“Chaos Frank” strikes again…

Fire breaks out at Nativity Church shortly after Francis visits Bethlehem


The Grotto of the Nativity damaged by the fire
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UPDATE 28-MAY-2014 10:48 GMT:

[The following is for all those who are not yet completely brain-dead and willing to at least entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, a man who refuses to adhere to Catholic teaching, constantly professes heresy, commits public acts of apostasy, scoffs at Catholic Tradition, and loves to make friends with the enemies of Christ, might not in fact be a valid Pope of the Catholic Church. … READ MORE

Symbolism that speaks volumes…

Hiding Christ from the Jews? Francis’ Pectoral Cross is covered during part of Meeting with Chief Rabbis

One of the many stops during Francis’ brief visit to the Holy Land was a meeting with the two Chief Rabbis of Israel. The Vatican posted the text of Francis’ address to the two rabbis here, and also made available this video.

In keeping with his program of refusing to ever actually evangelize the Jews (or any other non-Catholics, for that matter), and of mocking Christ our Lord, the false “Pope” Francis wore his pectoral cross behind his sash, so that it was at various times either covered partially or not visible at all.… READ MORE

The Antipope in Israel & Jordan

Theological Chaos:
Francis in the Holy Land

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From May 24-26, 2014, Antipope Francis visited Jordan and Israel. The Vatican web site has posted the complete program and schedule at this link.

The following are the Transcripts of Francis’ Speeches:

Official Vatican Videos of Francis in the Holy Land:

Various other important Links relating to this Trip: