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Francis’ Address on the 100th Anniversary of the Passing of Pope Saint Pius X

As we reported in a blog post yesterday, August 20, 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the day Pope St. Pius X (Giuseppe Sarto) passed from this earth, received his judgment, and was rewarded with a blessed eternity. Pius X, of course, was the great scourge of the Modernists, fully exposing, systematically refuting, and relentlessly fighting this terrible apostasy at its roots. Unlike his successors, Pope Pius X possessed the right amount of prudence in dealing with this “synthesis of all heresies”, as he called it, ensuring not only that Modernism was refuted, but also that those who held it or were sympathetic to it would be identified, properly punished, and/or effectively prevented from rising to any positions of influence in the church. Our Tribute to St. Pius X gives more details on that.

The whole purpose of our web site and mission is to expose the Vatican II Church — the strange new “Novus Ordo” church that came into being, at least de facto, after the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958 and especially at the Second Vatican Council — as a product and purveyor of the Modernist heresy, and we document constantly that the people in its hierarchy, most especially its false “Popes”, are not Catholics but Modernists. (None of them — six in total so far — more obviously so than Jorge Bergoglio aka Francis.)

Officially, of course, the Novus Ordo Church venerates the incorrupt Pius X as a saint (feast day August 21), since it claims to be the true Catholic Church and in full continuity with Pius XII and all Popes back to St. Peter. We were, therefore, very eager to see how the Vatican would deal with the 100th anniversary of the death of this wonderful Saint Pope, since recalling Pius X and with him his condemnation of Modernism, would not exactly be in the best interests of the Vatican II Sect, as Modernism is its theological foundation, as it were, and permeates everything it does.

Still, when August 20, 2014 came around, we were rather surprised: We had expected that Francis would at least pay lip service to St. Pius X and at least briefly mention him for the sake of politeness and not being able to be accused of snubbing him — but no. Nothing but defeaning silence regarding this great anniversary! No festivities, no special address, no commemorative document, no special prayers, not even a single mention, even in passing, at his General Audience.

This speaks volumes and only corroborates what we’ve been saying: the Vatican II Church is Modernist, not Catholic. The “Pope” and Vatican, you see, do not “forget” anniversaries, and certainly nothing as significant as the centennial (100th anniversary) of a decased Pope who was declared a saint!

The Modernist Vatican’s selective commemorations of significant anniversaries is very glaring especially this year, as August 20 fell on a Wendesday, meaning it is a day when the “Pope” gives his traditional general audience, giving him ample opportunity to speak to the public from a prepared text and also add anything off-the-cuff he considers to be of special importance. Likewise, August 6 of this year fell on a Wednesday, and Aug. 6 is the day of the death of “Pope” Paul VI (Giovanni Battista Montini), the Modernist antipope who died in 1978 after giving the world the new Conciliar religion: Vatican II, the New “Mass”, Ecumenism, religious liberty, collegiality, and all the rest.

Not surprisingly, even though this year marked only a 36-year anniversary since Paul VI’s passing (rather insignificant compared to a 100-year anniversary, and of a saint), Francis found glowing words of praise for the deceased Modernist, as shown in the video above. Yet when it came to the centenary of Saint Pius X, Francis skipped over the event entirely, thus showing his true colors: He, Francis, is a Modernist, and he will not praise or call to memory the Catholic Church’s greatest Anti-Modernist, Pope St. Pius X.

By acting in this way, Francis merely continued the policy of his predecessor, “Pope” Benedict XVI, who was entirely mum about the 100th anniversary of St. Pius’ great anti-Modernist encyclical, Pascendi Dominici Gregis, which occurred on September 8, 2007. The Vatican is typically very quick to commemorate anniversaries of encyclicals, even more obscure ones, as seen in the following examples:

Who in the Vatican commemorates Pope St. Pius X’s centennial or the 100th anniversary of his landmark encyclical against Modernism? Why, no one of course — they are all Modernists!

