005 TRADCAST (31 MAY 2015)


  • Analysis of and commentary on Francis’ Latest Bombshell: His admission that his Ecumenism of Blood “may perhaps be a heresy, I don’t know” — The eclipse of the Church and where to go from here
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5 Responses to “TRADCAST 005 (May 31, 2015)”

  1. John Raymond

    God will supply pope to consecrate Russia properly. Won’t be Novo’s ordo or sspx. A sedevecantist, God will show off Blessed Virgin Mary… See Our Lady of Good Success. BTW, so angry at Novos ordo… Want formal excommunication. They are non responsive. How do I get one?????

  2. John Raymond

    2 OT items. I watch Fr Larrabee offer Latin Mass on YouTube. Best missal I have is Roncalli, 62, which is no good. Father Cekada said bugnini et al started corrupting Mass late 40s. So where can I get prayers to go along w Father Larrabee? Not even missal, jury unadulterated prayers. Would pay

    • Novus Ordo Watch

      Fr. Larrabee uses the pre-1955 Missal, which you can get here:

      Keep in mind that the Catholic Church has the authority to make changes to her liturgical rites. These changes can be prudent or imprudent, but they can never been in and of themselves harmful or evil or sacrilegious. The authority that stands behind the changes to the Mass in 1955 is the Vicar of Christ Himself, Pope Pius XII — not Fr. Bugnini. Just wanted to clarify that.

  3. John Raymond

    Last. I was raised in rcia, modernist novos ordo h sc. But……..Have learned a lot in spitet. But when I sp about Catholic faith, I make mistakes at times. Also new issues, bod, Bob, thuc
    consecration eyes glaze over. Am I heretic on either count? I am least pertinacious Catholic you will meet, want to be 100% Catholic.. If I stayed silent more, would that be way to go. I go to hostile sites, naval, n cath reg, to discuss Catholic, pro life, and am pretty accurate. But not always. Sorry novos ordo watch. Massive vacuum, you are trusted source

    • Novus Ordo Watch

      As long as you retain the disposition in your will to always submit to the Roman Catholic Church and all true Vicars of Christ, you need never fear to be guilty of the sin of heresy. At worst, you might be making a mistake about what the true teaching is that you are seeking to adhere to.

      I know there is a lot to go through, a lot to learn, and there are different “factions” in sedevacantism because the final authority that could settle things (the Pope) is absent. You are doing the right thing: You are searching, you are trying to learn. I emailed you directly a few days ago. I will close this comment thread now, so please reply to that email and we can stay in touch and discuss different things privately. God bless.

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