“No Rupture with the Past” Update

Spot the Anti-Pope!

Look at each of the images and try to guess which one is the true Catholic Pope, and which one is the Modernist usurper of the papal throne. Hint: The Modernist Anti-Pope portrays the “Great Renewal” ushered in by the Second Vatican Council.

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Okay, let’s hope everyone figured out which of the two men in these photos is the Catholic, and who is the 1960’s hippie liberal. Speaking of hippies, Francis is such a laughing stock that even Lutherans can tell the man isn’t a Catholic. See below their satirical video, “Frank the Hippie Pope”:

Of course, the Lutherans who produced this video were wrong on the very last point — Francis does not believe that those who cling to the heresy of sola fides (“faith alone”) go to hell or are anathema, but that they give a common witness with Catholics and are part of the true Church in virtue of their baptism, just not “fully” (hence they had to quote the Council of Trent and didn’t quote a Novus Ordo document). But let’s disregard that — the point here is that even Lutheran heretics can figure out that Francis isn’t a Catholic. Why can’t those in the Novus Ordo?!

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