It is occasions like this that underscore and give further weight to what we have been saying about the Vatican II Church and its disdain for, and contradiction with, the Catholic Church of all time. It also goes to show that Novus Ordo apologists’ claims that the New Church is likewise anti-Modernist and that today’s teachings are all in “continuity” with the past, are nothing but hogwash. (Here we think of people such as Michael Voris, Tim Haines, Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin, Karl Keating, Dave Armstrong, and the rest of the gang.)

Let’s be clear: We’re not saying that this glaring omission by the Vatican regarding St. Pius X proves anything by itself, strictly speaking. However, it does lend further credence to the proof we’ve been giving for years. If we view this omission in the context of all the rest, it becomes obvious that it was no mistake, no oversight. After all, it makes perfect sense that an institution which is founded on the principles and ideas condemned by St. Pius X wouldn’t exactly celebrate his heavenly birthday.

When we pointed out on Twitter yesterday that Francis had “forgotten” or was “too busy” to mention St. Pius X’s centennial in his general audience, we immediately caught flak from the Novus Ordo crowd. “Pope Francis has just suffered a terrible family bereavement. Don’t score points today”, said an associate editor at The Spectator in response to us, and another Twitter user echoed that sentiment.

Yet, this was not a fair criticism at all, because it simply did not square with the facts (and part of the modus operandi of those who defend the New Church, we have noticed, is to find a quick excuse that suffices for the moment, simply to win an argument, without ever bothering to see first whether it actually corresponds to the facts). The recent tragic death of three of Francis’ relatives has absolutely nothing to do with what we’re talking about here. It’s not like the Vatican had scheduled festivities for the centennial of St. Pius X and called them off for a wake or a bereavement ceremony or period of mourning or anything of the kind. Instead, Francis showed himself quite jovial at his general audience and had time for a meeting with Argentinian soccer players afterwards:

There was simply no reason why Francis couldn’t have mentioned — at least mentioned — the glorious anniversary of the day St. Pius X went to Heaven. We’re talking about a sainted Pope, for crying out loud! Nothing, not one word — unlike for Paul VI, who received special mention and veneration from Francis in his audience just two weeks earlier, as shown in the video at the top of this post.

But Francis and the Vatican were not alone. It’s hard to find any mention of Pius’ great anniversary anywhere on most Novus Ordo sites. A Google News search on “Pius X” brings up almost zero relevant stories. In Germany, even the leftist anti-Catholic rag Der Spiegel did something to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Pope Saint — although they did so, of course, in a negative light, falsely accusing him of supporting World War I, and passing over his heroic virtue — but that’s irrelevant to the point we’re making, which is that the anniversary of Pius X’s death did not even slip by anti-Catholics unnoticed.

The TV News Agency Rome Reports did a two-minute video clip on St. Pius X, without, of course, mentioning anything at all about his condemnation of Modernism, the one thing that he is most known for among real Catholics.

The ultra-Novus Ordo Catholic Culture site put up a small post on St. Pius X, likewise neglecting to mention Modernism at all, though they will probably say it’s because the post was specifically on liturgical matters (no reason to mention Modernism in connection with liturgy today at all, eh?).

Finally, Vatican Radio did in fact publish a miniscule snippet on St. Pius X — though none, of course, which makes any reference whatsoever to his stern fight against the Modernists. Instead, they focus on other things relating to Pius’ 11-year pontificate and even outrageously try to cast him somewhat as a forerunner of the liturgical “reforms” of the Vatican II Church.

Those who have eyes to see, let them see! The Novus Ordo Sect’s snubbing of such a great anniversary speaks volumes.

The old canard, still used by some Novus Ordo apologists, that Francis, the Vatican, and all this is still being terribly “misunderstood” is about as credible as people saying that Islam is a religion of peace and those diabolically cruel terrorists who behead, split in half, and crucify children have just “misunderstood” the Koran. (Details here — WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC & DISTURBING IMAGES!)

You can believe it if you so choose — but you will do so to your own detriment, and that of others. (By the way, have you seen any Muslims demonstrating against the barbaric crimes of ISIS in Iraq? Didn’t think so.)

Sancte Pie Decime, ora pro nobis.

St. Pius X’s Most Important Doctrinal Papal Documents:

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