Catholic Church vs. Vatican II Church

Time to Wake Up!

When CATHOLICS build a church…

Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Boston, Massachusetts (1877)


When MODERNISTS build a church…

Divine Mercy of our Lord “Catholic” Church in Mesquite, Texas (2007)

Guess which one of these is considered by the Vatican to represent a “New Springtime” in the Faith!

The contrast between the true Catholic Faith and the Modernist Vatican II religion is strikingly visible:

Modernist church architecture is hideous, cold, banal, stupid, barren, dull, earthly, irreverent, and profane. It is therefore also a perfect fit for the Novus Ordo Missae, which “Pope” Paul VI imposed in 1969. Notice that oftentimes the tabernacle has been banned completely from the sanctuary, which is essentially telling us: “Get God out of the way, we don’t want Him here, he’s interfering with our celebration of ourselves!” The Novus Ordo sanctuary pictured above is actually not even too bad for Modernist standards, considering other examples we could have used, such as this “worship space” at St. John Neumann “Catholic” church in Miami, Florida, this “sanctuary” at St. John Vianney “Catholic” church in Bettendorf, Iowa, or this awful architecture inside St. Hilaire church in Melle, France.

On the other hand, genuine Roman Catholic architecture is beautiful, majestic, reverent, awe-inspiring, sacred — and always raises the mind to heavenly things, for which reason alone it refreshes many a soul. Real Catholic churches are designed to be a worthy house for the Lord, who dwells truly and physically in their tabernacles.

Thus the difference between the Catholic Church and the Novus Ordo Vatican II Sect can be seen not only in their contradictory teachings and disciplines, but also in the very architecture that gives expression to their respective beliefs. This lends even more credence to the fact that there is a substantial difference between the two religions, and any talk of “continuity” is foolish and ultimately deceptive.

The hideous Modernist churches, together with the awful “New Mass” of Paul VI, proved to be the perfect mix to catapult the New Religion into the souls of every church-going Catholic in the 1960s and beyond. Few people ever read the conciliar documents or the new catechisms — it was the new liturgy and terrifying church architecture, more than anything else, that made the Novus Ordo religion so successful.

Lex orandi, lex credendi — how we pray shows what we believe. Compare what today’s “Catholics” believe with what the Catholics under Pope Pius XII and his predecessors believed, and you will find two essentially different religions, as we prove time and again on this web site.

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