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The “Pope” Apologizes to Evangelical Pentecostals in Caserta, Italy

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Another day, another Bergoglio horror story. On Monday, June 28, 2014, “Pope” Francis visited his Protestant friend “Pastor” Giovanni Traettino in Caserta, Italy, to engage in another heretical “let’s all just get along” pep talk and to apologize for Catholics who allegedly “persecuted” and “condemned” Pentecostals in the past, which, so the Argentine apostate claimed, was the result of being “tempted by the devil.”

News coverage of the event itself, with plenty of quotes and other information, can be found in the following articles and posts:

The following video on the event was published by Rome Reports:

Enough has already been written about Francis’ heretical ecumenical agenda. The man is simply not a Catholic. The links that follow will once again demonstrate this, comparing the Novus Ordo doctrine and practice to the genuine Roman Catholic position, which is unchangeable because the truth does not change.

Pope Pius XII himself refuted the errors of the ecumenists, which were already around in his day and even as far back as the 19th century, in the following eloquent way:

Even on the plea of promoting unity it is not allowed to dissemble one single dogma; for, as the Patriarch of Alexandria warns us, “although the desire of peace is a noble and excellent thing, yet we must not for its sake neglect the virtue of loyalty in Christ.” Consequently, the much desired return of erring sons to true and genuine unity in Christ will not be furthered by exclusive concentration on those doctrines which all, or most, communities glorying in the Christian name accept in common. The only successful method will be that which bases harmony and agreement among Christ’s faithful ones upon all the truths, and the whole of the truths, which God has revealed.

(Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Orientalis Ecclesiae, n. 16; underlining added.)

In 1949, the same Pope Pius XII also issued the decree Ecclesia Catholica on the Ecumenical Movement, a text so rich in practical guidance and so clearly contrary to today’s Modernism emanating from the Vatican, that it could practically be quoted in full in this post — but we will simply provide the link:

Almost 65 years later, this document is still 100% relevant: Among other things, it speaks of the danger of exaggerating the defects of Catholics in dealing with Protestants and of disguising the faults of the Reformers. It emphasizes that under no circumstance may Catholic doctrine be impaired or conformed to the heresies of the Protestant sects. It clarifies that it would be wrong to say that we should pay greater attention to those things on which we agree with Protestants than to those things on which we differ. And it insists that true Christian unity is only possible if Protestants abandon their errors and return to the Catholic Church.

Heard that from Francis lately? Or from any of the Vatican II “Popes”?

True Catholic Teaching on Ecumenism and Christian Unity:

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