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Surveying the Landscape after the First Synod Document causes Chaos in Novus Ordo Land

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a bloodbath. When the first synod document was released yesterday, Oct. 13, there was no stopping the avalanche of shock, horror, outrage, confusion, bewilderment, and — from the other Novus Ordo side — glee, excitement, and (dare we say it?) triumphalism!

Chaos Frank has struck again, and this time perhaps more than ever before in his 19-month reign as the leader of the institution that falsely claims to be the Catholic Church. We’d like to take a moment now and survey the landscape, so to speak, of reaction among the Novus Ordo populace, especially those who have been trying most vociferously to defend the more and more obviously ludicrous idea that Jorge Bergoglio is actually the Pope of the Catholic Church.

About a week ago, we published a timely post entitled, “How Long Until Schism? The Novus Ordo Sect on the Brink of Chaos.” On cue, just like clockwork, it all seems to be happening more or less exactly the way we predicted it. There is chaos, confusion, lots of tension, and now the threat of schism is starting be talked about more openly than before. Read on.

The morning of Oct. 13, the Vatican released the first synod document, a sort-of “mid-term report” filled with summaries of the salient points of the different ideas offered during the first week of discussions that took place in the assemblies. This document, known as the Relatio Post Disceptationem (“Report after Discussions”), serves as the fundamental working paper for further discussion at the synod. Though it is by no means a “magisterial” document, it certainly signals the general direction in which things are headed.

This document is available on the Vatican web site here:

Our initial commentary and analysis of the document can be found here:

Shortly after the document was released, and people had a chance to peruse it, a flood of reactions began to pour in. Vatican commentator John Thavis called it a “pastoral earthquake”, and the leftist Tablet referred to the paper as heralding a “major shift in the Church’s pastoral care.” The indult blog Rorate Caeli denounced the document as creating a “New Gospel” while “Fr. Z” (Rev. John Zuhlsdorf) warned his readers of a “Synod of the Media”.

The U.K. blogger Mundabor accused Francis of dancing Tango with Satan (see Part 1 and Part 2) while Louie Verrecchio pointed out that excrement had begun to hit the fan. A newly-formed pro-family group called Voice of the Family quickly issued a statement on the document, calling it a “betrayal” of Catholic parents worldwide.

Michael Voris intrepidly reported directly from Rome on the Synod’s “Confused, Contradictory Chaos”, yet conveniently failed to mention Francis’ involvement in the whole spectacle (we call his program The Ignore-tex for a reason). At the same time, Jimmy Akin offered another 12 Things to Know and Share, and Christopher Ferrara is praying for a miracle as he denounces this “devilish piece of trash.”

At one point, “Cardinal” Peter Erdo, official rapporteur of the Synod, was asked to clarify the document’s outrageous and explosive statements on homosexuality and sodomitical behavior, yet refused, instead pointing the reporter to “Archbishop” Bruno Forte, identifying him as the author of the controversial paragraphs. (Background information on this episode has since been provided by Sandro Magister, here.) What must not be glossed over here is that Forte is known to be an extreme liberal, and it was none other than then-“Cardinal” Joseph Ratzinger who personally consecrated him a “bishop” in 2004. Chris Ferrara at The Remnant blasted Ratzinger for this at the time (see “Ratzinger Personally Consecrates Neo-Modernist Bishop”), denouncing him as a conniving “ecclesial termite”, only to begin hailing him as the great stalwart of Tradition (“Pope Benedict XVI”) a few weeks later, when the wind blew in a different direction.

John Vennari of Catholic Family News came up with the ultimate solution: Write your Nuncio! Vennari posted:


Send Your Concerns Immediately to the U.S. Apostolic Delegate

WRITE TO United States Nuncio to demand NO CHANGE WHATSOVER on the Catholic teaching and practice on marriage, family life and perverse lifestyles, and to demand absolute fidelity to the received teaching of the Church, as found in Pius XI’s Casti Cannubii [sic].


Yeah, that’s it! See, if only a few more people had signed The Remnant’s grand petition to “Stop the Synod” — it didn’t even get 1,400 signatures by October 5 — all this chaos could perhaps have been averted! Maybe Vennari forgot that the nuncio has a boss, and his name is “Pope Francis,” the one whom Vennari has forbidden from teaching religion to his children. We’ve said it before and say it again to all those Neo-Trads: Actions have consequences. If you accept a Modernist as Pope, then you must live with the Modernist consequences. Stop complaining — you are the problem just as much, because without people’s acknowledgement of the man as the head of the Catholic Church, he would have no power whatsoever! All the strength of his revolution lies in the idea that he is the head of the Catholic Church. The more people abandon this silly idea, the more quickly this whole mess will come to an end.

Later on October 13, Vatican Radio released an interview with the head of the conference of Polish Novus Ordo bishops, who said the Synod document was “unacceptable” and it contradicted the teaching of John Paul II. (Never mind it contradicting the true Catholic teaching before Vatican II — at this point, the situation is so bad they can’t even get continuity within their own Modernism!)

