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Goals for Peace:
Soccer against War & Genocide


The Official Invitation – click to enlarge

You’d think this is straight from a comedy show, but it’s not: It’s the cold, sad truth. While Christian men, women, and children in Iraq are systematically being massacred in the most barbaric ways, such as by being beheaded, buried alive, or torn in half by members of the Islamic “Religion of Peace”, the world’s most beloved Modernist, Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”), who is supposedly the Supreme Shepherd of the world’s 1 billion Catholics, will be hosting an international-interreligious “Soccer Match for Peace”, to be held on September 1, 2014, in Rome’s Olympic Stadium.

The graphic above shows the official invitation sent out by the Vatican to various celebrity soccer (football) players and coaches, such as Ronaldinho, Roberto Baggio, Diego Maradona, Gianluigi Buffon, Zinedine Zidane, and Lionel Messi. The purpose of the match is to unite people of various nationalities and religions in the promotion of “peace.” No doubt it will terrify the warring parties in Israel and Gaza and the genocidal ISIS terrorists in Iraq — and bring great consolation to the victims — to know that in Rome a soccer game is being played to put an end to violence and promote instead a “culture of dialogue and encounter.”


ISIS Terorists in Iraq: They rape, enslave, torture, behead, bury alive anyone who won’t convert to the Satanic Muslim religion — Francis’ solution? Dialogue and soccer! What could embolden these savages more?

The Italian blog Chiesa e Post Concilio published a brief but excellent commentary on this ludicrous madness by Alessandro Gnocchi, which you can read in Italian here.

Francis is once again demonstating that he is a naturalist: He believes it is possible to obtain peace in this world if everyone just finds a way to get along, if we all just “encounter” one another in “dialogue” and “mutual understanding.” He clearly has no clue about — or simply disbelieves — the true human condition and the consequences of original sin. A “Pope” who calls for a soccer game to help peace efforts cannot — and will not — be taken seriously by anyone. This cannot help but embolden the evil we are up against.

Regarding the absolutely barbaric atrocities committed against Christians, Yezidis and others in Iraq by Islamists trying to establish a caliphate in the region, Francis kept silent for a long time and, when asked about it in an interview, said the following:

In cases where there is unjust aggression, all I can say is that it is right to “stop” an unjust aggressor. I must emphasise the verb “stop”, by this I do not mean dropping bombs and declaring war, but stopping it. Careful consideration needs to go into how it is stopped. Stopping an unjust aggressor is right. But we must bear in mind how many times the excuse of stopping an unjust aggressor has been used by powers to take control of populations and gone to war in order to conquer. One nation alone cannot judge how an unjust aggressor should be stopped. After World War Two, the idea of the United Nations came about; this is where discussion needs to take place, asking: is this an unjust aggressor? It seems so, so how do we stop him? Nothing more than this. Secondly there are the minorities. Thank you for using this term. Because people talk to me about Christians, about the suffering, about martyrs. And yes, there are many martyrs. But here there are men and women, religious minorities; not all of them are Christians but all of them are equal in God’s eyes. Stopping the unjust aggressor is humanity’s right but it is also the aggressor’s right to be stopped so he does not cause any harm.”
(Andrea Tornielli, “Francis on Iraq: It’s up to the UN to decide how the aggressor will be stopped”La Stampa, Aug. 18, 2014)

This sorry response by the supposed “Vicar of Christ” to the unbelievably horrific genocide going on in Iraq is an absolute scandal. He will not even mention that the “unjust aggressors” are Muslims, probably for fear of offending other Muslims or of hurting his interreligious dialogues. Yet the reality of the atrocities being committed is so horrendous that only few will be able to stomach the evidence. The following link is extremely disturbing, with graphic images of a 5-year-old boy being cut in half by these Muslim monsters. We provide it only to drive home the contrast between the reality of the evil and Francis’ outrageously insipid and heartless response (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC & DISTURBING IMAGES: CLICK HERE).

Yes, Bergoglio’s response to this is: “It is licit to stop an unjust aggressor”! And he will not even say how the aggressor is to be stopped (gee — what options might there be when a machete-wielding Muslim wants to cut off your head or bury you alive?!). Instead, he outrageously claims that one country “alone” cannot decide how to stop Muslim terrorists (in reality, this can and often must be decided by each individual affected, if he has the means to stop the aggressor), and deflects the responsibility to guide people in right morals and the principles of just war by pointing to the United Nations instead. (In other words, the message is: “Don’t look to the Pope for moral guidance; go to the United Nations! Who am I to judge?!”)

Words fail in the face of such outrageous virtual indifference to such atrocious evil!

But then again, he’s got his soccer game scheduled, so peace can’t be far off:


Let us recall that Francis’ last “brilliant” idea for peace in 18the Middle East was an interfaith prayer event between “Catholics”, Jews, and Muslims, right at the Vatican. (At first, it was supposed to be held in St. Peter’s Basilica but was moved to the Vatican Gardens at the last minute, only because the Jews were offended at having to look at the crucifixes inside St. Peter’s!)

It was at this very interreligious prayer event, which is an extreme offense against God (much worse than sins like fornication, theft, or perjury, as bad as they are), that a Muslim imam spontaneously prayed in Arabic for “victory over the infidels” — and did so with complete impunity!

Is it any wonder that the current chaos in the Middle East broke out right after the Vatican interfaith peace prayer? God will not be mocked (see Gal 6:7) — he will punish the world for such grave sins against the First Commandment, as He always has. We must make reparation for these horrible affronts to the Most Holy Trinity, and petition God to grant us true peace, which can only come from our Lord Jesus Christ, not from Jews, not from Muslims, not from secularists, pagans, Protestants, or agnostics.

“[T]he peace of Christ … is the only true peace”, Pope Pius XI taught in his 1922 encyclical Ubi Arcano (no. 37). Three years later, the same Pope again taught that the peace of Christ is only possible through the kingdom of Christ on earth, when all submit to the sweet yoke of His gentle rule: “When once men recognize, both in private and in public life, that Christ is King, society will at last receive the great blessings of real liberty, well-ordered discipline, peace and harmony” (Pius XI, Encyclical Quas Primas, n. 19). Bergoglio should try that for a change — he’s obviously never tried it before.

Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!

Long live Christ the King!

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