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Full Coverage: Francis celebrates Reformation with Lutherans in Sweden

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It is “Reformation Day” today — basically the high holyday of the Lutheran sects — and the papal pretender Francis has made good on his threat to visit Malmo and Lund, Sweden, to celebrate the “accomplishments” of the Protestant Reformation, which had its official beginning in Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517.

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All peas in the same pod!

Catholic Reality Check:

The errors of Martin Luther were solemnly condemned by Pope Leo X in the bull Exsurge Domine, issued on June 15, 1520. Luther and his followers were declared excommunicated by the same Pope in the bull Decet Romanum Pontificem on January 3, 1521. The Council of Trent met from 1545-1563 to refute the errors of Lutheranism and explain Catholic doctrine:

The traditional Catholic condemnation of ecumenism and so-called “interfaith” gatherings and conferences is laid out in our topical page, and

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8 Responses to “Francis celebrates Reformation with Lutherans in Sweden: Full Coverage”

  1. bsackamano

    Yeah I have an old 1934 catechism that quotes several councils that mention excommunication( or anathema), automatic and regardless of enforcement or even acknowledgement, for several things the antipopes have done freely in public for decades. This would be one of them, associating with and thus encouraging schismatics and heretics. Another would be the Communist and Masonry ones, which certainly all of the antipopes have either encouraged or active members of. We are to obey God and not men when one plainly conflicts with the other. Anyone who actually reads the Bible and the traditions and liturgy(pre-vatican II) can see that’s what we have.

  2. Terrence Tuffy

    What is sad is; in the past an event such as this would have made headlines in the world’s media. Yet, not a word. Nobody, not even “Catholics” give a [darn].

  3. Sonia

    The Novus Ordo is the New World religion – faiths are nothing more than potato potahto. To them, it’s all the same thing, however you slice it.

  4. tangomikemike

    I enjoy novus ordo watch and I long for more traditional liturgical celebrations in more parishes. HOWEVER, I watched the Prayer service today in Lund, Sweden and I did not see anyone celebrating the Reformation. Question: If some Japanese dignitaries visit Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th, will it be to celebrate 75 years or memorialize/commemorate 75 years and maybe regret the violence between our nations?. Please try to be more open to THE Holy Father’s efforts at meeting those estranged by their own traditions where they are. The Church hierarchy is making efforts to be receptive to those who question the Lutheran and Anglican traditions they have grown up in and lived to no fault of their own.

    • Novus Ordo Watch

      Sir, he spoke about the GIFTS given to the Church by the Reformation — and no, he wasn’t talking about the Council of Trent or the Counter-Reformation. By analogy, he was thanking God for the gifts of the Pearl Harbor attack.

      • tangomikemike

        Well, what did he mean by that? I am trying to google it. Maybe he meant its an ill wind that blows no good. I am convinced there was no one in attendance with serious grievances with the Church.

  5. ClareB

    I must say that I was enlightened (a real eye-opener) by the Most Holy Trinity Seminary Newsletter for September 2016 where Bishop Sanborn wrote a bit of an overview of a course that he is teaching, De Ecclesia, On the Church. He writes: “One might ask how it happened that the New Theology managed to hijack Vatican II”. He goes on… to where the answer lies. Within the text is a wonderful photo of Saint Pius X and the caption reads: “Saint Pius X, “the Great”, who without hesitation condemned modernism and removed modernists. If his policies had been continued by his successors, Vatican II would never have taken place”.

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