The Francis Show in Egypt

Same old bunk, different location…

The Francis Show in Egypt

From Apr. 28-29, 2017, the man who likes to see himself called the “Pope of Peace” visited Egypt in order to preach the Gospel the Masonic doctrines of natural brotherhood, dialogue, and encounter to the people there. If you missed it, you didn’t — miss anything, that is. It was a rerun of the same old show, simply adapted to a different setting. Francis gave his usual speeches regurgitating insufferable, lowest-common-denominator Naturalist and ecumenical platitudes before an interreligious audience. Not surprisingly, Francis brought up his heretical concept of an “ecumenism of blood” once again.

The logo of the trip, displayed above, tells the story well enough: “Coexist” is the message, Christianity and Islam are basically just two flavors of the same religion adoring the same God, and peace is the highest good because this earthly life is, de facto, all that matters. We had already lambasted this heretical and blasphemous logo back in March:

Below you will find plenty of links to all the essential content regarding this “Apostolic Journey” to Egypt, and then some.

Official Vatican Links

Francis’ Speeches


Background to Francis’ Egypt Visit

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5 Responses to “The Francis Show in Egypt”

  1. Pedro

    “Ecumenism of blood”? This guy is laughably heretical. A complete buffoon.

    Did he bring his red clown nose on this diabolic journey to Egypt?

  2. Julia O'Sullivan

    I also noted long ago that the logo makes it seem the Cross is about to be “swallowed up” in the Crescent, almost like an evil PacMan. Prescient, unfortunately, unless this lunatic situation which subverts Christ to Islam is reversed.

  3. bartmaeus

    The Pope of Peace.

    Perhaps he would like to be the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, and stand within the august tradition of such luminaries as the great Peacemaker Barak Hussein Obama (aka Barry Sotero, reputed to be the son of Frank Marshall Davis), who brought “Humanitarian Interventionist” genocidal war to Libya, “Freedom and Democracy” to the Ukraine, headchopping “Moderate rebels” to Syria, thousands of drone missile strikes to the beleaguered citizens of Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Sudan, and other places in Africa.

    Truly, in latter ages the historians will look back on this time and write in glowing terms of the Pax Obaman and will look with awe on the towering figure in its midst, the new stupor mundi, the Moral Giant, who liked to humbly refer to himself as the Pope of Peace, and also as JustcallmeJorge.

  4. Classical

    The Vatican 2 Popes and Priests follow the exact same spirit of modernism as do LGBT groups, gay lobbies, feminist and sexual deviants. Modernism is a rejection of God.

    To them, God is not discernible through nature and reason, which is a dogma. It’s all a matter of manipulating language.

    If you try to find any evidence for LGBT biology, gay, sexual deviancy or anything, all you get it social science garbage. No hard evidence. It’s all language and deception. Dominated and inspired by the nonsense of french revolutionaries like Michelle Foucault.

    In the same way, if you look at previous Catholic encyclicals, christian tradition, and almost anything else before Vatican II to try to justify the actions of Vatican II at large, you only find the contrary and letters condemning exactly what these alleged Popes are doing.

    How fitting, that the Muslims continue to rub Korans in the faces of these degenerate deviants when they gather together for their ” inter-religious dialogue”. How hilarious was the scene recently, when the Muslims called to prayer while Francis was giving his sermon. He was left looking at his watch, like, “what time is it? guys?”. These alleged Popes, have no shame, no concept of humiliation, no sense, nothing except a script given to them by Satan.

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