Sinister liturgies for a sinister religion…

Sound Effects “Mass”!
The Novus Ordo “Mass” in candlelight with only whispers and special sound effects — straight from hell!

The Novus Ordo Church in Austria has done it again! Just when you thought it can’t get any worse, that everything’s already been tried, that all the wickedness of hell has already been released, they come up with something new and even worse than before. “Clown Mass” is so last millennium! Here comes the Geräuschmesse — “Sound Effects Mass”!

Watch the above video in absolute shock and horror as the entire Novus Ordo liturgy is performed in near-total darkness, with the “priest” and lectors whispering, repeating various phrases, speaking and moving slowly. All this is brought to you by “Father” Peter Deibler (that’s this guy right here), who likes to baptize hair instead of the head (as required for validity) and whose confirmation class prepares for the “sacrament” of Novus Ordo confirmation by visiting a Sikh temple and mingling with pagans. (But look, they’re wearing veils! So traditional!!)

Now, don’t think for a minute this is somehow not officially approved and therefore just some “abuse” — these frightening spectacles and more are presented and happily advertized on the official Novus Ordo diocesan web site (diocese of Gurk, Austria), whose Modernist “bishop” is Mr. Alois Schwarz.

People, leave this wicked Modernist cult before the wrath of Almighty God is unleashed in fury! This sect is not the Roman Catholic Church!

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