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Amoris Laetitia Revolution:
Pro-Francis “Secret Police” dispatched to ensure last remaining Vestiges of Catholic Morals will be Overturned

Boy, things are really hitting the fan now over Amoris Laetitia. As the Italian conservative Novus Ordo journalist Sandro Magister revealed on his blog today, there is a pro-Francis “secret police” at work in Rome now, bullying Novus Ordo academics into compliance with Francis’ new-found perverted morality as laid out in the “Apostolic” exhortation Amoris Laetitia. This is the document that effectively permits unrepentant fornicators and adulterers — and, at least by extension, also practitionors of unnatural vice — to receive the Novus Ordo sacraments. But beyond that, Amoris Laetitia is even worse, for it entirely undermines the foundations of Catholic morality, effectively eliminating instrinsic evil and objective sin altogether and replacing it with an absurd “every sin is but an imperfect realization of holiness” morality. (We explained this at length in our podcast program, TRADCAST 013: The Amoris Laetitia Supershow.) More information on the infernal document can be found on our Amoris Laetitia Chaos Watch page.

Magister, who is a credible and respected journalist known to lock horns with Francis now and again, relates on his blog that an anonymous group of laymen who identify themselves by the acronym OARCPF — Osservatorio per l’Attuazione della Riforma della Chiesa di Papa Francesco, “Observatory for the Implementation of the Church Reform of Pope Francis” — has been sending out official-sounding emails issuing veiled threats against faculty members at Novus Ordo academic institutions in Rome if they do not teach the revolutionary doctrines of Amoris Laetitia that undermine Catholic morality. What they teach in their classrooms, the emails make clear, is being “monitored”.

In his blog post, Magister has reproduced the entirety of the emails received by professors at the “Pontifical Institute John Paul II for Studies on Marriage and the Family”. The indult blog Rorate Caeli has produced an English translation of the text:

Magister considers this pro-Francis “secret police” a kind of Sodalitium Pianum in reverse, giving it the moniker Sodalitium Franciscanum. The Sodalitium Pianum was an unofficial organization of Catholic theologians who set out to discover and root out the heresy of Modernism wherever it was being found, using even clandestine methods as needed. Founded and directed by Mgr. Umberto Benigni in 1909 and supported by Pope St. Pius X to beat the Modernists at their own game — that is, by working in secret just as the enemies of the Faith then did — the Sodalitium Pianum was fairly controversial. Pius X’s immediate successor, Pope Benedict XV, decided to phase it out, judging it to be doing more harm than good. In 1921, the Sodalitium was suppressed.

Alas, the historical verdict is now in, and it seems clear that if the Sodalitium had been allowed to continue its work, the Modernists would most likely have been completely snuffed out, unable to re-appear, as they did, in the 1930s with their Nouvelle Theologie (“New Theology”), which produced such infamous and destructive adherents as Yves Congar, Joseph Ratzinger, Bernard Lonergan, Karl Rahner, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Henri de Lubac, and Marie-Dominique Chenu, to name just some of the more well-known of them. But hindsight, as we all know, is always 20/20.

Do we have here, then, an anti-Sodalitium Pianum? Do we have a Sodalitium Franciscanum? Who knows. At this point, it’s impossible to tell. Perhaps the whole thing is just a big hoax. But then again, perhaps it really means Francis has begun to dispatch his own secret police to ensure the destruction of souls on this unprecedented level.

All this is happening after more than 7 months of a gigantic kerfuffle about Amoris Laetitia and is being revealed one day after the same Sandro Magister published the challenge of four “cardinals” to Francis after the latter refused for almost two months to answer their direct and straightforward questions about the revolutionary doctrine proposed by the controversial exhortation:

Francis’ turbo-charged advancement of the apostasy begun by the Second Vatican Council has a very dangerous but perhaps very much intended side effect: The pre-Francis antipopes of the Vatican II Sect — especially Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI — now appear as traditional Catholic heroes, who held the line on Catholic teaching and especially Catholic morals. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

We have long said that Francis’ open apostasy may be designed to make Benedict XVI and John Paul II look Catholic, and this is exactly what he has accomplished, judging by how many “traditionalists” in the Novus Ordo Church are acting: John Paul II and Benedict XVI are now being treated as though they had been paragons of Catholic orthodoxy, when in truth they undermined Catholicism every step of the way and engaged in the most disgusting heretical practices, taught heresy and other errors, and humiliated Jesus Christ before the Jews. John Paul II in particular is infamous for his sexual theology known as the “Theology of the Body”, for his liturgical extravaganzas, for his excessive ecumenism, and for starting the tradition of the apostate interreligious prayer meetings at Assisi. Oh, but surely he opposed adultery, right? Perhaps so, but this alone does not make one a Catholic. This is the greater tragedy.

For a long time now we have predicted that an internal Novus Ordo schism would eventually result because of Francis’ open program of apostasy:

Whenever that schism will be formalized, dividing the Novus Ordo Sect into Modernists adhering to Francis and Modernists adhering to the other Vatican II “Popes”, it seems that we have just come a huge step closer.

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    For this kind of action, Bergoglio surely can count with the expertise of his communist dictators friends (Castro brothers, Maduro, etc).

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