Watchdog Group publishes Report


Jorge Bergoglio and Clergy Sexual Abuse in Argentina

The U.S.-based non-profit watchdog group has published a report on Novus Ordo clergy sexual abuse in Argentina, slamming Jorge Bergoglio — now “Pope” Francis — for his alleged silence during his tenure as “Archbishop” of Buenos Aires (1998-2013), the country’s largest diocese, and his time as president of the Argentine Bishops’ Conference (2005-2011).

The report was released ahead of Francis’ meeting with abuse victims in the Vatican on July 7:

In his 2010 interview book On Heaven and Earth, Bergoglio claims that priests guilty of sexual abuse were not found in his diocese: “In my diocese it never happened to me, but a bishop called me once by phone to ask me what to do in a situation like this.” While not accusing him of lying outright, the watchdog group does say it finds it “difficult to reconcile” the impression Bergoglio gives by means of this statement with the known cases of child sex abuse by Novus Ordo clergy in his country and diocese (source).

To help bring to light the full truth about the sexual abuse of minors that is reported to have taken place in Argentina, and the extent of Bergoglio’s involvement in dealing with it, has made available the following evidence:

The aim of this independent watchdog group is simply that of documenting the truth concerning child sexual abuse by Novus Ordo clergy, specifically in the United States, so that root causes can be discovered and proper remedies can be found. To learn more about them, see their “Who We Are” page and also review who has endorsed them.

As for Francis, he is not exactly known for severely condeming sexual aberrations, appointing a known Sodomite to lead the Vatican Bank, publicly holding hands with a gay-rights activist “priest”, and kissing the hand of and concelebrating “Mass” with Fr. Michele de Paolis, another strong advocate of homo perversions. Bergoglio likes to greet altar boys by kissing them on the cheek and enjoys kissing children and youths in general. Francis does, however, agree that there are sins against nature — such as cutting down trees.

No wonder Elton John has called Francis “wonderful”.


NOT part of the Confirmation rite, even in the Novus Ordo:
Francis kisses boy on cheek after “confirming” him

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