Fallout from the latest Francis Fiasco

Novus Ordo Priest warns Francis the Holy Ghost will Strike him Dead or Incapacitate him!


Official caption: “A lightning strikes St Peter’s dome at the Vatican on February 11, 2013. Pope Benedict XVI announced today he will resign as leader of the world’s 1.1 billion Catholics on February 28 because his age prevented him from carrying out his duties — an unprecedented move in the modern history of the Catholic Church.”

As we predicted early on, Francis has caused nothing but chaos in the Modernist Sect since he began to play “Bishop of Rome” on March 13, 2013. Apparently not familiar with the job description of even Novus Ordo “Pope”, Francis has recently announced that when it comes to the question about whether Lutherans and “Catholics” can participate in each other’s “communion” (which he called the “Lord’s Supper”), he will leave this to “those who understand”, to “the theologians”, because it is “not my competence”, as he said in an answer riddled with heresy on November 15 during a visit to one of Rome’s Lutheran churches. If you haven’t seen this story yet, be sure to check out our post on it, as well as a few other commentaries:

It has been evident from the beginning that theology isn’t his thing (especially not Catholic theology), and yet this admitted fact doesn’t keep him from constantly “instructing” his sheeple through daily homilies that usually consist of gratuitous insults and pseudo-spiritual rambling with a hefty portion of bizarre metaphors that have no clear meaning apart from what Francis spontaneously assigns to them, as manifested by the context. Not to mention his constant speeches, interviews, phone calls, addresses, and endless documents.

After issuing the motu proprio granting drive-thru annulments, after promoting more Naturalism in his visit to the U.S. and Cuba, and after a tumultuous synod on the family and another scandalous interview by Eugenio Scalfari, Francis has now kicked things up yet another notch by announcing this past Sunday that Lutherans should just “discern” if they can receive Novus Ordo communion, after “talking to the Lord” and “moving forward.” Well that would also settle the issue of “Catholic” adulterers, wouldn’t it?

All this is taking place even after it had already come to light that some high-ranking clergy in the Vatican were becoming restless about Francis’ path of theological and spiritual destruction and preparing to move against him in some way or another. And just yesterday, on Nov. 16, the reliable Novus Ordo insider Edward Pentin, journalist for the National Catholic Register, reported the following on Twitter: “Senior Vatican official speaking anon[ymously]: ‘This pontificate poses serious risks for the integrity of Catholic teaching in faith and morals’” (source):

We’ve said before that the Bergoglian chaos can’t last much longer without someone blowing a fuse soon. Well, it looks like now someone has.

On November 16, “Father” George David Byers, a Novus Ordo parish priest in North Carolina who blogs at Arise! Let Us Be Going!, and who is actually one of those special “missionaries of mercy” appointed by Francis for the upcoming jubilee year, published an open letter in which he warns the “Pope” that if he should attempt to make this sort of “communion-for-all” nonsense part of the infallible ordinary Magisterium, that the Holy Ghost would intervene and prevent him from doing so, either by causing his death somehow, or by incapacitating him:

I note your overture to a Lutheran woman at the Lutheran church on Via Sicilia in Rome on 15 November 2015, the one who asked about intercommunion (starting minute 21.00 on the Vatican YouTube video).

I had to wonder before if your recent interview with Eugenio Scalfari was correctly reported. I now have no doubt.

With due respect to your person and your office, I ask you not to make this kind of thing part of what you want to publish about the Synod with the authority of the infallible ordinary magisterium, which you inferred you would most certainly do in your speech of October 17, 2015.

If you do this, going against the doctrine of the Church, grave matters of faith and morals, on so very many points on so very many levels …, and precisely as the Bishop of Rome, the Successor of Peter, and this not just to a journalist, or a single woman, but to the universal Church, deciding what is now a matter of extreme controversy, well, you won’t be able to do it. You will either die or be incapacitated, much as Pope Sixtus V dropped dead before he could accomplish his own will on a matter also touching on marriage and divorce, which I wrote about for your own benefit….

…But the Bishop of Rome has no right to change the truth before the Living God, who is Himself Living Truth. You will not get the chance to do this, as you will surely die of natural causes, or because you are martyred, or because you are otherwise incapacitated.

Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders. Gott helfe mir.

— Father George David Byers // 16 November 2015 // Andrews, NC, USA

(“Death or Incapacitation of Pope Francis: Soon”, Arise! Let Us Be Going!, Nov. 16, 2015)

Very interesting stuff. Although it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to invoke the infamous saying of Martin Luther at the end, with which the German heresiarch justified his resistance to Catholic dogma and to the Pope: “Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders. Gott helfe mir” (“Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.”). Seriously — Martin Luther, in a post against Francis for promoting intercommunion with Lutherans? Hello?!

Well, at least Mr. Byers recognizes that Almighty God protects all legitimate successors of St. Peter from doing things that would run contrary to the infallibility of the Pope and the infallibility and indefectibility of the Catholic Church. But herein lies the rub: This only, of course, applies to true Popes and the true Church. Therefore, we know that Byers’ prediction will come to nothing, because Francis is not a true Pope, and his sect is not the Catholic Church.


Francis the Lutheran, left, and “Fr.” George Byers

What is puzzling to see is that although we have a number of people in the Novus Ordo acknowledging that Francis cannot cross the line without proving false his claim to being Pope, it seems that this line keeps moving further and further out. Perhaps “Fr.” Byers is not aware, but Francis long ago crossed that line. For example, by canonizing as a “saint” the public apostate Karol Wojtyla, aka “Pope” John Paul II. Canonizations are infallible acts of the Roman Pontiff. Since a public apostate cannot be a Catholic saint, Francis definitively proved that he is not a true Pope because he, using infallible and definitive language, declared John Paul II to be a Catholic saint.

Remember? Let’s review:

Sorry, “Fr.” Byers, but Francis did not drop dead before “canonizing” John Paul II. Back in 2011, The Remnant’s celebrated rhetorician Christopher Ferrara had already dared to make a similar prediction, insisting that it would be impossible — yes, he used that word! — for a Pope to make John Paul II a saint, and he even insinuated that Benedict XVI possibly resigned in order to prevent such a “canonization” — a most ridiculous argument for sure!

Yet, what happened? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The bogus canonization went ahead as planned, and Francis thereby definitively ruled out any possibility that he might be a lawful and valid successor of St. Peter. In short: His goose is long cooked, over-cooked at this point.

So, we would like to remind all Novus Ordos, and esp. the Rev. Byers, that Francis has long crossed the line that is impossible for a true Pope to cross. Let’s stop moving it further out; let’s stop pretending that he hasn’t long done what is impossible for a Pope to do.

The game is over. So let’s stop continually changing the rules to keep this farce of a game alive.

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