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Another humiliation of the Papacy…


“Pope” Francis flaunts use of Portable Toilet during Milan Visit

[UPDATE: Vatican insider and contributor to Osservatore Romano, Ulrich Nersinger, reports that the whole bathroom incident was planned in advance]

Yes, we all have to take care of business at some point, but there’s a discreet way of doing it and then there’s the Francis way: During his trip to Milan, Italy, today, “Pope” Francis decided to use a portable toilet in front of rolling cameras, presumably to once again demonstrate to the world his great “humility.”

There is video of it here:

Francis is no dummy. He knows that such a thing — in front of reporters and countless people with cell phones that record audio and video — will be front-page news the next day and within seconds all over the internet. One can only imagine the indecent remarks that will accompany the images.

What an utter public humiliation of the Papacy! Not that the man is actually the Pope, but that doesn’t matter in this case — virtually everyone believes him to be, and this is what does all the damage to the Papacy in people’s minds.

The Sebach brand, which is the company that made the portable toilet, will now be able to advertise its product as “the Pope’s toilet”, and comedians all over the world will have a field day cracking jokes about the Papacy and (what they think is) the Catholic Church.

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Image credit: Piero Cruciatti / LaPresse