truly cannot afford to. That’s fine — but for most people that’s simply not the case.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you have not yet contributed to our 2017 campaign, please do so now (click here). It is so frustrating to constantly have to spend time fundraising when that time could be spent helping souls. In addition to the temporal incentives mentioned above, though, consider above all the spiritual benefits that come with almsgiving. God will not be outdone in generosity. This world with all its possessions will end, but virtue will be rewarded in Heaven forever (cf. Lk 12:33). Keep in mind, too, that “God loveth a cheerful giver” (2 Cor 9:7).

Moreover, consider that your generosity may very well, indirectly, help effect the conversion of sinners and thus the salvation of souls. And what does God say about that? “He must know that he who causeth a sinner to be converted from the error of his way, shall save his soul from death, and shall cover a multitude of sins” (Jas 5:20).

Is that not worth it?

“I said, ‘Do NOT support Novus Ordo Watch!'”