Hand-ing on the Masonic tradition?

The Curious Handshakes of “Pope” Francis

The future “Pope” Francis, right, shakes hands with Benedict XVI. Original caption: “Vatican City, VATICAN CITY STATE: Pope Benedict XVI meets the archbishop of Buenos Aires Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio at the Vatican, 13 January 2007.” Credit: ARTURO MARI / OSSERVATORE ROMANO/AFP via Getty Image

There comes a point when circumstantial evidence has become so overwhelming in terms of quantity and quality that only a fool would deny the reality it points to. Jorge Bergoglio — the apostate Argentinian layman pulling off the “Pope Francis” Show in the Vatican — not only talks like a Mason, acts like a Mason, and teaches the doctrines of Freemasonry, he also shakes hands like one.

The video below gives some pretty clear evidence. Take a look:

But let’s avoid all misunderstanding: We are not saying that Francis is a Freemason simply because of handshakes. Oh no — he is a Freemason (whether an actual member or “only” in adherence to their doctrines) because practically everything he says and does is perfectly in line with Masonry, if not in every detail, certainly in essence. The handshakes are merely the icing on the cake — confirming what anyone with eyes to see can discover is really in plain sight:

In his Masonry, Francis follows in the tradition of his impostor-pope predecessors, including Joseph Ratzinger, often erroneously hailed as a Catholic traditionalist. Take a look at the The Curious Handshakes of Benedict XVI for clear confirmation of this.

Reality Check:

Image source: Getty Images (Arturo Mari)
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