Kelly Bowring, a Modernist theologian with sympathies for real Catholicism and an ardent promoter of end-times prophecy (danger! stay away!), published a brief blog post asking whether a new schism had just begun, and he answers in the affirmative: “Quite likely yes.” Just a few days before, Bowring had released an explosive “Open Letter to Pope Francis” in which he threatened schism should Francis continue to go down the road he has indicated in so many ways. Our analysis and commentary of Bowring’s manifesto can be found here.

Speaking of schism…. This past Thursday, the Paraguayan Opus Dei “bishop” whom Francis just removed from office, Rogelio Livieres Plano, used his blog to openly warn of an emerging schism, saying: “The situation is very grave and I’m not the first to notice that, regretfully, we’re facing the danger of a great schism” (source). We’ve been saying for a while now that a schism among Novus Orods is inevitable, and in fact has already begun in a microscopic way in the “Resignationists” who believe Benedict XVI is still Pope, or that “Cardinal” Scola was really elected (more on that here). Journalist Antonio Socci’s book disputing the validity of Francis’ election adds fuel to this fire, which, it seems, must soon cause a gigantic explosion. There are more and more people who simply cannot take Francis’ daily open trashing of Catholicism any longer.

On October 14, The Catholic World Report published a mini-interview with “Cardinal” Raymond Burke, pretty much the last great hope of the Novus Ordo neo-conservatives in this whole spectacle, but whose position of influence in the Vatican has been waning under Francis:

This does not, of course, prevent some others from being in denial about what is happening. The “iPadre” Rev. Jay Finelli still believes all will turn out well, and of course Mark Shea, who draws a paycheck from EWTN, always has an answer for you — it’s all a matter of you getting it all wrong, you not knowing what the Gospel really is, youneeding to be educated by people like him!

Whew, are you exhausted yet? This is just the beginning. If all this happens from a single draft document, can you imagine what will happen when a real text is released? You can’t make this stuff up!

And now for a few concluding thoughts.

At World Youth Day in Rio 2013, “Pope” Francis said to the participants, “Make a mess! I want a mess!” Well, he got one. We’ve been calling him “Chaos Frank” since almost the beginning, because the signs were there. Chaos indeed he has unleashed, and it will only get worse. He didn’t come this far only to make a U-turn now.

The Modernist Revolution has been with us since it began in 1958, so that’s nothing new. What’s new is that things are so blatant and so advanced now that a rift is beginning to occur within the Modernist Vatican II Church itself, between those who would rally behind Francis and accelerate the apostasy even more, and those who would gather behind Benedict XVI, so to speak, mistakenly thinking that in him and the Novus Ordo Sect before Francis they will find the solution and salvation they seek, but which was just the necessary transitional prelude to the Bergoglian Church.

By the way, this outrageous idea of finding “elements” of Holy Matrimony in fornication-cohabitation which the Synod document talks about, isn’t new. Jorge Bergoglio himself mentioned it approvingly in a book he published in 2010, and this is something we blasted him for from the very beginning, when people like Chris Ferrara at The Remnant were still busy trying to spin the man as a Catholic and complaining that people like us were just rushing to judgment about Francis, when the proof was already in the pudding as his public record in Buenos Aires spoke for itself. But these people are now once again acting as though they are the ones everyone should listen to, when they first tried all they could to make Francis look like a Catholic and only turned on him once it became patently impossible to continue the charade. Buyer, beware!

It is an absolute theological freak show in Rome at this point. Finding “positive” aspects in fornication, adultery, sodomy? Poor St. John the Baptist (see Matthew 14) — he could have kept his head attached to his neck if only he had known about what the “Holy Spirit” would be telling the Vatican in the future. You see, if he had only avoided such “insensitive” language against King Herod, language that clearly “discriminated” against him, making him feel “unwelcome” and “judged”, oh, how much more could have been accomplished! If only the Baptist had recognized the “good elements” in the king’s adultery, all would have been well! Mark Shea guarantees it!

Likewise, our Blessed Lord: Instead of “encouraging” the woman at the well to strive for the “ideal” of a valid marriage, He flat-out told her, “For thou hast had five husbands: and he whom thou now hast, is not thy husband” (Jn 4:18). That is so insensitive! What about the positive aspects of her adultery? What about the “fidelity” and “love” she was surely showing to her “Husband No. 5”? Wasn’t she making sacrifices and such? Didn’t she cook him meals? Clearly, the Holy Spirit of 2000 years ago hadn’t yet “smelled the scent of the people.” Good thing we’ve got Bergoglio now to straighten it all out!

You can only laugh at this silly Francis Show in the Vatican. Whoever still believes that this sect of heretics and blasphemers is the Catholic Church, can’t be helped. And please don’t say, “There have been bad Popes before!” This isn’t about a Pope who is morally bad. This is about a man who does not hold the Catholic Faith. See our post explaining this crucial distinction here:

And in case you’re wondering, “Now What?”, we have some answers here.

Fasten your seatbelts, for this is only the beginning!

Image sources: (Catholic Church of England and Wales) / manipulated still shot from The Passion of the Christ
Licenses: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 / fair use

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