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The Strange “Papacy” of Jorge Bergoglio
by Miles Christi

When on March 13, 2013, a largely unknown Argentinian stepped onto the balcony of St. Peter’s, dressed fully in white, his first words “Good Evening” were only the ominous beginning. Since then, utter chaos has been unfolding in the Novus Ordo Sect (Vatican II Church) under the new leadership of “Pope Francis.” Most people who have been trying to be good Catholics are getting restless, and the upcoming Synod on the Family promises to unleash another theological earthquake, quite possibly leading to a schism within the False Church itself.

The author Miles Christi (“Soldier of Christ”) has written a lengthy and well-documented study of Bergoglio’s first eleven months in the office he has usurped and made it available in several languages. Click to download in the language of your choice (all files in PDF format):

The study is divided into several numbered sections:

  1. The Question of Islam
  2. The Question of Judaism
  3. Francis and State Secularism
  4. The Homosexual Ideology
  5. Francis and Freemasonry
  6. Other Statements and Facts

This is great reading material for all who still need to be convinced — or want to convince others — that Jorge Bergoglio is not a Roman Catholic and is most definitely not the Pope of the Catholic Church. Thank you, Miles Christi!

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