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April 11, 2017

Reason no. 4822 why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore…

And one for the road…

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14 Responses to “News Digest April 11, 2017”

  1. Cindy Snipes

    I had to stop watching this ridiculous “church” performance, very soon after I clicked on play.
    I feel for the poor, confused Parishioners.
    Imagine having to stand all bunched together next to the Church walls.??

    • turn2

      “I feel for the poor, confused Parishioners.”
      I wouldn’t feel too sorry for them, they know where the exits are located. If they’re still “bunched together next to the Church walls, they are delusional if they think this is a truly Catholic church.

      If that exhibition isn’t enough to drive them out of that building and out of the counterfeit church, then they’re drunk on Vatican 2 Kool-Aid. Pray that the grace of God leads them out of their darkness, because without they will surely perish in Chaos Frank’s hell hole.

      • Cindy Snipes

        Turn2-Yes you’re so right, “they know where the exits are”. But
        the few people I saw standing around their pews, all had painful expressions of either confusion or being lost! So, “feeling sorry for them” really doesn’t help them at all, does it? Only offering our Prayers to God, to have Mercy upon these Blind Souls, and hoping that He fills them with His Divine Graces that they may then “See”.

  2. bartmaeus

    If only the clown could actually dance; still would be unacceptable, but not so ridiculous, at least.
    Why do people tolerate that lunacy? Ah, we in the west were conditioned to tolerate everything that flies in the face of decency and goodness. Would have been intolerant to speak up against the swine. So we stayed silent, like sheep to the slaughter, the slaughter of out spirit, as we grew soft and flaccid and dull-witted.

    Well done Tavistock, and your far-reaching tentacles.

    • turn2

      The only solution is to flee the Novus Ordo the way God instructed Lot to flee Sodom with his family and to not look back.

      And, yes, Tavistock most definitely is a player in this, as is the Frankfort School, the Alta Vendita, etc. Planned destruction working to perfection.

  3. Peter San Paolo

    What does infernal miming, this prancing about, have to do with anything? Except madness? Do even conciliarists take this seriously? Or is it all just for a good old fashioned hard laugh? The “conciliar church” has made herself truly laughable!

    • turn2

      Remember, it the Novus Ordo sect is thoroughly Modernist, and Modernism is all about staying relevant to the “Spirit of the Age”. Today’s demonic spirit is telling the “pilgrim church” to embrace the concept of emasculated male, transsexualism, “gender fluidity”, etc., essentially anything contrary to the will of God and natural law.

    • corvinus

      There’s a reason the Novus Ordo (and a lot of Protestant sects) can’t hold onto men and are turning into a social club for overly-nice old women.

  4. turn2

    There’s one thing we need to do when Novus Ordo Watch puts up such videos, and that’s to go to YouTube, give a thumbs-down, and in the comments section explain traditional Catholic standards and link to a relevant page on NOW that can help educate more people.

    Here’s the one shown above:

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