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Just act surprised…

Ugly as Sin: The Vatican’s 2017 Easter Card

It’s that time of the year again when Jorge Bergoglio sends out greeting cards, and it’s not pretty — literally.

For Easter this year, Francis chose a design by the same artist whose work was featured on the 2014 Christmas card, which drew everybody’s immediate attention to a donkey’s rump, which was the most prominently featured part of the card.

Victor Delhez is the man’s name, and a picture of his Risurrezione engraving is displayed on the front of Francis’ official Easter card. Here is what it looks like (click picture to enlarge, at your own risk):

(image source: Twitter)

The inside of the card looks as follows:

(image source: Twitter)

Out of all the beautiful paintings of the Resurrection and the Resurrected Christ they could have chosen, the Vatican under “Pope” Francis chose, of course, one of the ugliest designs they could find.

Perhaps we should be thankful that they did not choose a photo of the hideous “Resurrection” sculpture that “adorns” the Vatican’s Paul VI audience hall, designed by Pericle Fazzini (click photo to enlarge):


Yes, this diabolical piece of “art” has been sitting there as the backdrop for indoor “papal” audiences since 1977. It is all out there in the open for those who bother to look.

All this matches perfectly with the ugly croziers (pastoral staffs) the papal pretenders have liked to use, in particular Paul VI’s “Broken Cross” and Francis’ “Millipede Christ” and his “Dental Pick”.

Still, we have to give credit where credit is due: This is all perhaps simply part of a ‘Truth in Advertising’ campaign. After all, the ghastly appearance of these works of “art” certainly reflects the ugliness of the Novus Ordo religion and the many “papal” blasphemies that constantly pour forth from Bergoglio’s impious mouth.