News Digest November 11, 2016

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November 11, 2016

Idiotic Dance Performance inside St. Moritz Church: “The 7 Deadly Sins”
CAUTION! Immodesty

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One Response to “News Digest November 11, 2016”

  1. George

    Here’s a “Pope” Francis parody. It’s from a novus ordo blog, but it’s funny:

    “My children, you know that I never make judgements on people, I’m just not that sort of person. So, although Donald Trump is a dangerous man who will destroy the world, I would never dream of saying so. The man wants to build walls, and there is nothing worse than walls…

    “… except Latin Masses of course. What is it about people who still hark for the pre-conciliar liturgy? They are RIGID, RIGID, RIGID. Don’t they know that the Catholic Church was founded in the 1960s, and not back in ancient times? These people make me sick. They probably even have walls in their houses.

    “Bastards, the lot of them. They don’t know how to show love. Why can’t they follow my example, instead of acting like a lot of insecure hate-filled wall-worshipping neo-Pelagians?”

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