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Last Step before Schism?

“Cardinal” Burke threatens Francis with “Formal Act of Correction” if he won’t retract the Errors in Amoris Laetitia

When on Monday, Nov. 14, the Italian journalist Sandro Magister published the five dubia submitted to Francis by “Cardinals” Caffarra, Burke, Brandmuller, and Meisner in September, requesting a “clarification” on various controverted points found in the Bergoglian exhortation Amoris Laetitia, it was certain that “clarification” was just a smoother-sounding code word for “retraction”. There is, after all, nothing left to clarify: The exhortation is a most dangerous document subversive of the very foundations of Catholic morality that brazenly attacks the indissolubility of the marriage bond; and Francis has already confirmed, sometimes more, sometimes less openly, that any ambiguous passages are to be understood in their heretical sense.

Since the publication of the challenge to Francis, “Cardinal” Raymond Burke has given interviews to several Novus Ordo organizations. One was published by Catholic Action on Nov. 14, and can be read here. The other was conducted by Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register and was just released last night:

This latest interview contains an explosive open threat made by Mr. Burke, and in this sense it represents a new stage in internal Novus Ordo opposition to Francis: Burke said flat-out that “if there is no response to these questions [by Francis], then … it would be a question of taking a formal act of correction of a serious error” (italics added). This right there tells you that any talk of a “clarification” is euphemistic. They know full well that there is nothing to clarify: Francis has been pushing serious errors, errors that even a number of Novus Ordo scholars and academics have already truthfully labeled as “heretical”.

But a “formal correction” of “papal” heresy is not enough. According to Catholic teaching, a Pope cannot be a heretic and still be Pope, and Mr. Burke knows that. Therefore, the only logical conclusion for Burke to embrace after a “formal correction” would be to recognize that Francis is not the Pope, and this would mark the beginning of a formal schism within the Modernist Church. But we’ll have to see how it all plays out. When push comes to shove, a lot of people refuse to draw necessary conclusions if they find them undesirable or causing inconvenience.

In any case, it looks like we’re finally going to see some real fireworks, at least if the “roaring lion” Raymond Burke follows through on his promise and doesn’t end up as a meowing kitten by Bergoglio’s bedside: The long stretch of nothing-but-words appears to be finally coming to a close, and action will soon follow. It looks like the internal Novus Ordo schism we’ve predicted may finally be realized.

As we’ve explained before, however, such a schism would not be a good thing, because it could indirectly lend even greater legitimacy to the Vatican II Sect in one way or another. True, a Novus Ordo schism would be a positive thing insofar as it would make plainly visible to all that the supposed “unity” in the Vatican II Church is illusory and thus it could get a number of people to re-evaluate if they should perhaps look into Sedevacantism after all. However, there would also be a very grave danger that would blind people for decades to come: Those who, in the event of a schism — perhaps one in which Benedict XVI plays Francis’ “conservative” counterpart, for it seems that this whole Benedict XVI thing isn’t done yet — flock to the “Pope Emeritus”, would be under the most dangerous but emotionally satisfying illusion of having escaped the Modernist deception, which they would see only in Francis’ sect, whereas the truth is, of course, that it began long before Francis, namely, in 1958 with the election of Cardinal Angelo Roncalli as the first false pope (“John XXIII”) of the Novus Ordo Church.

Thus, a schism internal to the Modernist Church could actually prevent a number of conversions to Sedevacantism because the Ratzinger adherents would with great satisfaction believe themselves to have eluded the Modernist scheme, whereas in truth they would only have adjusted rooming arrangements within the the same deadly anti-Catholic sect. The Ratzinger sect and the Bergoglio sect would be but two wings of the same bird. Such a “deception-within-a-deception”, with a false and controlled opposition, might be the ultimate devil’s trick in the “operation of error” permitted by God “to deceive, if possible, even the elect” in punishment for man’s indifference to truth and refusal to turn from sin (cf. 2 Thess 2:10-11; Mt 24:24; Apoc 3:16).

It is ironic that all of this is coming down just as the Society of St. Pius X is about to rejoin the Modernist Sect and end its decades-long quasi-schism with the men they have acknowledged to be legitimate Roman Pontiffs. And it is telling — pathetic, in fact — that it takes a blunt endorsement of adultery and fornication on the part of a “Pope” to get any of these Vatican II “cardinals” to take any action at all. Where have they been? Many things a lot worse than an approbation of sexual perversion have been taking place since Vatican II, and they all sat there and watched it happen. Unless it is somehow about sex, it seems, no one in the Novus Ordo Sect really cares, even the so-called “conservatives”.

The truth is, “Cardinal” Burke is no conservative hero. He adheres to all of the errors of Vatican II, he submits to all of the post-conciliar “Magisterium”, and he has the distinct honor of being the first American prelate to accept a transsexual biological male as a “nun” when he was the “bishop” of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Opposing adultery, wearing a fancy cardinal’s outfit, and — not possessing a valid ordination even to the priesthood — simulating the Latin Mass won’t change that.

So, the next few weeks should be very interesting. Chaos Frank has once again delivered, validating his moniker for the umpteenth time.

Make popcorn, folks.


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