Music against Modernism!

The World’s First Anti-Vatican II Song!

“Vatican II — What the Heck are You?!”

It took over 50 years, but it was worth the wait: The world’s first-ever Catholic song against the Novus Ordo Sect’s disastrous Second Vatican Council (Vatican II) has been released! “Vatican 2! What the Heck Are You?” is sung and performed by Damo of True Restoration, and it’s a song you don’t want to miss!

A catchy tune, hilarious lyrics, and a noticeable Australian accent make Damo’s ditty a real keeper!

So… are you curious? Listen free to the entire song right here:

The single was produced by True Restoration and is available with full lyrics from their web site, where you can also purchase a copy of the song through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other popular music services:

So, show your opposition to Vatican II and the Counterchurch! Play “Vatican 2! What the Heck are you?” at your next party, give it as a gift to family and friends, annoy a co-worker, or use it to strike up a conversation to show how far removed from Catholicism the Novus Ordo Church really is.

Oh Vatican Two!
It’s easy to tell —
You are not from Heaven,
You are straight from Hell.

                 —from the lyrics

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