The “Spirit of Assisi” at work…

Shintoist & Buddhist Rituals in Spanish Cathedral

A Buddhist Rite in the Sanctuary of Santiago Cathedral

“Lift up thy hands against their pride unto the end;
see what things the enemy hath done wickedly in the sanctuary.” (Ps 73:3)

“The Spirit of Japan” — such is the name of the event which desecrated the Catholic cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, on May 13, 2014, the day of the 97th anniversary of the first appearance of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal. Priests and monks of the pagan religions of Shintoism and Buddhism performed various rituals immediately in front of the Novus Ordo table, and a more remotely before the Catholic high altar. The Novus Ordo “Archbishop” who permitted this abomination is Mr. Julian Barrio Barrio.

Here is a video showing one of the idolatrous Shinto rituals:

More information on this abominable spectacle can be found here (in English) and here (in German). Additional photos are available at this link.

Pagan religions practice idolatry, a sin against the very First Commandment of God: “Thou shalt not have strange gods before me. Thou shalt not make to thyself a graven thing, nor the likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, nor of those things that are in the waters under the earth. Thou shalt not adore them, nor serve them: I am the Lord thy God…” (Ex 20:3-5).

Since most Catholics know next to nothing about these two pagan religions, and how odious they are before the Most Holy Trinity, here are two informative links:

Such a terrible thing, permitted by the “Catholic” authorities in charge of the cathedral, would have been completely unthinkable before the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s. Vatican II, Paul VI, and John Paul II in particular made it possible. We all remember the dreadful interfaith “prayer for peace” gatherings in Assisi, in which representatives of all the world’s religions were invited to come to Assisi to pray for world peace — not to pray to the True God for peace by first converting to the only True Religion, mind you; but rather in accordance with their respective “faith traditions”, even if it is the most disgusting idolatry.

There were several such Assisi meetings over the years (the first one in 1986). At the one in 2002, a Catholic convent provided rooms to the representatives of pagan religions for the express purpose of them performing there the pagan rituals prescribed by their religions to procure world peace. The official Vatican web site, to this day, has detailed information about this event, such as the rooming arrangements (source):

Make sure you don’t miss the entire photo gallery of this wickedness, presented on the Vatican’s own web site!

With such an example given by the “Pope”, how could anyone expect people not to follow suit in one way or another? By the way, what is innocuously labeled “African Traditional Religions” in the snapshot above is more commonly known by the name “Voodoo” or “Vodun.” More on “Saint” John Paul II’s love affair with Voodoo witchcraft can be found here.

“But the things which the heathens sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God” (1 Cor 10:20).

By the way, Francis himself is no stranger to the profanation of Catholic holy places. See the links below for a sobering reality check.

The majestic Catholic cathedral of Santiago – outrageously profaned!

Image sources: (screenshot) / (screenshot) / Wikimedia Commons (Alonso Jiménez Quesada; cropped)
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